Sick of Aaron Gilmore? How do you think he is feeling?

If there is one person in the country that would like to be someone else today, it would have to be Aaron Gilmore.  I suspect he’s gotten very little sleep, unless he leaned on his friend Dionysus for support.

And to be honest, apart from upsetting all of your colleagues, the Prime Minister and the party  leader, you really don’t want to make an enemy out of Batman.


Thanks to Andrea Vance, here’s a handy timeline of events.  It feels much longer than a week already, don’t you think?


Aaron Gilmore told Fairfax Media restaurant staff had unfairly blamed him for the behaviour of the whole group at the Hanmer Springs hotel.

He said he had apologised to hotel staff after two members of the dining party became “grossly intoxicated”. He was “not aware” of being rude or making the comments “Don’t you know who I am? I’m an important politician” or calling the waiter a dickhead.

“I can’t be 100 per cent sure of everything I say after having a bottle and a half of wine, but I think someone has misinterpreted what was said.”


“As a group of diners our behaviour was at times boisterous, and I sincerely apologise for any offence this may have caused to staff and/or patrons.” Written statement from Gilmore.

“He threatened to have the prime minister’s office intervene and end the waiter’s employment … His business card was presented to verify his identity. This was extremely embarrassing.” Christchurch lawyer Andrew Riches.

“Any suggestion that a member of Parliament has sought to use the influence of the prime minister’s office inappropriately is a serious matter.” Statement from Prime Minister John Key.


“I wish to offer my wholehearted apology for my comments given to a barman following a recent private dinner. They were inappropriate.” Gilmore on Facebook.

“If there’s a formal complaint made, and it’s clear he’s misled my office, then that would be a very serious issue.” Key.


“I gave him [the barman] my card. He asked ‘who are you?’. I said ‘I’m a member of Parliament … He then said ‘do you know the Prime Minister?’. My response was ‘yes, I work for him’.

“I don’t believe I was drunk at that stage … I’m not 100 per cent certain whether I used the word dickhead or dick … There was no involvement of the Prime Minister’s office.” Gilmore at media conference.

Texts between Riches and Gilmore, dated May 2, are circulated within the National Party. Riches said: “I didn’t write that note because we were boisterous, I wrote it because you told the guy he was being fired, said the PM would be involved and I didn’t want the poor guy to worry about his job.”

Gilmore does not dispute Riches’ recollection of events, texting back: “I know. They are trying to make it seem bigger than that. It’s b……. I’ve taken the blame and apologised. Just say nothing.”


“I’m not even sure those texts are correct … I’m not convinced that those are the text messages that were sent.” Gilmore to journalists.

“I find them [the texts] difficult to reconcile with the version of events that Mr Gilmore gave my office … I said at the time if I found it difficult to reconcile those events I’ll treat this as a serious matter.” Key.



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  • surfisup

    Gilmore is a pariah.

    The yellow bellied snake won’t even resign.

    What a tosser — people should call him out on that when they seem him out in public.

  • Michael Savage

    So what happened to your big expose Cameron? I thought you were going to spill the beans on Happy Gilmore today?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Aren’t you dead and buried already? Like your failed political ideologies…
      Guess what? It seems over 100,000 Kiwi’s now own a bit of our future… and they got it at a cheaper price too thanks to Shearer & Norman…

    • The big expose is imminent MS. Gilmore may have avoided it had he done the honourable thing and offered the PM his resignation as an MP. But he will be the author of his own demise.

      • Michael Savage

        I have to grudgingly admire the ruthless take no prisoners kneecap them without even blinking efficiency the right has in dealing with those who are deemed superfluous to requirements …

        Us lefties are rank amateurs at this in comparison …

        • Don’t be so coy; Helen Clark was ruthless in getting rid of Benson-Pope as a Minister

          • Travis Poulson

            You’re just asking for a tennis ball in your mouth young man!

        • Dave

          If you had stopped at Rank amateurs I might have believed you. Lets see, Shearer and Norman over the asset sales, Mallard scalping, assault, and rooting his way through parliament, Shane Jones and Tax payer funded porn…….. the list goes on, and not only are they still there, the Liebour party still has mumble fuck i forgot my bank account leading them to obliveration…… Suggest a trip to SpecSavers Mickey Blind!

          • Ronnie Chow

            Cool . Cutting and accurate.

