Tax the fat bastard, not the food

Once again it looks like the masses will suffer because the few can’t stop stuffing food into their gobs. They should tax fat bastards not food.

Biscuits could be made smaller under plans to cut obesity rates by reducing the amount of fat in the nation’s diet.

Ministers are set to demand that food manufacturers, cafes and supermarkets reduce the portion size of items high in saturated fat, such as biscuits, doughnuts, milky coffees and cakes.

Under the plans, seen by The Telegraph, customers could be encouraged to buy low-fat options by restricting the availability of less healthy food in restaurants and shops.

When ready meals and snacks are being manufactured, saturated fat would also be replaced with healthier ingredients, where possible, under the deal. 

The government is drafting a new “pledge” on reducing saturated fat in meals, which retailers, food and drink producers, and the hospitality industry will be expected to deliver.

However, Department of Health officials have suggested there is a risk that smaller portions of items such as biscuits and cakes will simply lead to customers buying more and could fail to reduce their fat intake overall.

Customers could also find themselves at risk of being ripped off if retailers charge the same price for less generous portions.


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  • Hillary Green

    What alarms me is that these sort of nanny tactics were tried by the previous Labour government and look what happened to them. More frighting is that unless National stands up to this sort of nonsense, the Greens with their coalition supporters Labour will be desperate to be seen to be doing something, and so this could happen in NZ.

    There needs to be a clear statement from the Government that this is not going to happen on their watch. Come on Mr Ryall, stand up to this PC rubbish.

  • Gazzaw

    That a UK Conservative government would even give this PC social engineering piece of crap consideration is unbelievable. Churchill and Thatcher must be spinning in their graves. That the British publicwould tolerate this nonsense is incredible.

    • James

      There isn’t a UK Conservative government though – UKIP are doing well but haven’t got any MPs.
      Unless you are talking about the socialists who masquerade under the banner of The Conservatives?

  • cows4me

    You only have to go to the supermarket to do the shopping to realise the packages get smaller by the day but the price hardly ever goes down. Of course this sort of legislation is nanny state at it’s finest but what’s not normally realised are the financial implications. If the consumer is forced to buy more product in smaller packaging, the GST take for government greatly increases. Never mind that the fat bastards stay fat.

  • BJ

    Can’t see it changing the habits of the overeater but it will give manufacturers further license to increase profits by reduced the size of the product. Here in NZ the insidious reduction in size and quality of some original lines of biscuits is the only driver of increased profits.

    MInd you, the banning of many crap imported non-food items that the naive keep shoveling in their mouths would be worthwhile legislation in my opinion.

  • Hey look, you could have posted Mr. Creosote here, too.

  • Agent BallSack

    Well who would police the hangis and the taro bakes and the roast chicken? Some cultures eat nothing but high fat food are we to blame for their bad diet?

    • Gazzaw

      Absolutely correct ABS. It will be a game labour MP who supports additional taxes or even banning lamb flaps, tinned corn beef & pork belly in Otara or Porirua.

      • Nope….those are GOOD foods….what the Polly’s need to cut out are bread-grains in general,sugary soft drinks,rice,pasta,trans fat’s-vegetable oils and sweet fruit. Body fat is made by the hormone insulin…and insulin uses what gets broken down into blood sugar to make that fat with. Sat fat by contrast is NOT able to be used to make body “fat”. Also heart disease is NOT caused by high cholesterol…its caused by inflammation …which is caused by small dense LDL which is found in sugar/carb’s…not Stat fat.

        • Bunswalla

          Correct about sugar and possibly grains – we have far too much gluten in the diet. Complete bullshit about taro being good but rice/pasta bad – they’re all full of carbohydrates and starch and have exactly the same deleterious effect on health.

          Saturated fat may not be able to be converted to glucose and then stored as body fat, but it can and does clog the arteries and cause a multitude of diseases, including heart disease.

          And if you think that tinned corn beef, very high in sodium is good for you, you’re on another planet.

          • Sat fat does not clog the arteries at all…it can’t. Its stays in liquid state in the heat of the blood stream. Inflamation is what causes heart disease…and thats due to Omega 6 and small dense LDL…neither of which come from Sat fat…but do come from carbs and sugar.

            Salt is over blown as a health issue. In fact salt deprivation is an issue on a high fat/low carb diet….so salt is added via bone broths etc.

    • High Sat fat isn’t bad at all……high sugar and carb’s certainly are. Kiwis need far MORE sat fat in their diets while greatly reducing the obesity and diabetes causing sugar and carb’s.

