The pure folly of windfarms


The tide has turned on the desire for touchy feely green energy.

The climate bed-wetters are being discredited, as are their darling windfarms.

Is this really the future?

Wind farm companies operating in Scotland were paid more than £1 million to shut down their turbines for a single day last month, it has emerged.

A total of £1,146,614 was handed out to the operators of 13 Scottish wind farms, including almost £300,000 for a development built on land owned by the Duke of Roxburghe. 

The money, which ultimately comes from electricity consumers’ bills, was given to wind farm companies to compensate them for not producing power during periods of high generation and low demand.

This can happen when it is too windy so as not to overload the National Grid. Anti-wind farm campaigners fear the payments will only increase thanks to Alex Salmond’s drive for a large expansion in the number of turbines north of the Border.

According to figures provided by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), a charity that publishes information on the energy sector, more than £1 million in such “constraint payments” were paid out on April 29.

The largest sum paid out on that date was £348,349, which was to shut off the Crystal Rig II wind farm operated by energy company Fred Olsen in East Lothian.

Hands up who wants to pay for this nonsense.


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  • Andy

    Hey my favorite subject. I even have my own tumblr site full of birdchopper pics

  • They do make for spectacular footage when they fail, though.

  • Andy

    Of course the Greens want these to carpet our land too, and want cheaper power for everyone at the same time. Ring 0800 TOOTHFAIRY

  • Murray White

    They are bird mincers elsewhere , what about here , anyone know?

    • Andy

      Not sure, but if they are placed on ridges then soaring birds such as Falcon and Hawks will be attracted to the site. I know the proposed Mt Cass site in North Canterbury has some nesting Falcons in the area

  • they dont make em like they used too

  • BJ

    No constraint payments should be paid, up to the equivalent amount that they have received in subsidies. Then with any luck the resultant lack of liquidity may mean maintenance doesn’t happen and in turn turbines fall in to disrepair and eventual failure so they can rid themselves of these blots on the landscape.

  • flashman

    Roads, bridges, pylons, power poles, over ground pipes and all manner of infrastructure sometimes fail. That desn’t make them a bad idea in the first place.

    And you think wind turbines are unsightly? Next time you’re walking down a suburban street, try this. Look upwards, and note how much ugly infrastructre there is cluttering our steetscape. Overhead power and phone cables for instance – ever noticed just how much of that crap there is surrounding you? We don’t notice the things we’re used to, and we protest about what’s new.