        • GregM

          MS, I’m sure you would agree that he has to go, no point dragging it out is there.

        • Salacious T Crumb

          Whereas those lefties surplus to requirement spend their lives in parliament

          • rangitoto

            At least until they are convicted of criminal activities (like Philip Field) or get shunted off to cushy jobs at the UN.

        • Bunswalla

          Better to excise the wound quickly, rather than limp on like a lame duck for ages. You know, like Goff and Shearer, you wouldn’t get two more clear cases of dead men walking. No wonder they hang around Wellington, it’s the perfect environment for the dying.

        • Travis Poulson

          Well it’s no big surprise you lefties like to keep dead wood instead of cutting it out.

          • Dave

            And dead ducks!!

        • Cadwallader

          No!! Just rank!

    • Jester

      Really really spooky!

      I was just thinking about snivelling little cunts and your post showed up.

    • ratesarerevolting

      Greg Presland you are a merely a troughing tool……. but Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    • Bunswalla

      Haha what a cock Greg Presland is. Calls himself a lawyer? In a profession where using the correct word, and understanding what it means, is extremely important, and where the consequences of getting it wrong can be so catastrophic, here’s how this paragon describes himself on his website:

      “Greg Presland is the principle of Presland & Co. He has practiced law for the past 27 years.”

      I’m pretty sure you mean “principal” Gweg – look it up you fucktard.

      • Tom

        Haha he’s edited it.

      • Cadwallader

        Typical leftie. Wouldn’t know a principle if it slapped him. Further in the context of his pompous blurb it ought be “practised” not “practiced.”

    • Cadwallader

      Jock Anderson on ZB tonight swears there’s heaps still to come. If you want an expose take a close look at Shearer’s banking facilities.

    • GregM

      Stop being a pack of wankers you lot. We may not agree with the left but at least MS has the balls to come here and offer his opinion. Different ideas offer balance, and help to shape my view on topics.

    • axeman

      gweg pwesland … still a snivelling cunt

      Jun 19, 2011 … Greg Presland is a snivelling cunt One of Labour’s Hollow Men is Greg Presland aka mickeysavage. He is a snivelling despicable pinko.

  • Andy
  • williamabong

    Leave him there, then between looking at him and Horan the whole country can see what a complete farce and crock of shit MMP is.
    In the mean time JK can give him a special portfolio, the member in charge of SSS, which is scrubing shit stains, because that’s the limit of his effectiveness.

    • Dave

      SSS would usually require just a little effort and elbow grease William, so seriously doubt the little prick would know what that was.

  • tarkwin

    It’ll be a lonely existence if he stays. His only friend and neighbour will be friendly Brendan the weather man Horan. Imagine talking about the weather, how to fleece your mother and how important you from now till the election. Any sane person would leave quickly and as quietly as possible.

  • unsol

    Where is the proof that Aaron Gilmore told the media about this incident himself on May1?

    First any of us heard about this was May 2 when Riches went to the media. See

    And why is this circus still going on – shamed MP everyone is claiming. He shouldn’t have to resign – he is a list MP, acted like a dick yet he hasn’t….

    Breached suppression orders
    committed credit fraud and used taxpayer money for inappropriate things (Goff’s moro, Carter’s trips away to Jones’ porn)
    stolen $150k off the taxpayer (Peters)
    been done for drinking & driving (Dyson)
    assaulted anyone (Garrett & Mallard)
    been scalping (Mallard)
    claiming the benefit/perks of one house while actually resident in another area altogether (English)
    made promises they can’t ever properly keep (the entire Labour party)
    ripped over NZers with poor fiscal policy (the entire Labour party)
    failed to declare their missing millions (shearer)

    NZ MPs are corrupt, greedy gluttonous entitled fools & Gilmore’s so-called crimes are nothing by comparison.

    I am no fan of any such behaviour, but to string him up & hold him to account there has to be some standard set in the first place & so far – in all of NZ political history – there is none.

    If there was any crime it would be the way that behave in the house, The utter crap that they say when in a so-called debate defies belief. But I guess they do represent NZ & well, look at the comments on blogs such as this; self-righteousness, sanctimony & ego complex seem to be common pace

    Further there is no proof that Gilmore threatened anyone – is the word of Riches against him & Riches is the one who went to the media so the real question is what is in it for him.

