State censorship. Don’t be a dick


The People’s Daily is the main state-owned newspaper of China’s communist party, and everyone was pretty psyched about the paper’s new Beijing headquarters. The building is massive, imposing, and, uh, currently shaped like a colossal penis. Now, as construction workers try to finish the engineering, the country’s censors are working overtime to stop Chinese people on social media from laughing at the expense of the very paper in charge of controlling the country’s message. According to The International Business Times, the nearly 500-foot tower won’t be finished until this time next year, but the war on mocking it has already begun.

You can’t control what the people decide to call it.  The Cake Tin is a good example of that.  No matter how much they now pretend it’s cute, be assured that there remains a deep down resentment about that name by the people who prefer it to be called by the proper sponsorship name, er… Cake Tin.  See?

The troll man who designed the People’s Daily HQ is architecture professor Zhou Qi, the IB Times reports. And you know what’s sort of funny? Not only did he beat out at least four architecture firms to construct this penis-shaped behemoth, but he’s actually commented on China’s penchant for mocking its suggestive architectural landmarks before. For example, this thing below is called the “Gate of the Orient,” which was mocked from inside China last year for looking like underwear:



Source: The Atlantic Wire


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  • Heh

  • williamabong

    It is to be called “The Giant Cock” in China, but we will know it by the kiwi name which is Aaron Gilmore.

  • GregM

    I wonder how many workers are erecting it ?
    Blowing a load of yuan I bet.

    • Cadwallader

      Will the lifts stop at the tip or fly out spilling everywhere?

  • Da yin jing is “big penis”.
    Da gong is big cock.
    Think that is right for Chinese pin yin.

  • spollyike

    Good to see the Patriarchy is still alive and well in China….

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Damn, I was really hoping the architects name would be Wang….

  • HtD

    You can’t beat a huge erection.

    • GregM

      Oh yes you can

      • Travis Poulson

        You can beat an egg, but you can’t………………….

  • tarkwin

    The underpants one could be one of Len’s apartment blocks straddling a railway line.

    • Justsayn

      Yes, a train surging from between the legs to deposit little people on the pavement would be icing on the cake.

  • BJ

    These structures – phallic and trojan – illustrate the might of China to the world. The Chinese people are not renowned for being of big stature – but boy are these big symbols. The Peoples Daily – thats an apt name in itself.