The Gilmoron lies again, just go Aaron Gilmore, go. [VIDEO]

More damaging and threatening Aaron Gilmore emails have been released. Once again we see that Aaron Gilmore is extremely economical with the truth.

Embattled National list MP Aaron Gilmore was warned by a Government department over inappropriate emails.

The emails were not sexually explicit but had an “inappropriate tenor”, the Ministry Of Business Innovation and Employment said.

Gilmore was employed as a contractor for the the-then Department of Building  and Housing from May to November last year. He was a senior policy analyst.

Read the emails here.

Gilmore’s contract was due to be extended to Christmas but Crisp said this did not happen “as a result of this behaviour”.

He rang the analyst to personally apologise.

Prime Minister John Key’s chief of staff Wayne Eagleson was told Gilmore’s contract would not be renewed because “there had been an issue” – but did not detail the complaint.

Those emails make this statement on TV last night a bit of a problem. 

Aaron Gilmore has now proven over many, many days that he simply cannot tell the truth. He claimed the contract came to its natural conclusion but the emails details that was not the case, and that he was advised of that.

MBIE Email


Watching Aaron Gilmore over the past few days I have come to the conclusion that he is a fantasist, a narcissist and isn’t particularly well. He needs to get some help and he needs to start listening to the long line of MPs going to his office and telling him to go.

All he has to do to end this is walk down to Louise Upston’s office and sign his resignation. He needs to stop thinking about himself and start thinking about his family’s embarrassment as this is never going to get any better…in fact it is likely to get a whole lot worse.


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  • Dave

    Suggest someone put a sign on his office door “Departure Lounge”

  • Frankly, on his track record if he told you his name was Aaron Gilmore, you’d ask him for I.D!

    • Bigmal

      Can’t imagine him welcome in any public bar or restaurant in NZ…

  • williamabong

    Dear John Key,
    Please don’t take this as me telling you how to run your team, bit you may want to lessen your exposure to risk and perhaps consider assisting Aaron Gilmore to enhance his career options by helping him to find another employer, based on the fact he has made millions in business there should be no problem finding someone to take him on.
    The New Zealand Taxpayer
    PS there should be no problem changing the law to make it easier to do, after all you boys had no issue working late when it was a pay rise for you blokes you were working on.

  • Andrei

    Death by 1000 cuts

    • 4077th

      The majority are self inflicted.

  • unsol

    I read the emails & observed the following:

    1)that he arrogantly gave reasons as to why he knows how ministers work
    2)spoke about the underhand dealings that go on behind closed doors in order to get policy through (which we all know exists – hardly news)
    3)& that if the recipient continued to be emotive in their responses they wouldn’t go far – fair call. One must play the game in order to succeed, especially where the public service is concerned.

    In fact the tone of his emails had a bit of an o deja vu about them….

    I can understand that the Ministry Of Business Innovation and Employment would be reluctant to renew his contract as no one wants their secrets brought to the forefront, but hardly big news & hardly proves that he is just such a bad egg he has to be fired.

    This is a storm in a tea cup driven by a media determined to focus on BS rather than real stories – such as Goff’s very serious breach of suppression orders. Yes Gilmore is a fuckwit – but so what, aren’t most MPs? Look around at the calibre of those in the house. There are only 5 I rate – Key, Joyce, Collins, Parata & Tolley. This means 116 of them are overpaid wankers.

    God knows why you insist on contributing to this rubbish Cameron.

    • Agent BallSack

      I agree with it all apart from the last sentence. He is distracting the media with his refusal to step down. Its obvious that the orders are that National are not to stoop to the level of Labour in full frontal media assaults against each other’s characters, unlike Labour. John Key is trying to prove to every New Zealander they deserve another 3 years and the situation is detracting from this. Once he’s gone concentrate on Goof et al.

      • unsol

        Any distraction he has caused is resultant from the distraction caused by Riches & the ensuing media & blog circus.

        I think there is more to this story so I am not prepared to become part of the judge & jury.