    Until the hotel staff/individual concerned comes out & confirms it I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    If this blog is as tough & as hard core as it claims then it should have one goal in mind – destroy the left, make sure everyone knows them to be the frauds that they are.

    • Dave

      Unsol, I have to disagree with “NZ MPs are corrupt, greedy gluttonous entitled fools” Have a look at half of Australian Labour MP’s, particularly what is unfolding at the moment, the Obied’s, MAcDonald, thats not to mention the labour union scum, these people in comparison make the ones you mention seem like saints on a bible bashing bike ride.

      • unsol

        Which merely means others are worse……not that our MPs are anything more than how I have described them :-) But yes – Aussie MPs are a whole new level of shocking, as a re UK & USA (gotta love the firm grasp bribery has on their politics).
        You’re a sensible rationale fellow – what’s your take on this? Am I missing something that justifies the hysteria?

        • Dave

          There is a lot going on and more is uncovered or revealed every few hours Unsol. But firstly, what I appreciate is the facts and the opinion Cameron publishes, and then the contribution of the others which provides more details as the story unfolds and further perspective.

          I believe Aaron has cocked this up very very badly and continues to cock this up, which is why the circus continues. He did a terrible thing, then tried to implicate his friends one of whom was a lawyer. I mean, who is the public to believe, a sniveling MP who seems to offer half truths at best, or a lawyer, who has the Text Message trail to back it up. Then young Aaron has at best seriously mislead the PM, (who a majority of Kiwis believe and trust) and his party. The only thing he has going for him now is he is breathing, and has a pulse. If he stayed around in a bikie gang or similar after being told to go, he would have worn a bullet or had a hiding by now.

          Had he come clean, been honest, offered a very sincere apology to the waiter and offered to donate say a months or two months salary to a charity of the waiters choice and undertaken voluntary counseling, he might have survived, that would have shown a little remorse and some humillity.

          As others have pointed out, the best thing he can do is resign, then slip overseas for a few years, and NEVER go back into politics again.

          However, another point is many politicians have done far worse and are still in parliament. Hone’s White Mother f#%ker comments were worse in my opinion, but unlike Aaron he didn’t lie about what he said, but he is a racist and no one in parliament should be that biased. Mallard’s assault conviction is another prime example, and he should have been expelled from parliament and the labour party for his behavior.

          Perhaps for the credibility of politicians and parliament, there needs to be a agreement across all parties of what is acceptable behavior for the representatives of the people of NZ, and what should trigger an immediate resignation. An example is the infamous crim Phillip Taito Field, it took labour six months to expel him and only after he raised the option of standing against them! At least Winnie expelled Horan from NZ First once he was convinced there was sufficient evidence.

          in short, Gilmore is monumentally screwed, if he tries to hang round, he is unlikely to gain selection and the voters would not re-elect him, and he wont ever get a list position again.

          Just a shame he isn’t a Labour MP, they could have organized a position for him on a great salary with the UN, a great place to cool his heels for 2 to 5 years, and save some serious dosh.

    • Travis Poulson

      Nevermind the other MP’s, irrelevant entirely. This isn’t about them, don’t get sidetracked. Aaron Gilmore lied to the Prime Minister, lied in the contents of his cv, can’t take responsibility for his own actions without trying to drag others into the line of blame, lies to the public, pisshead, arrogant prick. As a Nat member I don’t want the moron in there, he’s dead wood, rot, cancerous, he needs to be cut loose.

      He needs to go, no good can come of him staying. he will do no good for the party, or the country. Like a wound with dead tissue, it has to be removed.

      • Andy

        Furthermore, his hubris is doing his own career no good at all. The longer he stays, the less employable he becomes. I don’t suppose there is much sympathy for this point of view, but you’d think his family would be bending his ear right now

    • Phill

      Have to agree. The precedent was set long ago. As to the comments below…no point in trying to talk reason to them. The media is in a feeding frenzy and the rest of the country is caught up in the hype. Even WO dedicated 22% of yesterdays posts to this looser. If everyone ignored him and snubbed him in the corridors, he might get the hint and piss off!
      The fact that its front page and lead story every day….you would think its bigger than the ChCh quake.

    • BJ

      I don’t buy the story we are being fed. The conclusion reached above – without all the facts, is just a repeat of yesterday’s story by placing stock in the belief that the texts we see is the true dialogue without any of Gilmores replies having been deleted – suggests he has incriminated himself.

