The entitlement and grievance attitude of Maori

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It is often said that Maori have learned in the past 30 years or so an entitlement and a grievance mentality, that is now affecting them far more negatively that the last 150 years of “occupation”.

Witness Aroha Hathaway. Radio and TV personality…she is no poor bush Maori, she is a Ponsonby media snob with a TV and radio job….and this is her attitude.



Can you believe her attitude…mouthy, rude, obnoxious and grandiose…all the talk of “my people” and “Brown people”. And her equally racist mates pile in on the comments as well.

On top of that she gets it dead wrong with the details of the Police officer, who is himself part Samoan/European/Maori. I haven’t seen her apology forthcoming.

The racism is not from the Police, it s from people like Aroha Hathaway who somehow have got themselves into a permanent grievance mode.

This is the same behaviour and attitude that we see all the time on television from the likes of those Operation 8 morons, Tame Iti and his ilk.


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  • spollyike

    This article explains everything we see in this womans behavior and attitude. Amazingly it also explains the failure of Labour and the reason i despise the baby boomers. It is by the legendary Elizabeth Rata who has spent 20+ years studying the socio-political scene in NZ. It blew my mind!!

    • AnonWgtn

      Rata is worth reading and listening to.

    • unitedtribes

      I really think you are overdoing it by despising the baby boomers. They were living their lives the same as you are today. What was available, and going with the flow. It was what you did then and now. I think overall we did contribute rather a lot. It seems to me that many of us ended up the only generation that needed to look after both our parents and our children. Great article though. I only wish I could resite it to some know-all left cunts that I know who are always lording it.

    • Ururoa

      Thanks for that link, bloody brilliant critique.

    • Dumrse

      How come baby boomers (plural = all of them) get a mention in your tirade. Fuckwit.

  • coventry

    Translation: I was turning a trick in the back of this fellas car on P Road when the fuzz came a knocking, he disrupted my mojo and the john blew his load all over my dress.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Yes the Maori elite have really fucked Maoridom in New Zealand. This is all ending very badly for those at the bottom of the heap of shit that they have created and perpetuated.

  • 4077th

    Shouldn’t she be cooking someone some fuckin’ eggs?

    • unitedtribes

      Or maybe pouring some milk on the weetbix

  • maninblack

    Yes- this sort of attitude does nothing to further socially advance Maori.
    I cannot believe someone who is on Maori television would display this sort of attitude publicly.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Believe it what else would you expect from an publicly funded entitlement and race based organization.

  • JeffDaRef

    If you’ve got contacts in Wgtn WO give them a call – she worked for ZM driving a Black Thunder down there and was well-known as being totally full of herself – for a woman who fronts infomercials…famous as bro!

  • From her linked in: ‘highly motivated and a people’s person…’ Highly motivated to do what? Be a cunt to a police officer doing his job? A people’s person, so long as those people aren’t (perceived to be) white?

    Giant douche alert.

  • dumbshit

    their inability to acknowledge their own white heritage no matter how small defies logic. their forebears must wonder what they have bred

  • Bunswalla

    Aroha means Love. Tui advert.

    • dumbshit

      thyself —-tui add

  • Rangi

    Yes, it was a cheap & irresponsible thing for Aroha to do, but the ugly racist facet is exacerbated by someone who should know better right Mr Slater? Or do you want to descend to that cesspit also?

    • Bunswalla

      He didn’t say she was an ugly racist, Rangi, although if that’s a recent photo of her then she’s aged very poorly. He said she had an entitlement and grievance mentality i.e. I can park my flash car wherever the fuck I want (that’s the entitlement bit) and the fuzz is only picking on me because I’m brown and they should stop arresting terrorist wannabes (that’s the grievance bit). Do you see now?

      • Rangi

        Interesting take on it – the facet of racism is ugly, not her (tho not a bad effort at wordplay it must be said) and to be fair – none of us know the circumstances, but in the absence of isolating a group, all Maori are being targeted by Slater’s heading & subsequent story, that action itself is manifestly racist!. He offers no explanation of how the past 30 years is “affecting them far more negatively that the last 150 years of “occupation”.” – that little jem is rife with crap, 1.Them & us mentality 2. “occupation” – meaning what exactly? 3. I have had nothing but positive things happen to me in the last 30yrs so what’s he basing his vast experience on?

