So, out of 350 business leaders, how many subscribe to NZ Herald [POLL RESULT]

I ran a story this morning, with an associated poll

Yesterday I gave a speech to 350 business people at an industry AGM. I was the last speaker.

I won’t go into what I was speaking about but as part of my speech I asked the room how many people here subscribe to a daily newspaper and have it delivered.

These are all business people, many from the Herald distribution areas. Firstly I asked for Herald subscribers. Then for Dompost or The Press.

How many do you think raised their hands as subscribers to the Herald?

If you answered 5, then you were correct.

I followed up the audience with further qualifying questions to understand the numbers.

Basically though the mood of the audience was that they no longer subscribed to large mainstream newspapers because they felt that they no longer represented their views.

I found that very telling

The poll is still open, but here are the results from a little while ago.

Still, 5 is stunningly low.


You have to ask yourself:  What demographic does the Herald think it is writing for?   Because if they think they are being read by the real decision makers in this country, they are far, far off target.


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  • coventry

    Woot winner winner chicken dinner !

  • Lion_ess

    5 was my pick as well. They should be very worried.

  • Agent BallSack

    I guess they could read it under the guise counter-espionage, but why read lies anyway. ☺

  • Dave

    What is really disappointing from a business perspective, is the strategically short sighted MSM, especially the Herald, simply don’t get it, and keep up with the same business model and strategy. They seem to think following the NBR example of a secure paid subscription will cure their ills, but we all know that is not the point. I would put major $$$ down that the only ones buying their papers are already card carrying members of the unions and the labour party, or South Aucklanders. If they dropped their left leaning shrill, they would take a huge step forward, but that would mean replacing over 75% of their repeaters. Yup, they are f#%ked.

    Disclosure: I used to read the Herald at the Koru Club, but it only served to confirm the reasons why i cancelled my subscription.

    • Whafe

      I don’t even grab the freebie in the Koru Club these days……. The NZ Horrid can rot

  • GregM

    Holy shit it’s way worse than I thought. They must be leaking money like a sieve.

  • unitedtribes

    Cam did you ask them if they read it online or at the cafe instead? I still get the Saturday Herald last weekend I found it handy to wrap my Kumera’s. Harvested about 40 kg should last me all winter.

  • Michael

    My pick too, but its pizza dinner for us.

  • John Q Public

    I’ve never subscribed, almost never buy it, but do read it regularly, but mostly online. Are others doing this?

    • That’s indeed the challenge for newspapers. Their target audience is increasingly accessing it for free electronically, and they have grown up, or are growing up, in a culture that equate the Internet with free.

  • So you really wouldn’t want to advertise in the Herald, would you?
    That’s piss poor ratings.

  • Jman

    I did in fact pick 5. I figured there would be a few oldies there who don’t like reading from a screen.