Sunday General Debate

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  • blokeintakapuna

    3 nights at Whananaki North DOC camp ground… With 5 divers. Crayfish, crayfish and more crayfish…

    …and only 1 day/night of heavy rain. Even Warm enough to body surf at this time of year!

    I so love NZ!

    • This is the best time of the year to be out there. Before the snows (well, you wouldn’t worry about that), but all the part time wussy people are staying at home because it’s not summer. When the sun is out it is still shorts and T-shirt weather, and the nights are cold enough to be snug in the down bag. Love it.

    • bastard

      • blokeintakapuna

        Haha. Yep. There was also something like 40-50 juveniles on the same small reef, which is outstanding news for the fisheries long term health as well as the environment itself.

  • Ronnie Chow

    The standard definition of poverty is ‘the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support’ .
    Using this definition alone , how can the left in NZ claim that over 200,000 children are living in poverty .
    The left are misusing the term ‘poverty’ . They have also ignored the fact that many hungry children will not eat breakfast at school due to the stigma attached .

    • The left are pushing the concept of “child poverty” very hard. The problem is, those 200,000 children and their parents are going to believe it and use it as a further excuse to feed their victimhood and entitlement mentality. Personally, I don’t think it is asset sales or mining/drilling issues that are threatening this government. I really think this child poverty initiative is going to be one of NZ’s worst self-made problems in the near future.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        I agree Petal. Sheep and Norman with help from filthy creatures like Minty, Piggy Sue and Vomit will fan the fire through protests. Garden gnome Campbell will have special shows discussing the economic impact of child poverty with specialist Ganesh Nana. Duncan Puff Pasrty Garner will use Radio Live to discuss how child poverty has grown under John Key’s regime. All will conclude additional taxes on rich and extending WFF to beneficiaries are the best way to tackle this problem and all the Kiwis will agree and vote for Sheep-Norman combo in 2014.

    • Polish Pride

      A symptom of system in which you only need to appeal to enough voters to be elected for a three year term and do not need to worry about the consequences of policy beyond that time. Unfortunately many voters will also not think about flow on effects from policy. Many can only look at whether on the face of it, it fixes the immediate problem.

    • kehua

      Absolutely correct Ronnie, `one mans poverty is another mans paradise` witness the success of immigrant and refugee families that arrive here in NZ with vitually only the clothes they stand in. I am sick of seeing overweight, clothed. smiling kids (generally brown) gracing the TV screen as impoverished hungry children. If a child does require nutrition and is not getting it, track down the “owner“ of the child and ask why? then get it sorted. If the `owner ` cannot provide for this child find somone who can. The main problem that I see here is that sanctimonious feel good do-gooders are getting their rocks off telling people that they are needy. Prime example being the mass of fat, smiling, well clothed bludgers that turn up for a free Xmas Dinner at the Sallies every year, Hard to tell who is conning who, the the visibly overfed or the wannabe dogooders. I do acknowledge that there will be some very needty amongst this group but by and large they look pretty well fed to me.

      • Alloytoo

        Poverty has become an industry, those “industrialists” have a vested interest in promoting it, real or otherwise, and no true interest in addressing root causes.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I can’t remember exactly but the lefties definition of poverty is: a person/family living of a certain percentage (not sure what the number is) BELOW the AVERAGE wage. So it is a ridiculously irrelevant and meanless number!!
      eg if it were 60% they would be on roughly $35 000 per year…well above the minimum wage.

  • Polish Pride

    Thought I’d post this for you guys so you know that I am not just some lone individual talking about the concepts for a new world significantly different from what we have today …….yet in many ways just the same.

    Whilst I do not agree with everything as stated the overall outcome Is the same in that if done the right way using technology, it would be able to provide a much better world for all including those already very successful under Capitalism.

    • cows4me

      So we only have to agree with principles PP, jolly joker. What say 10% don’t agree with the rules, you mos well piss into a force 10 gale, bullshit on steroids.

      • Polish Pride

        Well you have more than 10% that don’t agree with Capitalism yet we still have it. You have 5% in any society that are considered sociopaths and will not work with any system. So in both scenarios 10% who disagree and 5% who do you would unfortunately have to live in a world where you didn’t have to work as much and could have the thing you wanted imply because you need and want them. You as a farmer could benefit greatly from such a system You could still live on your farm but Only work 6 months of the year and have someone else look after it for the other 6 months during which time you could do well pretty much anything you like really. You and your farm would also be able to obtain anything it needs including things that would currently be of great use to you but that you simply don’t have the money to buy or don’t want to risk getting into more debt to obtain them. See now given the fact that you do make very intelligent posts on here. You are one of the ones that could easily grasp the concepts. The only thing stopping you from doing so is a lifetime of conditioning and indoctrination from the current system. .

        • cows4me

          I think you’ve been watching to much Star Trek PP, they gotten rid of money to. I’m afraid your biggest issue when it comes to any ideas such as this is human nature. You full into the trap most on the left do, they believe their ideas and decrees can override human emotion be it greed, envy, hate, lust, love , kindness etc . I think we have a fair way to go yet.

