Today’s Trivia



A man spent $20,000 cleaning a vacant city lot, until the city of Philadelphia threatened him with legal action unless he stopped. (source)


In Ethiopian legend, a goatherd named Kaldi discovered that when his goats ate a certain berry, they would start jumping around. He showed the berries to a holy man, who disapproved and threw them in a fire. The resulting smell enticed him to pull them out, and thus coffee was born. (source)


An Australian public transport authority (Metro Trains, Melbourne) made a music video to promote railway safety. The video was censored in Russia because it “contains a description of different ways of committing suicide”. (source)


An elderly woman was arrested after the remains of her dead husband were found by antiques experts on TV show “Cash in the Attic”. (source)


The first recorded firearms accident took place in Germany in 1515 when a man shot a prostitute in the chin while playing with a wheellock pistol — he had to pay her a pension for life. (source)




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  • Bob Prangnell

    Did you seriously just put in a trivia item from a site that says on it’s home page:

    “All stories are completely made up. If you believe anything on here is true, frankly we are amazed you managed to turn your computer on.”

    Skilled blogger eh? Heh.