        • Bunswalla

          I’m glad you’ve had only positive experiences in the last 30 years. I don’t know you, but I’ll wager my pound to your peanut that the main reason for this is your attitude to life in general. Most people are about as happy or as pissed off as they make their minds up to be.

          We both know what’s meant by occupation – the entirely false (that’s why it’s in quote marks) premise that New Zealand somehow belongs to one of the several ethnic groups that migrated here several centuries ago.

          You must agree that it was Ms Hathaway that introduced the ‘them and us’ aspect by falsely accusing the police officer of targeting her because of the colour of her skin. The fact she also rejected his admittedly friendly advice and tried to tell him what his job was and how to do it says more about her incredible arrogance than it does about the policeman’s actions.

          I noticed you edited your original post to start with “Yes it was a cheap and irresponsible thing for Aroha to do” – we agree on that at least.

          • Rangi

            I’ll answer para by para if that’s ok
            1.Not really, if you wanted the back story, you’d regret asking…
            2. I have never heard of this premise, it sounds entirely fictional regardless of the fact it probably was the intention behind the treaty
            3. No, if we are chasing origins then she has a valid complaint about Tuhoe as identified by the IPCA findings (not me).
            4. It wasn’t an edit – it was always there,

            I think it is a societal imperative that our police be respected. When I see abuses of the uniform (Tuhoe raids, AAT, KDC, Bain etc) I get annoyed that Police take that requirement for our respect for granted instead of viewing it as something accumulated purely. Part of that accrual would be holding to account those responsible. Will there be any prosecutions of the police as a result of Operation 8? If not, why not?

            Reconcile that, then nit pick about the intentions of a highly irrelevant “radio and tv personality”

          • Bunswalla

            Please explain what you mean by referring to Bain as an abuse of the uniform? If it’s the David Bain that murdered his entire family in cold blood and managed to get off at the third attempt, I’m not quite sure what kind of abuse you mean, or what it has to do with anyone in uniform.

            BTW I reject each of your para responses, except perhaps no 4. I was sure the first bit was added later, but in the absence of any evidence I’m prepared to take your word for it.

          • 4077th

            I would wager that if Rangi were to answer 1. That would reveal his/her identity and based on historical comments I would not be surprised if Rangi turned out to be a watermelon politician.

          • Rangi

            How much would you wager?

          • 4077th

            With others..not you. I choose not to feed the trolls.

          • Tony V

            The Police didn’t raid Tuhoe because they are Tuhoe. They executed search warrants because they had evidence of people committing offences. That the Courts have dismissed or disregarded a lot of that evidence, is a subsequent matter.

            I’ve executed hundreds of search warrants in my time in the Police. A persons race never came into it, just that they were bloody crooks. In my experience 99.9% of Police are colour blind when it comes to crooks. Black, white, brown, rainbow, green or red, lock em up if they break the laws.

          • Those Operation * ratbags got what was coming to them…,pst people other than weird conspiracy theorists don’t have a problem with it all.

          • Pheremoans

            They probably did, their community did not – the investigations have been done, the (internal) results out, no use debating it, Now we wait to see if anybody asserts responsibility.

          • Rangi

            They did get what they deserved, did the community?

          • Mr_Blobby


          • Yes…harbouring idiots..they got what? a couple of days of mild inconvenience, whoopy

          • Rangi

            Damaged homes, threatening gang type intimidation without access to lawyers for hours on end. Not exactly conducive to encouraging people to trust the police force. But if you’re OK with that don’t be surprised when they act up.

    • williamabong

      If it was a white person it’s racism, if it’s a black person it’s merely expressing yourself, two sets of rules as it says in the treaty.

  • manuka416

    What an idiot. It’s offensive she signs off with “mauri ora.”

  • Patrick

    What was the friendly advice? Don’t park in a loading zone? Your left rear is bald? One rear light is broken? Or maybe – get another chip for your other shoulder.
    Will the media rabble be up in arms demanding her resignation?

    • Rangi


  • Bunswalla

    Thames High School – 6 years LOL.

    Took something called an LLBBA (maybe an LlB and a BA?) but couldn’t hack it and went back to broadcasting. Tccchh.

