Time for a change?


I currently have an iPhone 4…it is nearly time to renew it.

I have also recently become very, very annoyed with Vodafone. I spend a not inconsequential sum of money with them and the last few customer service interactions have been less than desirable.

I also find their network coverage annoying with regular drop outs of service in spots there shouldn’t ever be. So should I stay or should I go…I certainly don’t feel like a wanted customer. 

So time for change…first up what sort of phone?


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Now which carrier?


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Reasoning and rationale in the comments please.


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  • Michael

    If you think the voda homies are bad, wait untio you experience 2 degrees.

    • Bunswalla

      Plus I believe they use the same network as Vodafone, so coverage should be identical.

      Although I have a Vodafone iPhone5 (on contract for another 18 months) I voted for and would recommend a Galaxy S4 on a Telecom network.

      • Michael

        They have their own network, they just sub let the Vodafone network where they have no coverage – outside the main urban centres mainly.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Propitious timing whale, I’m in the same boat. The comments will be most interesting

    • Tom


      • Jman

        thirded. I would have put the Sony Xperia Z as one of the options there. Thats what Im thinking of getting.

  • sheppy

    We’ve got 2 iphone 5’s one on 2degrees and one on Telecom. Once you get outside Auckland 2degrees drops onto Vodafail and the data slows right down. Coverage is slightly better on Telecom although we’ve been to places outside Auckland when Telecom has no coverage and 2Degrees / Vodafail has although usually Telecom is better. With the iPhones you can share data between them so having one on each network makes sense.
    Customer service has been better with 2degrees although fortunately we don’t need to call either often.
    Hope this helps

  • Steve R

    Ive had a Iphone since the 3 . Ive now got a 4 and nothing about the 4s or 5 has made me want to change . My favorite was the 3g as I liked the curved / rounded shape .
    As for provider Im currently with 2degrees . Ive been with both the others and have had no issues with customer services . However its a bitch to get 3g coverage when your out of their coverage area . The phone shows me on vodafones 3g network but it wont work . Ive taken the phone in twice now and each time the adjust the programmimg and still it wont work .
    Thinking of moving back to telecom but cant be arsed with the hassell . Last time i was with them every call to customer services took about 50 mins .

    • sheppy

      You need to go into the settings and add “internet” in lower case to the APN field. Without that data doesn’t work when the phone drops from 2degrees onto Vodafail

  • LesleyNZ

    Samsung are good value. Depends what you want your phone for I guess. Have always had excellent service from Vodafone and they pay the $15.00 for Mysky because everything is with Vodafone. Drop outs often happen because of interference – could the same happen with Telecom?

  • Orange

    Yes Vodafone are idiots on the help line – they stick to what they’ve been told to say – but the interactions do get back to the people making decisions. So one or two months after a problem with charges, boom, the whole plan system changes to fix it.

    S4 – Samsung make everyones technology nowadays. So no point in getting a hand-me-down old samsung tech in an iphone on an itsy bitsy screen.

    Get a TipX leather flip case.

  • Brabus

    I have a Sony Xperia Z on Telecom, absolutely brilliant. It also has the advantage of being water and dust proof which may come in handy being a hunter. It’s warranted to be submerged under a metre of water for 30 minutes, have had mine at the bottom of a bucket on several occasions. It is also blindingly quick. The S4 is a fine piece of kit but it’s not the only option.

    • Stuart4

      Seconded. I have the Sony Xperia Acro S, which is a model before the Z and I have had no issues. The waterproofing also means it comes with a nice charging dock rather than plugging something in. I dropped it from 1m onto stone tiles and the case came loose a little, I clicked it back into place and have had no issues, its still waterproof.

    • AzaleaB

      I also have the Sony Xperia Z but on Vodafone ( client of mine so not a good look to go to the opposition). Best phone I have had and I have had pretty much every brand over the years. Previous mobile was Samsung Galaxy but the speed and easy navigation of the Sony layout is superior. Great for business and the super crisp screen makes reading WOBH a pleasure. As a news junkie, I wanted brilliant clarity I could read in any light without reflection or glare being an issue. Micro SD also good.

  • S4 telecom, import Samsung mobile dock (turns phone into PC)
    Next question

  • Never in the dark…..

    If going with Android the HTC ‘One’ may be a better choice. That said their HTC ‘8X’ seems to be a good option for for a Windows phone.

    Before shooting down the HTC options, go have a look. My ‘plan’ is up for renewal next month and I was quite set on the S4 until I saw the ‘One’ phone.

    The Cupertino offerings don’t even interest me.

  • Travis Poulson

    Samsung Galaxy Note II on Telecom, haven’t had any trouble with them yet. If the Note II is too big then the S4. Can’t go wrong with HTC either, the One X is a bit more robust and better performing than the Samsung, there’s enough comparison reviews out there to back it up.

