Should the Unite Union be struck off – Observation by the Owl

As at 31st May 2013 the Unite Union have failed to file their 2011 and 2012 Financial Accounts.

Observation by the Owl

This is a breach of the laws regarding being a Union and being registered with the Incorporated Societies Office.

Any employer could if they wish not negotiate with the Unite union until their status was confirmed.

Interesting question for the Registrar and lawyers to debate.


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  • Michael

    Probably correct, but 31st May 2013 is in the future. Presume you mean 30 April

  • SnapElection

    Interesting question for the Registrar and lawyers to debate.

    what on earth is there to debate?

    Deregister ’em, terminate all collective contracts with Unite & push the ex-members on to employer-at-will individual contracts on the minimum wage.

  • You should get your facts right before you make such judgement and comment.. Only you will be the one looking like a dodgy dealer stating such nonsense. People should always get their facts right before posting otherwise they wind up with egg on their face. .eg
    . you to me look very scrambled

    • Hazards001

      Feel free to share the facts Sharna.

      • It is not my place to. But I can tell you his info is wrong.

        • Hazards001

          The post is that the Unite Union have failed to file their 2011 and 2012 Financial Accounts.

          Have they or haven’t they?

    • Dumrse

      Nothing wrong with a wee dram o egg if it gits ya thinkin

    • owl

      Just file the’s law. What is so damaging or egg on the face about that. Suggest you look at the registrars action over EMPU and MUNZ to see the law enacted for the rights of the public. This is a public issue not a unite issue. Unions must follow the laws of the land just like your members have too.

      It is very simple

    • Guest2

      interesting to see that today you are telling the world that mcDonalds are the worst thing thing sliced bread and yet you cant follow the law of the land as a union.

      You are on the executive so you are liable as well.

    • The facts are Unite union has failed to post their accounts, exactly as stated. If they were filed, then they would be on the site, and they aren’t.

      Ask Matt if he has paid his tax back yet…which just BTW would hae included your PAYE and Kiwisaver contributions…if a corporate did it you’d be the first to complain.

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  • Must think they are covered by Labour/Shearer Law.

  • Guest2

    Sharna – if you follow the Owl all he ever does is make sure Union members get to see their full financial accounts – he is always been for the union members. He has actually said that he supports unions.

    I agree with other people on here – have they or they not been filed?

    Its not about egg on your face.