Speaking of trains, how were things for you in Wellington today?

Credit: Mark Mitchell / via NZ Herald

Credit: Mark Mitchell / via NZ Herald

Question?  Do buses derail?

Answer:  Buses don’t derail and if there does happen to be a mishap involving a bus the whole route system doesn’t have to close down….how did Wellingtonians enjoy public transport this morning?

Hundreds of passengers are being evacuated from trains after one derailed near Wellington today, KiwiRail says.

The train went off the track at Kaiwharawhara about 8.15am just north of the Wellington station, stopping all services and delaying peak time travellers.

All services from Kapiti and Wairarapa/Hutt Valley were affected by the incident.

“Around 350 passengers were on the train that derailed and emergency services are on site,” KiwiRail’s general manager passenger Deborah Hume said.

“We are currently in the process of evacuating all passengers from the train.”

There were no reports of injuries.

Nine services were backed up directly behind the train, Ms Hulme said.

“We are also in the process of evacuating passengers on these trains and transporting them by bus to Wellington Station.”

She said the company’s priority was was to ensure the travellers were being evacuated safely so power had to be shut off to the network around the area.

“The scene has been frozen and is subject to an investigation by both KiwiRail and the Transport Accident Investigation Commission.

“At this stage we cannot confirm how long it will take for the site to be cleared.”

Roads, buses, taxis, trucks.

There is a reason why these have been the chosen methods of getting people and goods from A to B.

The Green Taliban are chasing a conceptual dream.


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  • rouppe

    Things were fine. Motorbike commuting is the best of all options

  • spollyike

    Sounds (and looks) like the USSR! (but doesn’t surprise me).

  • johnbronkhorst

    Here’s the thing, when large scale public transport goes wrong…it’s always a big fucking mess!!!

    • Too true. You only have to look at the logjam created when some doofus goes sideways on the harbour bridge… public and private transport gets fucked up in a big way!

      • Patrick

        Only problem on the harbour bridge (& motorways) is the amount of time the cops take to clear away the carnage, their cars should have bumper bars, a few photos & a quick survey with a Total Station & move the whole lot along.

        • Travis Poulson

          How dare you come here spouting your good ideas and common sense.

  • Ted

    No injuries, and an extremely rare sight on NZ tracks. Look at the road stats. Crashes up to your eyeballs.

    • Richard McGrath

      Delays on the rail “service”, however, are not extremely rare in Wellington.

  • I didn’t realise that whales had the memory capacity of a goldfish?


    • a{random{reader


      Whale fail.

    • Travis Poulson

      All of the wellington trains were still out this morning undergoing safety checks, the motorway however was flowing within a few hours.

      Give me a yell if you need a hand pulling that foot out.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am planning to invite piggy Sue to Wellington to discuss monorail options for Wellington…

  • a{random{reader

    The accident rate for cars, buses, taxis, and trucks is considerably higher than public transport.

    The reason why this is newsworthy is because it is extremely rare.

  • Michael

    The accident appears to have been caused by a compressed air tank (for opening a closing the doors) working loose. The passengers could hear something, but dud not know if it was serious enough to operate the emergency stop.

    The real problem is that the guards on these services all collect the last tickets after Takapu Road and Petone then go uo to the drivers cab for a gossip. If the guards actually did their job then this wouldn’t have happened.

    I rode my bike, so I was okay today.

    • Patrick

      Obviously the maintenance schedule doesn’t include the gubbins hanging off the underside of the carriages then.

  • Chad Chambers

    When the trains stop people get on buses. Buses are a decent back-up but nothing more.

    • philbest

      Oh so a system with trains, AND buses as a back-up, and of course buses on feeder routes, makes more sense than one based on buses only? Like in comparative cost to the taxpayer? Like any HONEST costings based on real life outcomes ever get done by the spruikers of commuter rail (mal)investments. The latest paper from Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg suggests that “selection bias” and “strategic misrepresentation” in commuter rail “business case” studies need to be corrected by a factor of around 2.3 simply going by the historical record of forecasts versus real life outcomes.

  • Michael

    Update – my neighbour relies on the train, and she has been told the damage may not be repaired in time for tomorrow so limited services may only be run.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Good to see them all with a tool in their hand. A productive workforce at its finest!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    When the trains stop in Wellywood, nobody goes to work, and the rest of NZ carrys on.
    It’s not like anything important is going on in Wellywood is there? They are not producing anything so may as well stay home and get paid

    • Clive

      At least Wgton pays its way not like Dorkland where the hand is always out there for Govt money…..

  • Mr_V4

    Invite the Swiss or the Asians over, they know how to run a rail service. For some reason NZers, Aussies, Americans and the British do nothing but f*ck it up.

  • sarah

    regardless of whether there is a crash on the main arterial route or public transport its still a mess and gridlocks will happen

  • Johnny T

    These things happen, but in any case those old trains will be replaced not too long from now. You’ll love the trains Cam when electrification finally happens in Auckland.

    • Chad Chambers

      Can’t see Cam catching a train to work, even a brand new, silent and smooth electric one. Trains are for hippies, and one might sit next to him. Far better to travel on a rolling, damp, diesel bus.

      • Johnny T

        I think he will eventually see the light. I love my train commute each day, grab a book or whatever and 40 minutes later I am in Wellington.