The Nasty party returns, no surprises it is Sue Moroney

Tim Groser may not speak like the stable boys’ scrubber but I don;t think it was necessarily helpful for Sue Moroney to prove yet again that she is a nasty piece of work.

One journalist, Laura McQuillan called her out on it.

All the CNI National MPs I have spoken to are hoping Sue will stand in their seats so that they can experience the full Moroney Effect on their majorities.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Are you suggesting that sue moron ey is a “stable boys’ scrubber” …who the fuck would have her.

    • That is an unhelpful thing to say, now you’re being nasty. Let them burn themselves out with hate and get on with other things.

    • coventry

      It’s pronouced Moron-Eh !

  • What an awful thing to say. She’d probably be up in arms if somebody had trouble understanding a pacific accent, screaming racism from the rooftops.

  • Mediaan

    She thinks they ought to copy Mr Cunliffe’s vaudeville bus-roof style, perhaps. Well known to be a useful skill, fake Brown English.

    Associated question:
    Why does Jacinda Ardern snap and sound spiteful when she is merely reading from some item of today’s news (that wasn’t worth special parliamentary mention anyway)?

    • BJ

      She so desperately wants to shine and thinks aggressive (read yelling) is the way to be taken seriously.
      Or she believes her way is the best way and gets all choked up and emotional because no-one else see’s it.

      • dianne65

        Jacinda Ardern, thinks she is marvellous. She seems to think if she puts on a long face, it will look intelligent. All her questions are from news out of the paper. She is out of her depth in the Welfare Portfolio.

        • horse walks into a bar

          barman asks why the long face

          • Bunswalla

            Blonde walks into a bar. You’d think she would have seen it.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Man walks into a bar. And went ooopfff! Because it was an iron bar…

            Les Dawson, Jokers Wild
            badaa boom!

          • dianne65


    • Troy

      Because the bitch is being mentored by Clark and her lover Heather and have been for quite some time. Ardern is the daughter Clark never had just like Hughes was the son she never had – look what happened to him. Chances of seeing Ardern running naked into the street?

      • Ah man… why did you put that image in my head?

  • Some labour MPs are positively sulking today. Darien Fenton was writing tweets like a mopey teenager. Look slike they need new blood. The old hags have been there, done that and really can no longer find the energy.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I think I will form my opinions from the IMF (which labour have quoted in support of their plans, in the past). Not a financial/economic illiterate like fenton!!!

      • parorchestia

        But the IMF are a pack of wankers in not recognising the considerable achievements that we, under National’s sensible management, have achieved. God help us if the Greebours get into power. Sacks of money anyone? One way tickets? Invisible videos?

    • In Vino Veritas

      Darien Fenton was one of the Labour MP’s that left NZ with a permanent structural deficit (and she claims she’s proud of it) when that party lost the 2008 election. Now she has the affront to make comments about budget given by an MP that is a member of a party that has dug this country out of the shit, whilst pretty much protecting the most vunerable.
      I don’t often resort to personal abuse, but what an ignorant bitch.

      • dianne65

        Agree 100%.

    • unsol

      God they are so juvenile. They aren’t a fighting opposition, they are a bunch of spoilt brats playing in a sandpit.

      Really pisses me off that these bludging wastrels are getting paid (on the back of those slogging their guts out) to write shit like this.

      Screw democracy. I want a dictatorship. I mean it Cameron – quit the blog & take these bastards on.

      • grumpy

        Yeah, but Cameron is having a bit of an “identity crisis” at present. Depends on which Cameron you get.

        • Please elaborate. Sounds exciting.

          • grumpy

            Well…….it’s either “Lefty” Cam putting the boot into National politicians, pushing gay marriage, and attacking farmers.

            Or, the “Right” Cam putting the boot into Sheep,other Labour politicians, Greenies etc.

            Once, we knew what we were getting, now we just wait to see what turns up. Who would have thought that today we would have an attack on that “nice Mr Guy”.

          • I truly don’t understand why you/people feel he should have a consistent position on the political spectrum. What’s wrong with having a position on an issue-by-issue basis?

          • grumpy

            If he was consistently inconsistent that would be one thing. Take this Nathan Guy thing. It appears Nathan was correct but has been accused by WO of “lying” – where does that come from?

