Time for a congestion charge on parking photos

Another big dump, so to speak, in an effort to catch up.

Hi Cam

Hope all is well

Had to capture this shot, arrived iin Queenstown afternoon yesterday, walked out for dinner and spotted this parking outside the Police Station…

I had not WO Parking Ticket on me, dam it all

Gotta love it..

Be well

Parking in Queenstown outside Police Station

not only has this guy left his back end hanging over the road but he is also blocking in a car parked in a mobility space….Catalina Cafe, Hobsonville, Auckland


I guess its a case of “Its raining why should I get wet”

Not even straight !!!!

Taken at Scabro tennis center.



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  • blokeintakapuna

    haha Just been out running a few chores, needing to stop at several places… and because of the Whale Army being out in force – I damn well made sure I wasn’t parked like a munter and parked perfectly legal, straight and “perfect” – which hasn’t always been the case, when you got a large-ish 4WD…

    • I parked at an angle last week. A lady comes up to me and says “You haven’t left the other car much room, you might want to move your car”. I looked and I was rather diagonal in my parking spot. But there was enough room, at least 70 cm at the narrowest gap – more for the door to open. “I’ll leave it and I’ll try to live with that decision”, I said, as I walked away. The lady looked quite disgusted with me. To be honest, I was just waiting for fate to result in my car ending up on Whaleoil, but I somehow managed to luck it.

      • unsol

        That lady was me….kidding :-)

        • *** phew ***

          • unsol

            Good response to the lady too btw – I’m a parking nazi, but so long as you don’t obstruct another person’s ability to use their park properly then I can’t see the issue.

    • unsol

      Straight should be easy & a given if you have a license (I’m a driving nazi), but large cars often means that you end up taking up most of the park which is a planning issue. Take today, I had to park in a loading zone to do some shopping as the car park area is in the process of being upgraded so there was no way I was going to be able to get out if I parked in there as the gap between rows of car parks was smaller than the length of our car. Sometimes there is a reasonable explanation – which these photos often miss and if you bring them up you are an “apologist”.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I need to be carefull, my car has a WhaleOil “Keeping the Buggers Honest” sticker on the bumper.
    Imagine the shame of being busted!

  • P1LL

    Someone send a braver man than I am to the Whangarei warehouse parking lot to take pictures. It would blow your mind to see how bad the parking is.