Some were worried about the gay onslaught, Winston is afraid of the Yellow Peril

Winston Peters is a shameful politician. He uses race to bait and especially against China.

NZ First leader Winston Peters has launched an attack on immigration policy and questioned whether Auckland is becoming “the supercity of sin”, linking crime and other problems to immigration from China.

In the speech to a North Shore Grey Power meeting he denied his party was anti-immigrant, saying it was not against bringing in people with skills lacking in New Zealand.

And he pointed to comments by the new premier of China that the biggest challenge facing China was the level of corruption.

“It stands to reason that corruption can be exported and imported,” Peters said.

He said the Government was talking of a million more people in Auckland soon “and there is no prize for guessing where most will come from”. 

Is this Yellow Peril like the gay onslaught?

Winston with matching suit and wig. Photo: Fairfax

Winston with matching suit and wig. Photo: Fairfax

This time though he also attacked Truth…which I am grateful for.

He said when the rich tourists had finished at the blackjack tables or the poker machines at SkyCity casino there was another attraction nearby.

“The Hong Kong born Chow brothers are thoughtfully providing a 15-storey brothel, in what used to be an historic building, just across the road from the casino in the heart of Auckland,” Peters said.

“And thanks to our generous student and worker visa schemes the Chow brothers will be able to provide genuine home-grown sex workers for the visitors if that’s what they want.”

He said “that scurrilous magazine Truth” was “chocker with sex ads” most based in Auckland. Many of the advertisements “in reality represent people trafficking”.

The seven deadly sins were alive and well in Auckland and the city was being trashed economically, socially, physically and ethically, he said.

Has Winston never read the Herald? It is filled with ads from the same workers…in fact Winston lives right next door to where Flora McKenzie, one of Auckland’s most famous brothel owners, used to live in Ring Terrace.

I”ve heard that Winston is having trouble finding a hair-piece that isn;t made in China. Awkward. At least he is now colour matching his suits with his wigs.


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  • Gazzaw

    It’s way overtime for a comment by Susan Devoy or doesn’t it count when Asians are the target of a hate speech by one of the country’s leading xenophobes?

    • steve and monique

      More like the ramblings of a drunken idiot.Time Winnie was given the boot from politics

    • Mostly_Harmless

      Asians aren’t covered by hate speech rules, because they’re not politically useful for the left.

      • Gazzaw

        ….not according to Shane Jones. Labour even grants fast-tracked citizenship complete with a private ceremony…………..that is if you have the necessary koha.

  • The Civilian has given this politician (who I will no longer name) an absolute cyber-rogering. It has made me reconsider my approach towards this politician.

    I now reckon that mocking him is the way to go, rather than taking him seriously, because when you look at it, the bloke is just a clown in a pin-striped suit. He should now be regarded as an object of fun rather than a serious player on the political stage, or especially the kingmaker that he so yearns to be.

  • Patrick

    I think he should be taken seriously – after all Peters is an expert in the field of corruption, bribery & no doubt has seen the interior decorations of a few whorehouses in his time.

  • If he bothered he would have seen Chinese were here with the Gold Rush down in Otago and in Arrowtown and Cromwell Gorge you can see the settlements, they were good honest working people.
    When the railway from east to west in the USA was being build the Americans took 2 years to do 60 miles of track laying and the Chinese took 3 months.
    I really hope he falls off his stool, and his suit looks to big for him, but must have big pockets for his thieving hands flogging smokes.
    If that was a white fella he would be kicked out of town.
    Wonder if he wears Chinese made underpants, or his wife has learnt how to weave flax undies for him, as he is full of shit.

  • Magoo

    From what I’ve heard a certain hypocritical politician likes spending his time in brothels himself.

  • rockape

    Winston is the embodiment of the bad in NZ. A racist,a crook, a con man, a liar and a binge drinker!

    • Patrick

      Agree, although the question remains – why does a racist, crooked, lying, binge drinking conman get so much attention in the media? When will the journo’s man up & declare him an irrelevant old fool?

      • rockape

        Thats an easy one! The Newspapers need sensationalist crap to sell. How much interest would their be if they just reported the facts!

  • Bob Murphy

    Winnie is shamefully shameless.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Hey Winnie, you like a good beer, Tsingtau is a pretty good beer give it a go mate

  • Andy

    Winston’s one step removed from Kyle Chapman.

  • Mr_V4

    Winston if you want to investigate corruption, find a mirror. BTW you still owe the taxpayer $170,000.

  • Did you know Winston is related by bloodline to a native tribe about 2 hours east of mainland Taiwan by boat.

    DNA has show that this is true and Maori and this Chinese Tribe are related.

    This is true.

    Now Winston how will you get out of this one??
    his name could be Wantan, meaning in English lifeless drab.

  • Bad__Cat

    If he’s going to be xenophobic, why not be useful and pick on the Muslims?