Still more examples of Len Brown’s rates extortion, they sure aren’t 2.9%

Len Brown claims his rates increases are “dropping” and that they average only 2.9% across the city.

The rate of inflation alone is 0.8% and Len Brown promised to hold rates increases to the rate of inflation…he broke that promise a long time ago.

Now he is lying about rates increases across Auckland.

The tipline has bee flooded with extortionate rates demands all at the capped rate of 10%.

Hi Cam

Sorry about the poor quality – can take another one if you like

Our rates went from  $2533.44 to $2980.65 – an increase of over 16%.

They knocked it back to 10%, but its still total bullshit. Theft!



The anger is palpable.

Dear Cam,

As long as you delete personal details you can use. [Full rates demand – pdf]



The rates anger is building. It is going to cost Len Brown hugely, especially in areas where he picked up votes last time that he shouldn’t have.

A united and homogenous centre right ticket, from top to bottom, with the right branding, colours and names and sensible capped rates, no increases message should clean house.


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  • RightNow

    Has the GV on their properties gone up?

    • OT Richter

      Not necessarily. It’s all about region-wide rates equality. Some areas are enjoying zero rates rises (they don’t complain of course) as historically they have being paying more on a percentage basis than other parts of the city.

      In approx 2006 I moved from the Nth Shore to central Ak and even though my Ak house had a higher valuation, the rates were approx 15% less than the Nth Shore property.

      • Justsayn

        OT is right. If everyone’s CVs when up by 30% that would not impact on their rates bills as the CVs only get used to apportion the total rate burden among the ratepayers. Those sorts of changes may have an impact when one areas experience CV increases more that another, but the main impact if the effect that OT speaks of.

        To add to the issue some councils (like NSCC) used to rate based on vacant land value (1.5m house on a 0.6m section paid the same as a 0.1m house on the same secition). That means that some have experienced significant changes as they switched to capital value throughout the city (2.1m and 0.7m of the examples I gave).

        If we are worried about increasing rates we would be better to focus on the total rates bill (all of the city) – in a way that is Len’s 2.9% figure. Keep that down. How much each person pays is about inter-ratepayer fairness (and the 10% cap is only meant to ease the changes that will end in an equitable system of apportionment city wide).

  • OT Richter

    In the same boat also. Be prepared for the 10% increase & cap to continue for a few more years until your rates are in line with the rest of Auckland.

  • Justsayn

    Are you as stupid as Len? It is more powerful if we criticise him without wearing a fools hat ourselves. You’re starting to sound like the sensible sentencing trust!

    Stupid Len said an AVERAGE of 2.9%. It is possible that half (or even more) of the rates bills will increase by more that the 2.9% but that does not mean they have the average wrong. I doubt however that those that got small increases or falls will write into your tip line.

    • kohibruce

      I suspect average will be well over 2.9 per cent.

      • Justsayn

        Do an information request for the data and check it out. If they are making this up it will be easy to prove that is the case. I cannot help but think that even if Len is silly enough to make it up, his pencil pushers aren’t.

        Len may be trying to spin the numbers as something they are not. What does it include and what doesn’t it include (eg how much has the total water bill gone up to return a dividend to the Council and things like that? does it exclude businesses?), but simply making it up…

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    • Justsayn

      That explains why they always open the windows at Council meetings.

  • The other Neil

    Depending upon how much you exceeded the cap last year, will determine how long you will be stuck on 10% increases. I estimated three years for me last year, assuming that the average increase was 3% for the average each subsequent year.

    The real issue is what they are spending money on. The second issue is that they never talk about the ongoing addition of rate payers. Each year the city has more people paying rates, as well as increasing how much it will charge.

  • johnbronkhorst

    His campaign was supported financially and physically by the unions and labour. So the fact that he is dishonest would not surprise me.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Brown is definitely the biggest dickhead we have had as Auckland Mayor and a lot of us want him gone BUT without anyone else decent standing against him he will still get back in with the idiots that vote for him even if there is only one vote.

  • AnonWgtn

    Most of the “Brown” voters only pay rates by way of subsidized rents paid for by WINZ.

    • Ian

      They do not pay rates, try and put up rent 10% and the left-wing scum go running to the Tribunal or start doing damage. We only have two rentals left, and never again will we be housing the shit that we have struck over many years, protected by left-wing bureaucrats. There will be very little rental accommodation left in a few years if there are not some dramatic changes made to tenancy laws.

  • BR

    My rates went up 10% last time, and are going to rise another 5% this time round, plus the 2.9% increase. Water rates have tripled.

    Len Brown and his cronies are lying thieving crooks.