This is what Len Brown’s 2.9% looks like

An email from a reader regarding my earlier post about Len Brown’s rates demands:

Hi Cam,

Like your father Im capped at a 10% increase.  The last payment for the year is about to come out, I can only presume that I will go up by another 10% with the next rates invoice.


Full Rates Demand (Personal Details Redacted) 


Don;t you just love the wording of that increase. What happens after the end of the transition period?

Len Brown is misleading everyone when he speaks in averages. It is obvious that massive rates demands are going out there and with two more such demands before the elections this is only going to get worse for Len.


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  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt.

    ….. and so are his advisors.

  • Ba-da-boom. Len Brown’s utterances on rate increases are about as reliable as his memory of South Auckland Italian restaurant meals.

  • maninblack

    do dah do dah

  • sheppy

    Does anyone know what the waste water increases are yet? Nice sneaky stealth tax for anyone that had it included on the rates before the supercity rate rises!

    • Phill

      But..but…Len says he has kept up the same level of services…surely you must be mistaken…(Sarc)

  • cows4me

    The world’s most liveable city, ha ha,, more like the world’s most unaffordable city.

    • Dave

      “The world’s most liveable city” because they pay len and his cronnies a very LIVABLE salary and heaps of perks.

    • Mr_Blobby

      “The world’s most livable city” Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it some PR guru probably got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for thing that up. They for got the definition for what the Worlds most livable city should look like or hoe to measure our progress towards this lofty goal. Never mind the PR guru probably has a consultant that can produce a report saying we are the Worlds most livable city, for a fee of hundreds of thousands of dollars problem solved. Just replace most expensive with most livable.

  • Ian

    If ratepayers only, had the vote in local body elections, imbeciles such as Brown, would never get elected. Take a look at his voting base, and that of the other Labour/Green losers, they are predominantly from non-ratepaying areas. Don’t try and tell me those renting pay a portion of rates, this is spin from the bludgers; they don’t pay maintenance costs, repairs, insurances, wear depreciation because of bad tenants, put up with shit from the bureaucrat-run Tribunal. We have two rentals left and will be glad to see the arse end of them and the crap that inhabits theml.

    • John Q Public

      When I rented, I’m pretty certain my landlord wasn’t shouting me the rates, repair or maintenance on the place. Sounds like you need to a) get a good property manager- I can give you the number of one- or b) sell now while the market is up as clearly it’s getting too emotional for you, which is what an investment shouldn’t be.

      • Ian

        I have sold a number already and have gone into commercial, no bloody tribunal or loser tenants.

  • Mr_Blobby

    No his fucking advisers, the troughing career bureaucrats, who really run the show, will be there long after he is yesterdays man.

    Our elected officials have been captured and controlled by their advisers like puppets.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Len brown…..the only mammal with a forked tongue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rat

    What does box E mean ?

    And that notice says there is $2,109.03 to pay..NOT $2,147.23