        • Oh there is much more to this story…and I don’t think you’d be sticking up for Gilmore if you knew it.

    • Travis Poulson

      You rate Parata? My perception of you has hit rock bottom. To see Parata in there and not Ryall….holy smokes batman…..

      • unsol

        Funny how you get so emotional Travis. Put the tissues away, it is just politics.

        Not sure about Ryall. I do quite like him, but he is a bit of a dinosaur & in many ways only good as the advisors he has on board. Currently he has former Nat Peter McCardle who is a brilliant man so Ryall’s street cred has gone up a little for me as his approach seems to have changed compared to when he was last in govt. But for McCardle I don’t think it would have.

        As for Parata – any decisions that were wrong were corrected. The rest stand & they’re spot on. She stood her ground against the militants so she is good enough. She has been far more effective than Tolley, much better than what Smith was & than any Labour minister ever. That said I wish we could clone Collins so she could just run the country by herself. I rate her no.1 for sure.

        • Travis Poulson

          Emotional? heh, good one. I’d have picked you for being smarter than to judge a persons emotions from behind your keyboard. Looks like I made an error in judgement :)

          • unsol

            You have just contradicted yourself – unless of course rock bottom was not rock bottom after all?

            You’re lowering the tone of the discussion Travis.

            You need to argue your points based on their merits rather than snide remarks at me.

            If you disagree outline why instead of being petty.

            You might feel being snarky wins you a few brownie points in cyberspace but in real life it undermines your character.

            Time to change the record & grow up.

            This is the last time I will acknowledge one of your silly comments.

            Prove to me that you’re the good decent man I know you are.

          • Travis Poulson

            Trying to talk down to me, don’t give me that nonsense. Attempting to write off my comment as “emotional”. Not interested in that nonsense, but noted you hang on comments that I deem to be throw away. You “lowered the tone” by claiming my comment to be “emotional” (snore) so if you’d focused on what I said about your selection rather than a easily forgotten throwaway of “My perception of you has hit rock bottom.” then this conversation would be at a more productive level. I don’t care what people think about me, I don’t know why you do.

          • unsol

            No you lowered the tone by using my first comment as an opportunity to throw in an ad hominem attack; you made it personal so I responded in kind.

            And you have yet to quantify your apparent disagreement.

          • Travis Poulson

            So much for the last time acknowledging my comments. Seems you are particularly upset about my comment “My perception of you has hit rock bottom.”

            Still focusing on the wrong part of the comment.

        • Sponge

          A benign dictatorship under Crusher? An interesting idea that has some merit (That will rauck the buggers up).

          • unsol

            It does eh – sad day in policies that we consider any kind of dictatorship better than democracy, but in some ways I think we need it. We need to make some big changes & go cold turkey on some policies. And I think Collins is the only one capable of doing it. She is driven by more than a need for power.

          • Democracies languish, dictators get shit done

    • Dave

      Unsol, we agree on a lot, but not this. I refer to my reply to you last night on Gilmore. If he had of come clean completely at the time, and genuinely apologized, it would have probably blown over, but he is a contemptible prick who cant lie straight in his own shit. This is providing the Media a feeding frenzy, and as there is nothing else major for them to report on, Aaron is it.

      As to WO reporting it, yes he is, but WO does report BOTH SIDES, presents hard facts and leaves the rest to the debate.

      • unsol

        I’m sorry – I saw your reply but didn’t feel that you shed any light on the issue in terms of something concrete that warrants the hysteria.

        As for Cameron reporting on both sides – most of the time, not all. Many times he jumps in guns blazing & postures opinion as fact.

        This is another one.

        There is more to this story. I want to see why this circus came about in the first place – what did Riches have to gain.

        As for the emails – if he was an employee they wouldn’t be enough to sack him.

  • Gazzaw

    The emails strongly indicate that Gilmore’s ego and inflated sense of self-worth will not allow him to do the decent thing and resign. He’s got some major problems.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    The cunt is a big-noting bully.