          • You’re getting ahead of the argument. First you need to tell me why Cam is wrong, and then we can discuss where it may have “come from”.

          • grumpy

            It’s sorted on another thread.

          • So I see.

          • In Vino Veritas

            I don’t think many have an issue with the Whale having a view on various things. If a Nat steps out of line he deserves to be castigated like any Labour or Greens nob that does the same. The only good thing is that Labour and Green folk tend to do it more often given that they want to dumb the country down and destroy the rules of private property in NZ. If you don’t agree with him, debate him. But always remembering rule numbers 1 & 2.

        • johnbronkhorst

          I hear that two out of every one person is schizophrenic.

          • I used to be schizophrenic, but now we’re both ok.

            *boom boom TISH *

    • sheppy

      Dreaming about the budget? What a fulfilled life she must lead

    • LesleyNZ

      Well her voice doesn’t sound that good. Imagine having to dream about the budget………………

    • Sponge

      The idea of that revolting old crow in bed has put me off my lunch.

      • Ian

        Diseased dogs would be more attractive!

        • Sponge

          And look better…

  • LesleyNZ

    Nothing wrong with speaking nicely and clearly. Nasty alright. Let’s hear her voice.

    • parorchestia

      Let’s not.

    • Jimbob

      No, actually lets not.

    • boristhefrog

      Please gawd no…….!

    • unsol

      Here you go – eat your heart out.

      • grumpy

        By cripes Unsol……..there’s more to you than meets the eye – eh?

      • Ian

        She is not only evil, but extremely unattractive . . . is she another dyke?

        • unsol

          A lesbian? Irrelevant. There is plenty of very in attractive straight people.

          • Ian

            Nothing as vile as a fat, hairy-legged, garlic breathed, bull dyke.

          • unsol

            No. Nothing more vile than a hypocrite; you better be a hottie Ian.

  • tarkwin

    The only reason Sue Moroney exists is to make Sue Bradford look good.

    • nothing on the face of this planet could achieve that

      • tarkwin

        You and I know that Harry. Socialists wear rose tinted glasses to stop them from turning to stone if they look at either of these two or most of the Green Party.

  • Lion_ess

    Clearly she needs to read Cam’s post on politicians and social media. On the other hand, it’s better she continues to “out” herself as the intellectual midget, she surely is.

    • unsol

      Intellectual midget – briliant!

    • Bad__Cat

      Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

      Napoleon Bonaparte

      • Lion_ess

        Very true that, Bat_Cat.

  • thor42

    The fact that obnoxious people like Moroney and Fenton are still in Labour shows that Labour did *no* self-analysis after their election loss in 2011.
    Those two are perfect examples of Labour’s patronising “we know best” attitude, exemplified by their anti-charter-school policy. Labour will never change, no matter how many electoral thumpings lie in wait for them over the next few decades.

    The day that Labour does some serious self-analysis and self-criticism will be the day that unicorns fly over rainbows.

    • Patrick

      They cannot get rid of the likes of Fenton – she was put there by SFWU, it is the unions that control Labour.

      • Ian

        The party is run by dykes, pooftars, and unionists . . . time to face reality.

  • High_Tory

    The Waikato paper ran an opinion poll just before the last election about Hamilton West and it was very accurate for both party vote and electorate vote figures.
    From memory I think it was published the Tuesday before the election.
    The funny thing about it was that Tim McIndoe had a 92% name recognition whereas Moron was at 24%, even funnier was that 58% did not realise (when prompted by the questioner) that Moron was not only a sitting MP but had been for several years!
    Talk about a waste of space.

  • Patrick

    Elocution lessons from Mr Cunliffe, then the whole house can do the “white guy doing bro talk” accent.

    More of Cullen’s “rich pricks” envy – the old class warriors are still there, still jealous because someone else has something they think they deserve. Communism at its’ most dangerous, those with wealth, property or education must have stolen from the masses. Next up will be public show trials to humiliate them, find them guilty & send them to the rural areas to work in the fields growing crops for the needy. Wait for the left to announce a Chairman Mao great leap forward.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Word on the street is people think Sure Moron will be a good Minister in Sheep’s cabinet. I don’t see any issues here….

  • rockape

    The sooner voters realise that the only thing that matters to Labour is their Union Paymasters. There are not very many of them left so dont think ,if you ever did, that Labour are for the people. They are only for themselves and the unions.