Today’s Trivia


In 2005, a chinese man named Zhao Liqun found that he could still buy lottery tickets within a 5-min window after the winning numbers were announced. Through this loophole he won over $4 million. Chinese authorities discovered the loophole and, in 2007, he was sentenced to life for fraud. (source)


The annoying bits of debris that you can’t sweep into the dust pan is called “Frust” (source)


The Germans claimed that the Americans were committing war crimes during WWI due to their use of the Model 1897 shotgun to effectively clear trenches. (source)


The first youth hostel, established to protect travelers from bandits, has been operating in the Swiss alps for 1,200 years. (source)


Sperm whales get their name from a waxy oil substance found in their head cavities. (source)




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