Skulduggery in Ikaroa-Rawhiti

Parekura Horomia?s replacement is being chosen for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by election. Word from the electorate is that there is a very nasty stitch up going on to ensure the nasty faction candidate wins and the locals get shafted.

The nasty faction favored candidate is Shane Taurima, and there are a surprising group of unpleasant,?unelectable?people behind him committing the kind of sins that hasn?t been seen in a selection since the skullduggery in the Rodney selection was outed by this blog.

In the thick of things are some very unpleasant people, including Sue Moroney and Carol Beaumont and the rest of Labour’s women’s caucus. They are being joined by union heavy Paul Tolich who is one of the best practitioners of low bastardry in New Zealand politics.?

Also involved is the woman that unexpectedly and unaccountably came from nowhere to make it to 26 on the Labour List in 2011, Deborah Mahuta-Coyle. Deborah?s list position was such an achievement it caused comment, and was put down to her close affiliation with Paul Tolich and an understanding of his love of coffee. If we were in Australia Mahuta-Coyle and Tolich may well have been referred to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

This unfortunate shafting of two very competent local candidates in Meka and Henare is not good for getting diverse opinions from people with a wide range of experience into the Labour Party.

Instead the nasty faction of the Labour Party are trying to get another member into caucus.