  • williamabong

    Just changed to Windows phone HTC 8S after using Nokia android phones for a long time, totally amazing, so simple, definitely worth a look.
    As to provider, Telecom by default, being in the sticks limits the choices, but learning Cantonese will make dealing with their helpline much easier, and being a patient perspon will certainly help, unless you like an hour of elevator music.

    • Mike

      Why Cantonese, their helpdesk is in the Phillipines?

  • Liberty

    The most important thing about a phone is the reception.
    Have a older iphone and reception is crap and that is being
    So who makes the best receiving Phone?

    • Travis Poulson

      That would be impossible to gauge without taking several different kinds of phones with everywhere you go all week. I work in places where the coverage is a bit dodgy at times, and I must say that the Galaxy Note II leaves my HTC Sensation for dead in that respect. I often had to connect to my portable wifi modem to be able to have a data connection.

      • James Stephenson

        I moved to the 5 from a 3 and it’s much much better than the 3 for reception – still showing 3 “bars” when the 3 has lost signal. Completely concur about the shape though.

        Voda gives me the same issues as Cam mentions, but their new 4G in Auckland is reputedly very good, although I haven’t got upgraded yet

    • gander

      @Liberty: So who makes the best receiving Phone?

      Motorola, try the Defy or Defy+. Don’t know about the Defy Mini.

      I’m in a dead spot for reception (absolutely nothing for Telecom, a weak signal for Vodafone in just a few spots in the house), and the Defy still gets 3 bars in the right places in the house. My RAZR i is close behind. Forget Samsung, HTC and LG.

  • LesleyNZ

    I heard that iphone use Samsung parts in their iphones. Is this true?

    • Apple does not manufacture anything. It is subcontracted to Foxconn. Foxconn assembles iPhones from components which include memory (manufactured by Samsung) processors (manufactured by Samsung) and displays (manufactured by Samsung). The difference between Apple and Samsung? Samsung actually MAKES stuff. Apple just designs stuff that looks cool for consumer appeal, and oh-boy is it (or is that WAS IT?) good at that.

  • Mrbadger

    I phone 4 if you can still get them on the telecom network. Coverage is brilliant

    • Pissedoffyouth

      He’s trying to get off a iPhone 4, did you even read the post?

      • Mrbadger

        The title of the post was ” time for a change – question mark” the supposition being that it might also not be a change. So don’t get all picky, and yes I did read the post.

  • James

    I need a new phone but am waiting until the iPhone 5S comes out before deciding whether to go Galaxy S4 or stick with the iPhone.

    But Telecom is the way to go network-wise.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Don’t care, I use my phone extensively for…….Wait for it….making and receiving ……PHONE CALLS…NO text, no email, no twitter, no face book, no web…these things are available on my phone but I never use them. So again who cares!
    Reminds me of a skit on TV in the 70’s (forget who)
    One guy says to another…I got one of these new digital watches,
    the other guy say’s ..what’s it like?
    He rattles of a list of things it does……Tells you the date, you horoscope, phases of the moon, has a stop watch, waterproof to 50m, calendar, appointment reminder….etc etc
    The other guy says WOW….what’s the time.
    He says…OH I don’t know …I couldn’t afford that option!!!

    • I’m the exact opposite. I use my smartphone as an Internet connected computer, and things like phone calls are to be avoided at all cost.

      • johnbronkhorst

        The personal touch (talking) seems to work extremely well with my customers. I find text, email, etc too impersonal and you can’t get a FEELING for what the customer is really thinking.
        That’s why I also hand write Christmas card (takes ages) instead of the easy way of downloading from the internet, or getting them printed.
        THE PERSONAL TOUCH. After all companies don’t sell products to companies….people buy from PEOPLE!!!

        • I’m in a reverse situation. Unless I triage who gets to talk to me, I’ll never get a productive thing done. My time needs protecting so it is allocated to the correct people.

          • johnbronkhorst

            Business expansion often means ..you cannot identify who “the right people” are. My next call could be the one that adds an extra couple of zero’s onto my profits!

          • I’ve zeroes aplenty on my bottom line, I need someone to help out with shifting the decimal point.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I’m with you John. My new prepaid plan is cheaper than texting. Also no voice mail, if I’m not available, using caller ID, will call them back or they will call back.

  • WayneO

    iPhone lost me the second they changed the charging port on the iPhone 5. There was no real reason to do this apart from a cynical move to force you to buy new accessories (that only appple had) and throw your old ones away. I might try a windows phone next as I assume the integration with my PC would be seamless and usability/convenience is a big purchasing decision for me. As long as it has an industry standard mini USB port!

    2 degrees runs on vodafones network at throttled speed when roaming I believe.