  • Travis Poulson

    Halfway through my ‘100 km in 30 days’ challenge, half way through the distance that is. Still have until 11th June, looking more like 150 km. 7.8 km run this morning, perhaps another tonight.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Who’s the turkey who gave you a down vote ?

      • Travis Poulson

        Probably a type 2 diabetic.

  • spollyike

    Very true words from Congressman Rep. Allen West (R-FL) that sadly apply equally to NZ:

    “When you go back and you read the documents, the Declaration of Independence, the full declaration, the full Constitution, you’ll understand limited government, you’ll understand fiscal responsibility, you’ll understand individual sovereignty, free markets … strong national defense.

    But there are people on the other side, and you can call them whatever you wish, you can call it Communism, Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism, or Statism …They believe in creating and expanding an entitlement or welfare state.

    “And you can’t tell me that you’re not seeing that in the United States of America right now,” he added.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Here you go National bros!! Vomit McCarten’s fresh vomit….

    “If we wanted a real left-wing Budget that would get everyone’s attention, what about these 10 game changers?

    1. Abolish 15 per cent GST. Replace with 1 per cent financial transaction tax as recommended by the New Zealand Bankers Association. Same money.

    2. Abolish PAYE on wages and salaries. Replace it with a wealth tax and a capital gains tax when shares, businesses, land and property are sold. People are taxed when they’re cashing up, not when they are making it.

    3. 90 per cent Death Tax. You can’t take it with you. Grown-up kids should earn their own money anyway.

    4. Rent-to-buy homes underwritten by the state. Limiting homes to two a family and having a capital gains tax will keep prices affordable.

    5. State-created work schemes for all long-term jobless.

    6. A living wage set at $20 an hour minimum. It would be a stimulus package.

    7. No tax on profits kept in a business.

    8. Free public transport in major cities. That would get people out of their cars.

    9. Victims get 100 per cent state compensation for loss or injury. Offenders work it off if necessary.

    10. Make KiwiSaver a state-owned fund and buy all the Government’s non-core commercial assets.”

    Is there any end to this man’s stupidity?

    • Sponge

      Does even he really think this sort of bullshit would actually work?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        As long as rich and working people are punished Matt is happy.

    • cows4me

      No wonder he stutters, hard to talk with a mouth full shit.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Tax cheat of the highest order and he talks about social justice. “State created work schemes for all long-term jobless – means feed them with tax money”.

    • Phill

      Oh yes, here’s a guy who cannot run a business, and has ripped of the country to the tune of $150k in unpaid taxes…..just the sort of person we should listen to. (Yeah right!) How does this goon still have a colum in the herald? Whats next…the beast of Blenheim giving us advice on law reform? Greenpeace interns giving advice on how to run a countrys energy sector….oh, hang on….
      Sue Bradford on Q&A telling us how the country should balance a budget….
      The media in this country are so out of touch its un..fu$%^*g believable!

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        My Sunday morning entertainment is to read McCartern’s comedy piece and have a good laugh. This is why I keep repeating – the three most important people in NZ at the moment are – Piggy Sue, Minto Minto and Matt Vomit McCartern. Even PM John Key won’t get a TV slot that easily.

    • i think i have emetophilia

      • High_Tory

        Dare I ask what that is? (I hope you haven’t mentioned an ‘unmetionable’ or “social” disease)

        • it means that i actually like some of those “bullet points”… on the surface.

          the word means a fetish for vomit. (obviously i dont ACTUALLY have emetophilia but i though it was a great way of being a smart ass)

  • sheppy

    The child poverty thing doesn’t make sense to me. All it seems to be is a measure of those a certain percentage below the average income, the only way to cure that is to make everyone equal, in short its not fixable unless you impose communism.
    Am I missing something?

    • No. You got it. No matter what is done, the percentage below the average/mean/median income will still remain. It is a brilliant political trap, and I don’t like that National seem to be asleep at the wheel. (I hope I’m wrong)

      • sheppy

        Curious how nobody called BS on it when in the UK after the GFC and unemployment went up that child poverty came down.
        Of course Communism is Wussels specialty!

  • i strongly truly believe that a good proportion of todays teenagers aged 16 to 20 could be euthanased. well, at least the ones i have spoken to recently. one i spoke to who is still at school said that the teachers are making “allowances” to let her smoke at school to relieve her stress. she doesnt know what 8 x 8 equals and doesnt see why she should know how WWII was started. This is not an uncommon problem. i ask youths questions like this wherever possible as it gives me a good gauge on how they compare to me at that age.

    incidently i asked my 8 year old what 8 x 8 was. it took her a minute to work out 10 x 8 and then deduct 8 twice to arrive at the correct answer but she did get there and didnt get flustered and walk away.

    • deanobravo

      I recently asked two 16 year olds (daughter and her friend) who Margaret Thatcher was. Neither of them had a clue. How can you spend 9 years at school and not know that?