      • Gazzaw

        So you see James & Buns how fuckwitted any legislation of this nature would be. Already we are arguing about what foods are good and what are bad.

        • Bunswalla

          Thanks for getting us back on track! I thought it was a given that legislating to protect idiots from themselves was doomed from the beginning.

    • Lion_ess

      I’d rather eat at a hangi, than eat food that comes in bags within boxes, within larger paper sacks accompanied by 10 serviettes and 2 plastic spoons, any day.

  • PM of NZ

    Customers could also find themselves at risk of being ripped off if retailers charge the same price for less generous portions

    Sounds just like a copy of the Cadbury pricing playbook with your once favourite choccy slab reduced from 250g to 200g via bigger grooves in the same size packet for increased price per gram.

    • Agent BallSack

      And Bluebird, Eta, all prepackaged sweet manufacturers. So we don’t need it here its already happened.

  • This is moronic. Sat fat does NOT make you fat nor does it damage your heart. There is no evidence at all that it does. Sugar and carbs are what does all the damage. NZ’s medical fraternity are so behind the actual science on obesity and diabetes its frightening. Doctors are not taught nutrition but even if they were it would be very wrong info and out of date.

    If you want to be slim and avoid diabetes eat a lot of sat fat,some protein and low/no sugar and carbs. Your body and state of health will thank you.

    Google the free Youtube doco “Fathead” and science author Gary Taube’s book: “Why we get Fat”. Its info everyone needs to have ….you won’t get it from your clueless Doctor anytime soon.

    • Bunswalla

      Thank you Mr Atkins, but you’re wrong about a high saturated fat/low or no carb diet. Everything in moderation, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables – even if they do have some natural sugars and carbs. Get the balance right, put in less than you take out and do some exercise to get your heart rate up 5 times a week, and you too could have a body like mine ;-)

      • You are way out of date….and plain wrong. In fact Atkins was right and the science and evidence coming out now has confirmed it.For a person genetically predisposed to gain fat and T2 diabetes there can be no “balance” between sat fat’s and good whole foods that their body’s can use well and not store as body fat…and sugar and carb’s which their insulin will store on them as extra body fat. Also the Calories in/out dogma has failed because it doesn’t address the real question of obesity which is WHY do some people overeat? people don’t get fat beacuse they are lazy and overeat…they are laxy and overeat BECAUSE they are getting fatter in the first place…due to their genetics and their insulin being out of whack and hoarding blood sugar as body fat.

        Its perfectly possible to eat more calories and lose weight…that’s because a Calorie is not just a calorie….it matters more what form the calorie comes in….fat and protein….or sugar and carb.

        Also exercise is a very poor way to get slim…for many people it has no weight reduction value at all….and indeed it can cause people to eat MORE and get fatter still! Far better to not put it on in the first place with a good diet high in Sat fats.

        • Dave

          Buns and James. You overlooked the one thing that can help to overcome the excess Fat/Sugar/Carb intake. Just a 45 minute brisk walk a day and a two hour walk once a week can overcome a lot of excess eating. Movement, we have all become far to sedentary. I had a huge laugh a year ago, two quite glamourous females in their trendy Gym gear arguing about a park outside the Millennium Gym in Auckland, seems neither wanted to dare walk an extra 20 meters.

          • Actually 3 mins a week of 9, 20 sec bursts on a stationary bike at full tit gives you all the cardio anyone needs.

  • I can tell you now if it is small they buy another, great for the seller, and the seller can say “the govt made us do it”

  • To be up to date on obesity and whats really happening you need to read this…

  • Andy

    “However, Department of Health officials have suggested there is a risk
    that smaller portions of items such as biscuits and cakes will simply
    lead to customers buying more”

    No shit Sherlock! Why do we tolerate these idiots?

  • Dave

    Businesses and the Health system should dictate the financial disincentives for the fatties, much like the smokers. Sorry, the meal is a standard size, we can provide a larger size, its twice as much (already accepted) Sorry but we wont operate as you are a smoker, give up and we will review this. Sorry but your a fatty, fuck all chance of the operation working, Stop Eating, reduce your BMI to normal, we will reconsider.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Seeing as I am a smaller skinny prick and my cholesterol is fine, I go looking for fat.
    I get the pork skin and microwave it until it blows its arse out and has the consistency similar to hokey pokey.
    Fucking awesome