Sledge of the Day

Neil Miller, beer aficionado, comes good with this superb sledge against Andrew Williams.



Andrew Williams is probably just annoyed that Aaron Gilmore is currently using his clown suit.

He is so inept at his job, along with all the other muppets in NZ First, that Winston Peters hasn’t yet decided who his deputy will be and we are more than half way through the current term.

Andrew Williams is a joke. He was a joke when he was Mayor of North Shore, a joke when he stood for the council and a joke now as he sits and nods sycophantically at Winston’s every slurred utterance.


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  • Teletubby

    If only Neil was correct, unfortunately in Williams’ case, he wasn’t up to the job, hardly anyone wanted him to do the job, but due to the stupidity of MMP he still got the job.
    I remember on election night gleefully looking forward to all the entertainment Williams would provide here at WOBH and he hasn’t even delivered on that.

    • tarkwin

      I had a bet he would be the first M.P to stuff up. He wasn’t. As a consequence of losing that bet I’m not allowed to say anything derogatory about Mr Williams until he does cock up. How much longer can this paragon of MMP last?

  • Muldoonsliver

    He only ever won the north shore mayoralty because he came out at the last minute to oppose turning Whenuapai into a commercial airport. All those upper harbour nimbys all got in behind him.
    The drunk idiot is a complete joke.

  • Ian

    Grosser would contribute more to this country in a day than this NZ 1st moron would contribute in a lifetime. Williams has never had real job, another list piece of freeloading shit, leeching off taxpayers.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Is that ‘slurred utterances’ or ‘slurry uttered slurs’?

  • Jester

    Is Mr Miller suggesting that Andrew Williams was just pissing into the wind?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    When Tim Grocer and his national colleagues go around the countryside talking up the US-NZ free trade agreement the landed gentry start salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.

    If the the Aussies who are a full blown allies with the US couldn’t get Queensland cane sugar into the US what makes the landed gentry think Tim will get diary into the US.

    Wake up landed gentry, Tim is just like Pavlov, tricking you into thinking about a feast by ringing a bell.

    • Jester

      I think you are confusing exports of sugar cane, raw sugar and refined sugar.