  • Changeiscoming

    324 people liked her comment…Groan

    • Dave

      All maori or PI no doubt, you need to remember, its okay in NZ to be Brown and discriminate against anyone else!! Customary Rights!

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      That’s about half the constituency of your average Maori rotten-borough electorate.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I explained once (just of the subject), how the education system did not discriminate against Maori, to a senior Maori figure in Wtgn (radio stn host).
    Imagine your life is an expensive painting, to be hung on the wall.
    To hang this painting you are going to need a nail (qualifications) the bigger the nail, the bigger the painting that can be hung (your life , remember).
    If you choose a big nail, for a big painting you are going to need a BIG hammer (the education system)!
    Meaning (for those who don’t already get it), the hammer is supplied to you, all you have to do, is use it!!!
    The education system is supplied to you, all you have to do, is use it!
    As an aside: As much as I like to bag the teachers, children have to be taught one thing by their parents ( to get ahead):
    The teacher may not know everything, but , they know more than you!

  • Phil

    Surely some bored teen has hacked into her account and is posting outrageos nonsense on her behalf. No one would post anything so stupid as that for real….

    • Patrick

      Probably the same “hacker” that infiltrated Colin Craig’s recently.
      People really need to think before they let rip on social media.

  • Red

    She works for TVNZ & some other nameless white scum funded agencies…. what a surprise…. he’s a wood carver…. what a contributor…. He’s also a racist fat Mo-fuck. Both have relatively open facebook pages where you can send a message. Happy enough to be on the gravy train, but…. they deserve it.. entitled to it even.

  • Dave

    I would expect a full apology from Aroha, if she is for ONE LAW FOR ALL OF NZ, if she doesn’t apologize to the police officer, she is obviously a RACIST bigot, no better than Tama Iti and his followers.

    Come on Aroha, are you a true leader of your people or do we take it your another gutless bigoted racist who will happily sling abuse at the WMF police officers just doing his job.

    To her employers, is this really the type of person you want representing your brand. Above everything, every person, organization should be supporting and showing respect for the officers upholding the law in NZ.

    • Rangi

      Oh god – out comes the madness…FYI she is no leader, she is someone getting picked up on a facebook post

      • Dave

        Then Rangi, where are the Maori leaders stating this abuse and racist comments against the nice Whities giving us all the money, must stop, its disrespectful!

        Where is the leadership seeking harmony, and shouting down the racism against the white people Rangi?? Where??

        • Rangi

          Isn’t the whole right wing movement about self determination? What is this need for a leader you so desperately need? You could of course get upset about Whale’s racist headline but I suppose consistency is too much to ask for…oh an keep your money – it is not needed.

          • Dave

            Sorry rangi, the headline is TRUE. A very high proportion of Maori have an Entitlement / Grievance attitude. Not all but a unhealthy majority. As soon as Maori leaders preach respect, and self responsibility then there is hope for the future.

            Think about that and the stat’s that support that, its not pretty, oh and by the way, I didn’t invent the stat’s, they are fact.

          • Rangi

            Fuck you!! No Maori I know have an entitlement & grievance complex much less a “unhealthy majority” you note, FFS there are no stats on the matter & what research have you done on the matter? Lets pretend what you say is true, it still is not all Maori and Whales headline is plain unacceptable. You’re a bitch to the machinations of the media with not an independent thought able to squeeze inside your narrow little mind – nothing more. Be consistent with your outrage fucking neanderthal.

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            If he was a bitch to the machinations of the media he would have the same political views as Gareth Hughes and Russell Norman. What are you talking about?
            I don’t know how many as a percentage of Maori think like this, but plenty of white people call themselves Maori so the term has no application anymore. Lots of people in the far north and the east coast think like this. I lived with them and listened to their conversations about politics. Lots of bromidic historical inaccuracies, blanket statements and deifications of public figure who spout of the nonsense they want to believe in. Virtually no independent thought or logic.

          • Dave

            Suggest you go to WINZ almost any day Rangi, sure a lot of other races/cultures, but add the numbers, then also realize, maori only make up 15% of the Population. Go figure for yourself, and ASK a god deal of ppl on your Marae, do they get any government benefits / handouts. Nuff said

          • Mr_Blobby

            No Fuck you. Now Fuck off, there is a good Maori Watermelon.

