Today’s Trivia



Some Catholics urged Pope Clement VII to ban coffee, calling it “devil’s beverage”. After tasting the beverage, the Pope is said to have remarked that the drink was “… so delicious that it would be a sin to let only  non believers drink it”. (source)

If the current rate of smoking persists in China, smoking will kill 100 million of the 300 million of Chinese males now aged 0-29. (source)


The folklore of the indigenous people of Flores, Indonesia tells of short, hairy humanoids who spoke their own language. In 2003, archaeologists found fossils of dwarf humanoids on Flores — which were 13,000 years old. (source)


Guantanamo Bay has a McDonalds. (source)


No U.S. airline ranks in the Top 10 safest in the world – and only 2 are in top 25 safest. (source)




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  • John Q Public

    I’ve always thought Qantas is well overdue for a hoary prang. Hard to keep a perfect record in that business, especially over that many years.

    • LabTested

      I was on a Air NZ plane in LA a few years ago. they get towed in & out of the gate. we got backed into another plane. nackered the wing.

      Last year at Auckland, while departing on Air NZ we backed off the runway. we got stuck in the mud & had to offload

      • Lion_ess

        Air New Zealand made 2nd on list, so I guess a bit of mud doesn’t count.