The Clown of Christchurch East

clownIn 2010, this blog was merciless at exposing the outrageous behaviour of Andrew Williams, whose late night antics included thumping an ambulance officer, pissing on his own council building, late night phone messages and text messages to various political leaders and more. It was almost certainly the confluence of a nasty man’s ego mixed with suspected grog imbibing causing tyrannical behaviour in high office.

As a result, Andrew Williams earned a number of nicknames on this blog, and in wider Auckland politics, including the Clown of Campbell’s Bay, the Cock of the Shore, and the Cock from Campbell’s Bay.

Ditto with Caesar Michael Williams, whose boozy bullying behaviour is a disgrace to the office he holds on the Howick local board.

Today, in National Party circles, we have also witnessed the confluence of a nasty man’s ego mixed with grog, causing tyrannical behaviour in high office. To recap, we have learned that:

Aaron Gilmore failed to attend a National Party dinner, and instead skived off with mates to get quietly boozed away from the members who helped select him onto the National list

Gilmore then had far too much to drink at the public establishment, breaking one of the cardinal rules of political judgment (don’t get wasted in public, do your boozing with the lads in private)

He then demanded that a waiter break the very alcohol laws (eg, give a drunk man more alcohol), that Gilmore had responsibility on and had advocated tougher rules on.

Having had the law upheld against him, Gilmore tried to use his political influence to scare the waiter into breaking the law.

Then, he attempted to use his connections in political office to allegedly threaten the waiter into giving him more booze or he would get the Prime Minister’s office to sack him.

As the scandal unfolded, Gilmore tried to minimise his behaviour by sharing the blame around his dinner group. He arguably misled the Prime Minister’s office as well.

Finally, he has become the story, and can’t shake it because the media, the service worker unions, and EVEN HIS OWN PARTY MEMBERS want shot of him.

In fact, for a guy who abuses law abiding waiters using the “dickhead” word, he deserves the same moniker as that drunken oaf from the North Shore.

Gilmore is the Cock of Christchurch East, the Boor of Bexley, the Clown of Cockayne Reserve, and the Pisshead of Pegasus Ave.

Time to go.


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  • kaism

    didn’t you predict he’d be in Parliament still in 2017 only a couple of days ago?

    • Things change…he broke the no dickheads rule…end of the line for me…no comeback

      • Jonathan Pull

        Sadly unless someone lays a complaint its looks like that won’t matter.
        Key has (wrongly) decided to take his version of events.
        This was an easy solution and why he has taken the path he has is beyond me.
        He could have gained a lot of respect (not that he really needs it) by axing him showing that national has high standards.

        • magor

          Simple answer to this – if he sacks him then he is bowing to the ranting hysterical calls from the left – The PM is a lot more savvy than them all!!

          • Jonathan Pull

            And the calls from the centre and right? Or are they looney like the left in this case?

  • Apolonia

    Will he stand for National in a Christchurch East bi-election?

    • Sponge

      Is h a bit both ways? I didn’t know that.

  • Andy

    Gilmore is the only MP I have had a meeting with, over the ETS, which I was and remain against.

    He told me that he thought the hockey stick was BS, but that I should read Poles Apart. He told me that he was part of the ETS legislation, and he also stated that he thought that we don’t really live in a democracy, and are led by outside interests

    I came away feeling a bit confused about his position,

  • pauleastbay

    scum list MP, nuff said

    • le sphincter

      As I predicted , Key will have to kiss his arse, as National cant play its minor parties against each other without his vote.

      The funny part is there is no end of dickheads in nationals team.

      • Sponge

        Yes and all of the people in labours team are just wonderful sensible people with real world experience.

      • Dumrse

        Fuck you talk shit. Could have sworn I’ve said that before.

  • Rodger T

    On the upside,everyone knows who he is now,a vewy important twat.

  • CoNZervative

    This of course exposes the complete farce that is MMP. Gilmore went on to the Nat List as a Chch placement to make up the numbers regionally, but never went thru a selection. He has no currency among Chch Nats. He moved to Wellington but was re-called as a ‘Christchurch’ MP but doesn’t live here (but has one of OUR List seat spots). His counterpart Chch East MP Lianne Dalziel will leave to contest the Chch mayoralty, forcing a by-election. If Nats run a candidate it would have to be Gilmore. If they don’t, he will be doubly impotent (twice removed, and not even on the List because of the seat). National has a rule (that they bend) that candidates for the List have to stand in a seat. Hello by-election. If the Nats by-pass Gilmore (breaking the rule) and run some other poor fool, s/he will lose in this safe Labour seat, a new Lab. MP will come in, and Aaron will stay where he is as the Wellington “Christchurch” List hack. The best option, is for National not to contest the by-election at all. Its a fait accompli anyway. Cynicism rules and the people have no say and MPs continue to be largely completely unaccountable. Some MPs have never even won a single election, even a selection contest! ??

    • pauleastbay

      excellent post

      • le sphincter

        I agree. at last someone who knows what they are talking about. Very forward looking

  • J.M

    If he wanted more booze I assume his room had a minibar of some sort. No excuse for this sort of carry on.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Guys we need to be careful. If Emperor kicks him out, he could do a Brendan Horan and refused to leave. This will put the Government’s majority in doubt. Then the communists and hippies will milk this big time in parliament and media will have a field day. Somebody should have a quiet word with Guiltmore and ask him to leave on his own.

  • Bigmal

    “I was a leeetle bit drunk”

  • Mary

    You said

    Gilmore is the Cock of Christchurch East, the Boor of Bexley, the Clown of Cockayne Reserve, and the Pisshead of Pegasus Ave.

    Who are you? whose head do you jump on to get notoriety?

  • Mary

    You said

    Gilmore is the Cock of Christchurch East, the Boor of Bexley, the Clown of Cockayne Reserve, and the Pisshead of Pegasus Ave.

    Who are you? Whose head do you jump on to get notoriety?