Today’s Trivia



The man who once had the longest beard in the world died when he broke his neck after accidentally stepping on it. (source)


SIM cards contain a complete microcomputer, with a processor, RAM, EEPROM Storage and ROM with a built-in OS. (source)


There exists an 80 Million year old species made up entirely of females. They steal DNA from other organisms, mutating their own genes to absorb new traits. They can also survive 9 yrs of desiccation. (source)


There is a medical procedure called ‘fecal bacteriotherapy’ where human feces is shot up inside the nose. (source)


There are two related phenomenon of déjà vu with names: jamais vu and presque vu. Jamais vu is, for instance, when a word is repeated so much that it doesn’t seem like a word anymore, and presque vu is when a word is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t think of it. (source)




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