Today’s trivia



Over 100 Doctor Who episodes were “taped over” by the BBC after airing and are likely lost forever, unless recorded on VHS, which was a rarer technology at that time. (source)


A lonely, deformed dolphin was adopted by a family of sperm whales. (source)


The almond is not a nut, but in fact a member of the peach family. (source)


A Trident Missile has the ability to fly in a GPS-denied environment by Star-Sighting navigation. (source)


China didn’t have fortune cookies until introduced 1993 and sold as “genuine American fortune cookies”. (source)




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  • Michael

    Knew about the Chinese Fortune Cookie – they were introduced in San Francisco first.

    And it’s not just Doctor Who episodes lost by over taping. To avoid the expense of buying new stock, the BBC would over tape many programmes once aired. So many classic BBC programmes have been lost forever.

    • Tom

      Talking of ‘taping over’, just ask the US if they still have plans and details for Saturn V..

    • johnbronkhorst

      Maybe that’s what happened to shearer’s GCSB tapes?