Stylish website, The Civilian, according to the Herald

The Herald may have decided to run all its stories through the spellcheck, however one reporter doesn’t know the difference between satirical and sartorial.

Turns out that The Civilian website by Ben Uffindell is not only funny but really well dressed.

X Factor fans have gone into a frenzy after a sartorial website posted a fake story announcing Tom Batchelor as the winner.

The Civilian appeared to have crashed as viewers of the show flooded the site.

The story said a technical error resulted in TV3 airing the final episode months before it was supposed to. 

It said the finale was hosted by Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker and joked that Batchelor had himself tweeted weeks ago: “Thanks to everyone who voted, so proud to win X Factor”.

Fans vented on Twitter, with one woman writing: “Uh oh some one at tv3 is gonna lose their job…spoiler alert..tom wins xfactor.”

The Civilian - Sartorial


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    The civilian makes me laugh, however this reminds me of idiots in North Korea who take the Onions stories seriously

  • OT Richter

    Herald has changed it.

  • Technical: Malapropism, influenced by homophonic confusion between sartorial and satirical.
    Practical: An embarrassing (but understandable) fuckup.

    • Bunswalla

      Fact: Explaining is losing

    • If there was a point to your comment you failed to make it.