Today’s Trivia



The first Victoria Cross was awarded to a 20 year old Ships Mate, for picking up a live shell that landed on the deck and throwing it overboard. He was promoted on the spot, rose to the rank of Rear Admiral and married the Captains daughter. (source)


A 20 year old female and a 23 year old male auctioned off their virginity. Her highest bidder bid $780 000, and his highest bidder bid only $3000 (source)


There was a man born with no depth perception, but while watching a 3D movie in a theatre, his brain “repaired” itself. (source)


The “Waffle House Index” is used to informally assess the damage of a storm including 3 levels to code for the number of Waffle Houses still open in the damaged area due to the restaurants’ reputation to stay open after disasters. (source)


Most bamboo species only flower once every several decades, the entire population flowering at once; and, when one variety flowers, the entire variety flowers at the same time the world over, regardless of location, climate, or any other known factors, for reasons scientists have yet to discern. (source)




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