The Huddle


I was on the Huddle last night with Larry Williams and Josie Pagani.

Our topics were as follows:

Aaron Gilmore – The Clown of Christchurch East.

Sensible Sentencing Trust’s new website – Judging the Judges. Sensible Sentencing have promised it’s not going to be a witch hunt and general slamming of judges, but a long hard look at their decisions and the circumstances under which they are made. I can’t see this being a bad thing. 

Family First lobby group losing its charitable status. It’s about time they lost that tax privilege – I mean legal status – as they’re not charitable towards anyone who sees the world differently to them. I mean it’s only about a family being what they say it should be rather than an organisation working for the benefit of families.


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  • Muffin

    Loved the lowest list MP sledge, talk about slamming the poor woman.

    • Gazzaw

      Josie’s OK. If labour has any nous at all they will give her an opportunity in 2014. She would make for a far better candidate than Kelly.

      • Dave

        I agree Gazzaw, Josie is okay, sharp, intelligent and personable. But the truth is you could pluck any person from the street to do a better job than Kelly, she speaks well, but is as shallow as a puddle in the desert. What I object most about Kelly is she says she represents the working people, but herself has never gone without…… representing the people while drawing hundreds of thousands in salary and then massive allowances and benefits is hardly representative.

  • In Vino Veritas

    What makes me laugh is that Gilmore was an obnoxious twat and is smeared all over the media, but he hasn’t broken the law. Phil Goff has potentially broken the law, and broken it flagrantly given he has admitted knowledge of the suppression, yet we have seen next to nothing in the media. For instance, the Gilmore story still features inside the Herald, but their front page leads with bad parking!! News items provided by the Labour Party must be thin on the ground at the moment…..