Two reasons to buy today’s Truth

TruthThere are two reasons why you should go and buy today’s Truth.

The first is that we reveal why it was that Labour attacked top cop Mike Bush in parliament:

ONE OF Auckland’s top cops has been boasting about having Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Bush sacked when his brother, Labour leader David Shearer, becomes Prime Minister.

Alan Shearer is the former Manurewa Area Police Commander and used to work under Bush during the years he spent as Counties Manukau district commander.

It is understood some bad blood exists between the pair after Bush removed him as Manurewa Area Commander into a new job at Counties Manukau where he is responsible for “planning and ending family violence” in South Auckland. …

A well-placed police source confirmed that Shearer had been “running his mouth off around town” about having Bush sacked once his brother David became Prime Minister.

“He’s been badmouthing Mike Bush. He is bitter and telling police officers in Counties Manukau that when his brother is Prime Minister he’s going to get Mike Bush,” the source told Truth.

“Alan Shearer is pissed off about being removed from his personal fiefdom in Manurewa and holds Bush responsible.”

Truth attempted to speak to Alan Shearer but he did not return calls. 

The second reason is our story about the complaint against Phil Goff breaking suppression orders to the Police.

POLICE HAVE been asked to prosecute Labour MP Phil Goff for allegedly breaching suppression orders relating to the death of a Kiwi soldier in Afghanistan.

Last week Goff appears to have broken the law by releasing pages from a suppressed Court of Inquiry report into the death of Corporal Doug Hughes which he claimed revealed “critical deficiencies in the training and deployment of Kiwi troops”.

In February, Coroner Gordon Matenga released his report into the April 2011 death of Hughes, ruling it was a suicide, and an inquest was not necessary.

All other details of the report were suppressed, “including the report of the Court of Inquiry, in the interests of justice and on the basis of personal privacy”.

On Friday Truth editor Cam Slater filed a formal complaint with police alleging Goff had breached suppression orders in the case. Slater – who has nine convictions for breaching suppression orders – wants Goff prosecuted.

I decided to go lay the complaint because of the bizarre public statements by Police who said that they weren’t investigating his breach of suppression orders because no complaint had been laid.

No complaint was ever laid against me but the Police managed to trot around to my house very early in the morning to summons me to the police station.

Labour politicians have a bad habit of breaking the law and thinking they can get away with it. If it was good enough for the Police to drop a ton of bricks on top of me for breaching suppression orders then it should be the same for Phil Goff.


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  • Pete George

    The Police know who I am – or is that “known to the Police”

  • I fully support you re Goff, Cam. It is important that everyone is treated equally and Goff was blatant and admitted his breaching of a court order.

    • kehua

      Anyone would think that Goff was an All Black.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Time ,already, to apply the Aaron Gilmore standard to behaviour?

  • Patrick

    Labour politicians have a bad habit of breaking the law and thinking they can get away with it

    Why wouldn’t they think they are immune to the law? Plenty of examples of the Police failing/refusing to pursue prosecutions under Clarke’s regime. Howard Broad was a Labour Party patsy. Policing suffered.

    • Ian

      They are able to transgress with impunity. For starters, Greg O’Connor the police union mug is obviously Labour through and through, and has some influence over the force; secondly, most public servants are so far left they make Sue Bradford appear a capitalist. Actually, Bradford doesn’t show the envy these leeches do.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Same greg O’Conner, that spent most of 2007 and all of 2008 lambasting the govt. (labour) over their police policies and then came out in support of auntie Helen at the 2008 election?

      • LesleyNZ

        No Greg O’Connor is not supportive of Labour or a mug. He supports his association members with great loyalty.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      They will easily get away Patrick. Nothing will come out of this. Goofy will walk away grinning end to end.

  • Dave

    Unfortunately they don’t sell truth over here, but every time im back in NZ, i manage to get one. Admiration for laying the complaint Cam, no doubt Slippery Snake Goff will slip out, perhaps if he does the injustice is another case in point to be highlighted.

    As to getting Bush sacked, there is little difference to that than the “Arrogant Gilmore” case. Just needs some statements and a text trail.

    Amazing how the SOFT Lefty repeaters don’t bother to write about anything that puts Liebour or their cohorts in a bad light.