  • Don’t go Aaron! Don’t go!!!

    The blogs and media are loving the attention that we’re getting. In fact, last week, thank to you, and you alone, this blog set a new DAILY record of 54,400 pageviews for the day. And as a result, we’re looking at another bumper month.

    Please, Aaron, keep this going as long as possible. This blog and its readers can only benefit from it. You’re like a one-man pageview genie.

    The way things are going, after leaked texts and leaked emails, we’re looking forward to leaked photos, leaked videos and one day, we can but hope, a personal appearance!

    Want to come on the blog and tell your side of the story? Come on!!! Do you have a choice? Let’s ride this puppy all the way :) Why not? EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE.


    • Agent BallSack

      LMFAO everyone knows who he is now!

    • Bunswalla

      Pete, you shameless hussy!

  • 4077th
  • blokeintakapuna

    With his penchant for obfuscating the complete and whole truth, it’s likely Labour will see him as a “Rising Star” and perhaps try and entice him to join with them, where his special skills could be utilised to much better effect.

    All National need to do to win the next election, is keep upholding high standards of morals and ethics, behaviours and standards and hold those on the left to the same standard… and because those on the left can’t… and never could, they will implode very publically in a festering heap of deluded, spiteful, greedy ego’s all vying to out-manoeuvre each other for the baubles of power.

    The internal power-plays between the 4-headed Taniwha will be something to watch – and even more so as the election draws nearer and Labour’s numerous, internal factions start their internecine warfare wanting their own preferred leader to loose the election.

    Continue to set the benchmark National – and watch the others trip over each other attempting to throw each other under the expedient “political bus” trying to CYA and save their own skins.

    • Bunswalla

      Perhaps bloke, but Gilmore has a diametrically opposed view to Liebour big bananas. The Cunliffes and Shearers for example, try and give the appearance of being cloth-cap working-class with no brass behind them, but are really rich pricks.

      Gilmore, by contrast, tries to give the appearance of being a big-noting rich prick, but really has fuck-all and that’s why he’s desperate to cling on to his $140k plus perks.

    • Agent BallSack

      Here, here! Damn good plan.

    • Bafacu

      Perhaps Labour, but more likely Winney will see him as a kindred spirit and he could join him and Andrew on a bender some time to discuss something??????

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Death by tray

  • Time For Accountability

    Anyone spot the similarities to Winstone.

    e.g. Lies, inability to acknowledge the truth and failure to recognize the correct time to go.

    He is simply in the wrong party. He would be right at home in the lemon tree watering party.

    Does anyone know if his favorite method of travel is helicopters?

  • Sponge

    Just as an aside has this gimp had a perm? The photo on the left has a very different hairdo to the one in the middle (I refer to the one with key vs the next photo – not the clown one).

    • Yes.

      • Sponge

        Who would want to be a pube head?

        • Anyone who’s on TV a lot and thinks his head looks too small?

          Perhaps he likes to see his head on TV?

          Who knows what the man thinks?

          • Sponge

            I don’t know what he thinks but even worse I doubt he does.

    • Gazzaw

      He’s very near hitting the big four zero and that could be a big concern to him. A perm could form part of his search for the elusive elixir of youth and he probably uses male cosmetics and a touch of botox. He obviously hasn’t sought out the gym yet.

      • Sponge

        Certainly plenty of cosmetics in the last pic… it does kind of suit him though.

    • Andy

      If you noticed the TV coverage when he got off the bus in ChCh he hadn’t shaved in a day or two. My guess is that he has been on the turps since this story broke

  • LesleyNZ

    My compassion has waned – I don’t feel sorry for Aaron anymore…………….

  • Troy

    He will be gone by Monday. If not, it will be because of his stubborn nature and/or his need to remain on the taxpayer’s payroll – i can’t think of any other valid reason. I know from an inside tip that those MP’s close to him, will become less close if doesn’t go – to be abandoned by all caucus members effectively fires him anyway.