      • Lion_ess

        Too busy learning mardi,

        • Travis Poulson

          Ask Turei, her mate Marty speaks mardi really well!

      • you really have to take responsibility in this day and age for your childs learning. its bullshit the way that they fill your kids heads with airy fairy crap at school. and ill bet they are registered too.

  • Lion_ess

    Holy christ, the Greens have just launched their new policy Kiwi Bid – to stop deep sea oil drilling.

    In the article Ms Turei states “”If there is a leak from a deep-sea oil rig there is no easy way to stop it….”

    I reckon Adrienne Winkelmann could design Turei a “ready-to-wear” oil leak sack and she could comfortably plug any sized leak.

    • Vlad

      I strongly suspect that the Green’s new-found passion for petitions is an underhand way of building a database to be brought into play at the next elections. As their pay-for-signatures rort demonstrates they are entirely without principles when it comes to smarming their way to votes is concerned.

    • Patrick

      Not going so wel though is it – 76% in favour of drilling

      • Lion_ess

        “Kiwi-build” Kiwi-bid” – sounds like their marketing wuss came from the children’s program, PlaySchool.

  • Chad Chambers

    Trying to find posts on the meat-sitting-at-Chinese-wharves scandal and also the latest of many privacy breaches at WINZ. There doesn’t seem to be much desire to look into these items as there is on other topics. Is it because they are Government mistakes?

    • Patrick

      Re meat on wharfes – probably due to a bunch of bureaucracy driven public servants not pulling their fingers out & submitting the required paperwork in a correct & timely fashion. A good argument for smaller leaner more agile departments & processes.

      Re privacy breaches – a valid point, funny how there were very few under Clarkes regime. Could it be that Labour Party aligned public servants are behind these leaks? High time these numerous leaks were investigated & those behind them revealed & prosecuted. Afterall people’s privacy should be paramount not political point scoring.

      • Chad Chambers

        Nice spin! I don’t believe a word of it. You’re saying it’s Helen Clarke’s moles sabotaging the current govt??? That’s the worst conspiracy theory I’ve heard since 9/11.

      • Mediaan

        Good point.

        What proportion of civil servants would not be Labour-aligned? Rather small I would have thought.

        And they all think they are on a divine mission to bring in more socialism.

        • Chad Chambers

          Civil servants are out to get us now? Batten down the hatches.

          • Mediaan

            Silly attitudes you have. They reveal your capacity for loose exaggeration.

            Do grow up.

            Or, maybe, practise looking at facts.

            Like, the departed Labour Government pumped up the numbers of civil servants and bribed them with shameless overpay. There has to be a reason.

    • kehua

      Nah Chad it is because your lefty mates don~t know what meat is.

  • Chad Chambers

    Fascinating piece on the news just now. The govt is blaming councils for the explosive property market but others point the finger at foreigners swooping in an buying up large. Hong Kong have put a 15% surcharge on foreigners buying there. Australia is doing the same. What do you guys think?

    • Mediaan

      Has been extensively covered in the news for at least four days. Do you actually live in NZ. What media reach you?

    • cows4me

      Yeah Chad heard from “sources”, secret, that tremendous amounts of currency are trying to find a new home, I would say NZ will be under attack from serious wealth looking for safe havens, forget gold and sliver, land and commodities.

  • Mediaan

    Something troubling, or at least it seems so. If a nation is in big debt, it is easier for a few powerful players to pressure them… As with sanctions, which can be a very severe outcome.

    Here is what led me to this gloomy thought:

    Quote from maybe a decade ago:

    “Sources say that Pakistan has not as yet rejected the request to be used as a base, but that the US has two “arguments” to strengthen its case. The first is the large amount of assistance Islamabad receives from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to prop up its ailing economy, and the sanctions the US imposed on the country in the wake of its nuclear tests in May 1998.

    Pakistan needs to satisfy the IMF about the state of the economy so that the existing $596 million Standby Arrangement can be replaced with a $2 billion to $2.5 billion new funding line in the shape of a Poverty Reduction Growth Facility before the end of this year. “

  • Ronnie Chow

    The US2.1 million dollar watch…

    • Mediaan

      You are well-informed, it seems, Ronnie Chow, so can you advise on which watch luxury brands will hold their value best?

      After a controlling clique gets dominance in each country, and winds back all bank accounts to zero, so we are all “equal”, that is.

      I see the USA now has FATCA and 8398 and other new laws to drag a net round citizens’ offshore bank accounts. They have attached visa and expatriation provisions, for naughty people who fail to fill in the necessry forms.

      Maybe a share of a $2.1 million watch is the right way to go.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Globalization has led to increased sharing of methods of extracting every last nickel out of anything possible , including humans both living and dead .
        Perhaps a survival watch would be best . The next volcanic eruption could be a biggie .

        • Mediaan

          Okay, thanks. You still seem to me well-informed, so I’ll review the survival stocks and wait for the volcano.