      Try on for size a possibility: Riches didn’t hear Gilmore’s complete conversation with the barman and got the wrong end of the stick. Next morning he decides to write a letter, whether it was to cover himself (as lawyers do) or he really was thinking about the barmans feelings. In that letter he apologises for his friends behaviour (meaning Aaron’s)(No. 1 rule: do not apologise for another adults behaviour) and the staff read friends as plural while Riches had meant Aaron only. The night before, the barman may have made reference to the whole groups behaviour to AG which is what Gilmore was recalling to Riches in the texts. Mischievous media may have stirred the pot by telling Aaron he was singled out by staff (because its only the MP they’re interested in causing trouble for) – and things have gone wrong from the point that of all this he said, they said, we said ……

      The texts response do not add up and any lawyer would be seeking explanation of inappropriate replies or non responses by GIlmore to his texts because lawyers always seek clarification – you can be sure of that. Just because one person’s text follows another does not mean that it was a response to the previous – it happens to me sometimes when I don’t get to reply before the other person texts again. I’d like to see the letter that Riches wrote in the first place and then work out what went wrong from there. No less than a timeline, of events and all the parties communications will convince me that Aaron Gilmore isn’t being deliberately stitched up or at least this isn’t just poor communication between the main players.

      I will give him the benefit of the doubt while accepting I may be horribly wrong – but the texts presented cannot be taken as proof Gilmores statements have been untrue and individual texts may well have been deleted because if it is just a terrible miscommunication Riches would not want to now be looking like the twit that set it all in motion while he was trying to fix something that wasn’t actually broke. Most people would suggest to another adult if they felt there was an apology required by them to a third party – not write a letter themselves – and I find it strange that a lawyer would take it upon himself with out first checking it with the person concerned – very unlawyer like behaviour.

      This story is a crock from start to finish – so what Gilmore was a dick after a few drinks while out to dinner – it should never have left the hotel. I’m sure there’s none of us that always display exemplary behaviour at a restaurant. I’d say he has well learnt his lesson without the vindictive persecution from the many far from perfect individuals that frequent this blog.

      • unsol

        I think that is completely plausible – the sticking point for me is that given Riches was not settling the bill it is unlikely he even heard the conversation between AG & the barman and if he was/did it means he has no social etiquette which is hardly a win either!

        • BJ

          Yes as I said yesterday – I have never observed a man hovering when a bill is being paid by another man – they keep a respectable distance from the reception desk

  • SnapElection

    Key can fire Gilmore any time he wants. Remember Marilyn Wearing?


  • LesleyNZ

    I watched One News tonight and then when I saw Aaron Gilmore being ostracised I felt the compassionate side of me coming out and felt a bit sorry for him……all alone like that – especially when Tau Henare went up to him and gave him a bit of a push to get his attention and was telling him something . From my armchair it looked a bit like bully children starting a scrap in the schoolyard…….. No matter what Aaron Gilmore has done there no need to do that in front of the cameras in parliament. If need be do it behind closed doors away from the cameras. Aaron you should really resign – for your own sake and your family’s sake more than anything. I dislike MMP more than ever. Oh why oh WHY do we still have this system of government ??????????? MMP is a big fat UGLY dog.

    • Travis Poulson

      because people voted to keep it in the last election, that’s why.

      • SnapElection

        because National didn’t campaign for a return to democracy!

        • LesleyNZ

          You are right……………. bet they think differently now!

      • LesleyNZ

        And National didn’t want to campaign on the merits or demerits or otherwise of MMP. How wrong they were…………….

  • Mediaan

    Time to move on. Other issues, more important. Sick of it.

  • Wonder about what what he put on his CV to get employed by General Cable ? , he “worked” there before he became a list MP. I had the misfortune to spend some time with him on a flight to Wellington , he was full of s**t regarding how well connected he was with the senior figures in the National Party at the time. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke !!!

  • Troy

    Gilmore seriously needs to see a therapist or psychologist – or anyone that has an understanding of what makes people stubborn. The difficulty with Gilmore is that doesn’t understand that he isn’t bigger than the political party he belongs to (which will inevitably consume, digest and excrete him), nor is he bigger than the public at large. I suggest that if he doesn’t resign we the people should blockade his entrance to parliament – a place with which he is no longer wanted nor entitled to be part of.