Today’s Trivia


A former teacher named Mohan Kumar would befriend young women, have sex with them and convince them to take a “morning after pill”. Little did they know, the morning after pills were cyanide capsules made by him. He killed twenty women this way. (source)


The Egyptian tomb of Psusennes I was found completely intact and had treasures that rivaled the treasures found at Tutankhamen’s tomb, but almost nobody heard about the discovery because of WWII. (source)


Human breast milk contains sugars (oligosaccharides) intended to feed intestinal *bacteria*, rather than the infant itself. (source)


Blue M&M food dye reduces paralysis from secondary spinal injuries, such as swelling around the spinal cord and the effects of chemical surges around the the injury which kills off healthy and uninjured cells. The only notable side effect – it will turn you blue temporarily. (source)


There is a statue of a dragon in Poland that breathes actual fire on demand, when a text message is received. (source)



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