The Heral…. meh… I give up


Pork Chop likes to gossip, but you’d expect her to at least know who the people are, wouldn’t you?

It is actually Jono Pryor in the photo.

Way to go Gluckie.

Next, geography.

Sure, Milan is in Italy.

But where is there a soccer team called Real ……?

Real Who


Thanks to the readers for those contributions.



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  • Rodger T

    I thought it was a comedian that likes to make people laugh , but no. That would have been an awesome own goal : (

    • WayneO

      You should probably qualify that Jono Pryor is definitely not the comedian who makes people laugh.

  • Patrick

    Journo’s adding value to the shareholders investments – yeah right

  • I see he has cords to his diamond earrings in case they fall out, and he has his name showing because people have forgotten what he looks like.

  • Honki

    NZ – celebrities – meh.