The Huddle


I was on NewstalkZB last night with Larry Williams and Josie Pagani on The Huddle.

Our topics were:

The first segment was discussing the latest Green PR campaign calling for a ban on all deep sea oil drilling – attempting to destroy a $2 billion per annum export industry plus all the jobs that are created. Then there is their racist 15% tax on all overseas based property buyers. They are not really going to help the economy!

And of course the answer to the housing problems from them too.  

Finally there’s panic within the ranks of teacherdom as  mooted changes are coming closer to being a reality for the Teachers Council. Initially this morning the teachers unions were a bit speechless about what Hekia was planning next. Now the best they can come up with  is the new form teachers council HAS to be stacked with teachers, not anyone else. It sounds like panic all around!


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  • DangerousE

    i tried to buy a ute at auction the other day, got out bid by a filthy investor no doubt. Say do you think Josie and her ilk will legislate to make my auctions fair?

    • Patrick

      Yes they will – just like childrens sport there will be no winners & no losers, everyone will get a prize. All those that bid on the ute will get a piece of the ute, go & choose which bit you want, perhaps a front guard, maybe a wheel?

      • DangerousE

        Funny all that work ethic and educating myself about money and the world pffft! Waste of time, wait till I see my old man iv got a big cup of I told you so!

  • Grizz30

    Investors tend to buy the lower end of the market for any given area. They tend to stay away from homes kitted out with swimming pools, additional living areas multilpe bathrooms, greenhouses, intensive gardens etc, which are personalised features of owner occupied homes.