Today’s Trivia



In the book “Pasta Bible,” the author wrote the typo “Freshly Ground Black People” instead of “Freshly Ground Black Pepper” leading to the author having to reprint about 7,000 books costing about $20,000. (source)


There is a time capsule of sorts not intended to be opened until 8113 AD called the Crypt of Civilization. (source)


There exists a concept (originally, a building) called a Panopticon. A panopticon is a prison or other institution designed to allow 100% surveillance and observation. The term is now being used to describe government efforts to wiretap the entire internet. (source)


The guy who invented the sandwich (The Earl of Sandwich) was a Satan-Worshiper, and was attacked by a caped Baboon during one of the ceremonies. (source)


Stalin attempted to make a super army by cross breeding apes with humans. (source)




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  • GazzW

    When I spotted the headline to this post I thought that you must have been referring to David Fisher’s columns Cam.