  • whiskysour

    Windows phone – Lumia 900 – on Vodafone. Love the phone and windows.

  • Bad__Cat

    Last year, in Northland, the outfit Was working for got a cheaper deal from Telecom. Then had to give those of us who travelled Vodaphone mobiles as the Telecom coverage was so crap.

  • Doug Sommerville

    If going the android route (which is my recommendation) then I would really advise getting a nexus device. These are phones specced by google and they receive a software update as soon as there is one released. Other phones like the s4 have a modified version of android on them which the manufacturers are reluctant to spend money on modifying once android updates are released. My nexus has only gotten better over time whereas most phones slowly go backwards. The current nexus device is the Nexus 4 which is made by LG, however google have announced they will be selling the s4 in a nexus software configuration, but this may take a while to be available here. The benefit of the s4 is that it has LTE (4g).
    I think two degrees are the only ones selling the nexus 4 but you could run it on any network obviously.

    • I agree that the Nexus range is the way to go if you want a great Android phone to rival an iPhone.

      I have a Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet and they are both beautiful examples of cutting-edge tech. They are official Google branded devices and they don’t have any of the garish add-ons you get with the other brands.

      My Nexus 4 phone runs on Telecom’s XT network and if I wanted to run it on another network I can, I would just need to swap out the micro-sim. I bought it unlocked and contract free from mobicity.com

  • NZ Groover

    If you use mobile data a lot, Telecom wins hands down. Best data coverage by far.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Dumped Vodashit years ago. Had a brilliant plan Vodafone to Vodafone minutes, perfect. then number transportability came along and started getting big bills for calling what was once a Vodafone number. Rang them up and complained, spoke with a call center in Egypt, told to txt number to see if it was still on the network before calling it, what a load of shit. Asked about distinctive ringing as used in other countries, told not technically possible in NZ, despite the Egyptian call center worker confirming it was available there, in Egypt. Decided the best option was to move on, asked to have my plan changed to cheapest plan they had, not possible had to go in store. Went in store, wanted me to sign up to a contract, told them not happy with a contract, they said not possible to go casual. So changed tack decided to go prepaid , told not possible had to call call center. Called call center said wanted to go on prepaid, told yes I can, why did I want to change, told story, they said no problem we can put you on plan with no contract.

    To late had already moved.

    Now I have a casual prepaid phone with 200 anytime,to any network minutes, for $19 a month. Never looked back. Still get the odd amusing call from vodashit trying to get me back on a plan.

  • Tigger NZ

    I’d hang on to the iPhone 4 for another year. Apple’s products are in steady decline since Steve Jobs passed, and the Samsung’s not quite there yet.

    • “the Samsung’s not quite there yet.”

      That made me laugh.

      I really don’t want to start a war, but (but?), it just reflects that we all have different expectations that different brands and handsets fit into.

    • History of Violence

      Ok hang on to 3 gen old iphone soon to 4 gens old, WO will like dat, that’s why he’s asking advice dont think he looking for another year with the infamous i4
      Apple products in steady decline, yeah right that’s why you have old one since they have declined so much.
      Samsung not their yet? Have ou actually played with a S4 how is it not their yet.
      What colours the sky in your world? I think your 3 bars short of a signal

  • metalnwood

    After 17 years with vodafone/bellsouth I moved to telecom a few years ago with my 3gs. Better ever since. Mostly reception was my issue with vodafone.

    As a 17 year long customer paying anywhere from 100-250 a month I was surprised that they did not try and do anything to keep me around when I hinted I would go. I never had issues I needed to call them about, similar with telecom but my reception is better and I get good speed at my camping sites for 3g.

  • Coincidentally I was shopping at Silvia Park today and there was a big Samsung tent filled with their gear…I must say I was impressed. popped into JB Hifi and DSE as well and the Sony shop…choices are narrowing down…even for a replacement ipad…hmmm

  • Mark D

    I’m in the same space with looking to replace my iPhone 3G and being feed up with Vodafone’s coverage, particularly with data speeds.
    My pick would be a Nokia 920 windows phone, I think that’s the best phone out there. However I’ve got some apps I need that are particular to the iPhone so I may end up with an iPhone 5, but I’ll look to change networks anyway.

  • Dave

    a colleague who is a phone tech-head has just got a Nexus 5 he rates it the best phone ever, replaced his almost new iphone 5. its very impressive, but i’m not ready to give up my old iphone4 yet suggest you look at the Nexus WO

  • surfisup

    I dumped vodafone a while back. I’d get the most annoying dropouts requiring phone restarts.

    Since changing to telecom, I’ve never had to restart my phone and coverage is way better.

  • Peterkar

    Angling for a freebie?

  • OT Richter

    Here you go – 10 reasons why an S4 is better than an iphone: