Today’s Trivia



Stairwells in medieval castles curved very narrowly and clockwise. Attackers coming up the stairs had sword hands (right hand) against the interior curve of the wall and made it very difficult to swing their swords. Defenders had their sword hands on the outside wall giving much room to swing. (source)


Hydrangea flowers are a naturally occurring pH indicator, turning pink in basic soil and blue in acidic soil. (source)


Liberace never publicly admitted that he was homosexual, and on more than one occasion sued a publication for implying that he was. (source)


If the moon were to dissapear, the earth would take a new orbit around the sun, making a year up to 20 days longer. (source)


Indian citizens buy so much gold that the Indian government owns only 360 metric tons, while private gold holdings are estimated to be 15,000 metric tons and gold purchases have widened the country’s current account deficit to 5.4% of GDP. (source)




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  • P1LL

    I knew about the Hydrangea flowers , but the rest of them blew me away .

  • peterwn

    There is an anti-clockwise spiral stairwell in a building on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The prospective defender was left handed.