Sorry to burst your bubble Shayne…actually no I’m not

Shayne Currie and all the other “decent journalists, trained and skilled” at the NZ Herald are all cock-a-hoop that they won their fair share in the media duopoly awards on Friday night.

Even David Fisher, Kim Dotcom’s PR go to guy, got an award. Just goes to show just how far NZ journalism has sunk when an “embedded journalist” gets an award for re-writing what a lawyer has released as news.

But on the day that they are skiting to all their readers they visit this travesty upon us all

not an airbus

The title says Airbus, the caption says Airbus A320 and the story says Airbus A320, but they have used a photo of a Boeing 747.

An Airbus A320 is a small twin engined jet aircraft. It looks nothing at all like a B747.

Airbus A320

So Shayne, David, and all the rest blow your own trumpet but we know the reality…you suck.

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  • Please fix this bit, it’s always a good idea to avoid typos when bagging someone else’s poor English ;-). “But on the day that they are skiting to all their reader they visit this travesty upon us all:” EDIT or poor knowledge of jumbo (and other) jets…

  • maninblack

    that isn’t even technical knowledge.. everyone one knows what a Boeing 747 looks like!! haha

  • LionKing

    The Herald just keeps on fucking it up. And the editor needs to accept the responsibility. But will he, no he’s too busy playing with the ladies.

  • tarkwin

    Ground hog day at the Herald again and again and again……..

  • A bit like dole bludgers giving each other awards for best work ethic, best state tenant, best CV, best disguised tinnie house… About as much relevance!

    • tarkwin

      I always wondered about the unemployed workers union – they probably hand out the awards.

  • Bigger is not always better?

  • I’d love to see a ‘real’ comparison of the Horrid against ‘real’ international ‘news’papers. Now that would be interesting.

    • sheppy

      Did they win the award for most biased newspaper in the modern age?

      • sheppy

        or for that matter most out of touch with how the economy works?

      • Gazzaw

        The Horrid won it hands down but McCarten and Hickey are still squabbling over whose mantlepiece it should sit on.

  • Agent BallSack

    I know about as much as the average navvie about aeroplanes – if they fall out of the sky they’re fucked – but even I know that’s a freaking Boeing 747 having watched them try and land the bastards in howling gales at Wellington.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Now that’s a sport to watch all day – if you can’t be there yourself trying to land a plane…