          • mike

            Wow… that’s a big grievance you got there Rangi

          • Rangi

            Is “grievance” code for something?

          • Mediaan

            Here is a grievance, to help you Rangi.

            … Looking for an alternative, the US decided on Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos Archipelago. This had the benefit of leaving tortoise mating undisturbed but the island was home to 1,800 Chagossians, or Ilois, who had inhabited the islands for over 200 years.

            The Chagossians were employed, grew their own food and fished and had built their own stores and a church. However, the courtesy for tortoises evidently didn’t apply to human beings. The government soon began a campaign to deal with the “population problem” to “maintain the pretense there [are] no permanent inhabitants.” …

            They were “wished on to Mauritius”, as well as the Seychelles and the UK…
            To this day, the Chagossians in Mauritius still live in poverty.

            Soon after, the Americans began to arrive and the rest of the indigenous population were forced to leave. Only allowed to take clothes, their homes and possessions had to be abandoned and their pets were killed amidst threats that if they did not leave, they would otherwise be “bombed” and wouldn’t “be fed any longer.”

            All this was with the full knowledge and approval of (British Labour Government chiefs in the 1960s) Harold Wilson, Roy Jenkins and Denis Healey…”


          • Mediaan

            Sure, none of them ever asks for an extra because they are a bit brown, right?

            None of them ever mentions lands lost several generations ago, right? (When the rest of us would sigh and maybe swear and just move on.)

            The culture is the only reason why they declare themselves “Maori” when they are all (very small) part-Maori, then is it?
            Nothing to do with the constant giveaways and freebies?

          • Mediaan

            Entitlement and grievance complex, fair description. And nothing to back it. They just make up stuff.

            Start instructing all Maori in what a real grievance looks like.

            Good example, the 1800 people formerly living on the island of Diego Garcia. Shipped offshore by the British in the 1960s to fulfil a deal with the US, which wanted it for a military base. Now living in poverty in places like Mauritius, not allowed to go home.

      • Mediaan

        Wrong. Television people are rightly expected to act decorously, as they are significant opinion leaders among some groups.

  • she spelt mother wrong.

    • Rangi

      you spelled “spelled” wrong, if you’re going to correc…..never mind

      • Bunswalla

        Either spelling is acceptable.

        • Rangi

          No…its not, “spelt” is a completely different meaning – again, if you’re going to correc….never mind

  • Rangi

    Oi Whale – why the racist headline?? surely you’re directing your piece at Aroha alone?? Why target all Maori?
    Irony – posting about the defects of a culture by using gutter racism as a platform.

    • Bunswalla

      Chill the fuck out, bro – everyone can see who it was that played the racist card, falsely calling the cop racist then inciting her dickhead followers/sheep on FB into her pathetic racist game.

      Why aren’t you going Oi Aroha – why play the race card when it’s not even warranted?? Surely you’re bringing maori into disrepute by crying wolf in this way!

      Making the Mauri ora! call is bullshit – nobody is denied the right to speak (well, except women, who have to sit at the back of the room).

      • Rangi

        Whale escalated this – not Aroha.

        • No bushels on this blog

        • Mr_Blobby

          Why don’t you go and sit at the back of the room.

          • Rangi


  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    A TV and radio job in NZ still equals on the dole in my book.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    The end product of collectivism. Maori always talk about being tough and standing on their own to feet, then they herd together like plebs for handouts. Oh the irony!

  • cruiseyman

    She would probably behave like that even without the maori claim as she seems to have that “don’t you know who I am’ silly bitch way about her. Probably hangs out in bars with Aaron Gilmore demanding service when she’s off her tits.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Is Aroha the waka blonde who does the infomercials on the TV1 Good Morning?
    You know the tanned scrawny one

    • Travis Poulson


      • Ronnie Chow

        How many Maori dentists in her Whanau ?

  • Mediaan

    Yes, she looks as though she at least one-64th part Maori.

  • Col

    Fucking sad world we live in, ( if I was PM ???? )

  • Brendon

    This was the last post before she deleted the facebook thread. BOOM! PWNED.