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via flavorwire

via flavorwire

Some women used to douche with Coca-Cola after sex as a means of preventing pregnancy.  A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that Diet Coke is a more potent spermicide than regular Coke. (source)


Prisons in Brazil offer their inmates the chance to reduce their prison sentence by four days (up to a maximum of 48 days per year) for every book they read and write a report on. (source)


The bomb squad in Bristol, UK once blew up a suspicious box which contained leaflets on what to do if you find a suspicious package. (source)


During Napoleon Bonaparte’s autopsy, his penis was removed and has since exchanged hands a number of times. It was last inherited by a New Jersey woman who’s father kept it in a suitcase under his bed for 30 years. (source)


The “most succinct” world in any language is “mamihlapinatapai” and means the “unspoken and private moments shared in public where each party is fully aware of what the other is non-verbally expressing but is otherwise unwilling to vocally suggest or offer the thought.”  It is also cited in books and articles on game theory associated with the volunteer’s dilemma. (source, source)




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  • trisha

    before the coca cola

    ‘ 3. Beaver testicles: For centuries, some Canadian women have been “leaving it to beaver” to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In earlier times, these women brewed tea with beaver testicles, whereas in later times, they opted to drink “beavertinis”—a mixture of grain alcohol and dried beaver testicles. I don’t know of any scientific studies testing the contraceptive qualities of these drinks, but my guess is that the only way they might prevent pregnancy is either by making you sick or by tasting so rancid that they kill the mood.’
    Maybe NZ can do their own unwanted pregnancy kit.
    Opossum testicles dried and made into a tea with manuka honey taken daily or
    Jack Daniels and dried opossum testicles made into a tincture taken daily
    No body will go any where near you smelling like that.