Today’s Trivia



The Netherlands are getting glow in the dark roads in a few months. (source)


Two Roman dams in Spain (the Proserpina and Cornalvo dams) are still in use after 1900 years (source)


Dead ants emit a chemical that tells other ants to move the body to a sort of burial ground. If this chemical is sprayed on a live ant, other ants will treat it as a dead ant, regardless of what the live/dead ant does. (source)


Israel bought warships from France who then refused to release them. Israel then conducted an operation to steal the boats back from a French port and successfully sailed them to Israel. (source)


Because of the tiny size of the Vatican, all embassies to it are actually located in Italy. This includes Italy’s embassy to the Vatican, which is the only embassy in the world on its own nation’s soil. (source)




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  • Orange

    Warship story great read, thanks!

    • Jman

      Yes it’s a good example of how perfidious the French are.