Today’s Trivia

via Rolling Stone

via Rolling Stone

Actor Ashton Kutcher tried Steve Jobs’ diet when getting into character for the JOBS movie and ended up in the Hospital because it messed up his pancreas. Steve Jobs died of Pancreatic Cancer. (source)


There is a gang of Serbian thieves named The Pink Panthers who have pulled off Mission Impossible styled heists netting over EUR 300 Million in jewels. Their leader, Dragan Mikic, escaped prison by scaling a wall while the Pink Panthers shot at guards with machine guns. (source)


In WWII, the Japanese navy had submersible aircraft carriers. These carriers were able to carry aircraft underwater to their destinations, surface, launch their planes, then quickly dive again before they were discovered. (source)


There is a large area over Brazil where the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened, it is so large that NASA powers down it’s satellites when passing over. It is a known hazard for spacecraft because it creates a dip in the field, allowing charged particles into the orbit of satellites and upsetting their electronics and instrumentation. (source)


James Bond was modeled after a real spy named Wilfrid “Biffy” Dunderdale – MI6’s man in Paris, he was also friends with Ian Flemming and it appears that several of Dunderdale’s stories ended up in Flemming’s books. (source)




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  • Hazards001

    The book even tells the story of how Dutch MI6 agent, Peter Tazelaar,
    landed ashore on a beach near a casino at Schevening, The Hague, at 4.35
    am on November 23rd 1940. He was dressed in a special rubber suit,
    which he then proceeded to strip off, revealing full evening dress.

    Cough cough llshit cough

    • “several of Dunderdale’s stories”

      Stories. Doesn’t mean they had to be true.

      One way or the other, the franchise is going great guns.

      • Hazards001

        the 001 is intentional Pete

        • What is your license for then?

          • Hazards001

            Licensed to Thrill ROFLMFAO…as if!