    • BJ

      Must be time for online paid subscription for overseas readers.

      • Dave

        Would be very happy to pay for an online edition, boobs in a separate section though!

        • Muffin

          Online sub I would pay for as well… boobs in, no harm there

      • Lofty

        I would happily pay for an online subscription also.

        Any chance Cam?

        Like Dave I don’t need the titties section thanks.

      • grumpy

        me too…..

  • sheppy

    Well done for laying the complaint, either the law applies to all or to nobody in which case it should be repealed!

  • Jman

    Good on ya

  • tarkwin

    Aaron Shearer?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Yep another Sheep bro!!!! You never knew he existed eh?

      • tarkwin

        What the flock!

  • Ian

    If you need any donations to finance your case please notify me.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whale – I salute you. People like you made me proud to be a Kiwi. You stand for justice. But as you know at the end your case against Uncle Goofy will end as Sheep’s enthusiasm after summer – in the dust bin as there won’t be enough evidence to prosecute Goofy. Nobody can touch Labour politicians in this country. They can do anything and get away easily.

  • Agent BallSack

    Awesome stuff Cam, can’t wait to see Goof convicted for breaking the law.

    • Muffin

      pity they cant kick his ass out if he is convicted, mind you probably better keeping idiots like him in before the elections.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Now wait for the Senior Sheep to issue a statement to say, this is all manufactured by John Key and there is not an element of truth to this….the sheeps of this country will trust him. There is not a single line about this in any of the newspapers. Thanks to Truth, this came out.

  • unsol

    And now that you have given us the articles those two reasons have become none.

    Drop the porn & the trash (including the way infamous trash like “Mr Meth” are written about) & you will increase your readership; it’s one thing to put that kind of crap on a blog which we can easily ignore, but in a struggling newspaper that needs a profit – well, it can’t be both quality political commentary & porn so you need to make a choice.

    Just saying – your boys club will disagree, but most women wouldn’t.

    As for Goff – good stuff. Given the severity of his breach I hope he gets much more than a slap on the wrist.

    Criminal conviction would be fantastic… chance of working in the UN then! (ooh & would he lose his post parliament benefits? One would hope so).

    • Lofty

      I don’t disagree unsol.

      • unsol


    • GregM

      That’s exactly how he is going to get away with. One of our soft cock judges will decide that the consequences of a conviction outweigh the offense.
      He bloody should be convicted, same as the rest of us would .

      • unsol

        Well maybe we need to do something radical & protest.

        Damn having jobs, lives & respect for local business operators who don’t want hoards of people outside the jobs screaming all day with nonsensical placards!

    • Dave

      I dont disagree with the political / Goff issues, but the Truth has a reader base, and a position in the market. Dropping the Boobs and so called trash would probably need to be phased out over a period of time, then there is also a thing called self censorship, just drop that section. Truth has become a serious commentary, current event and political newspaper under Cam’s leadership, I like what I see, but it will take time to change the revenue base, if ever.

      Here in Aussie, I bypass the pages with the hookers and sex shops, yes, even the Brisbane times and SMH has those sections as well Unsol, and the sunday papers have even more porn and trash. Most simply turn the pages.

      • grumpy

        how about slightly smaller boobs each week and that way they would be phased out without us knowing.
        Mind you, you would need to start off with bloody big ones.

        • Dave

          Require less ink too Grumpy…… So the 6 month phase out (for Unsol) DD this month, ……A in December, January, well……..

          • Travis Poulson

            January begin the phasing out all over again.

      • unsol

        Not much of a readership – 16,000 copies per issue. There is far more people who read this blog.

        He has been in charge since November – 6 months is ample time to have phased the porn out.

        • Dave

          You cant simply come into a new organization one month and turn it on its head the following month, firstly the new leader needs to build the “mana” with the stakeholders to make the change, and then execute the strategy. The one exception to that is it is a dying organization, and major surgery is needed just to survive. Perhaps Unsol, the shareholders / stakeholders WANT to keep the boobs, and from memory, the circulation was between 12-14K per issue, if so, WELL DONE CAM.

          • unsol

            Your memory is wrong as is your comment.

            For a guy who claims to not want or care for the porn you certainly seem to be going all out to defend it.

            The readership is negligible & unless it proves itself as a credible news medium it will die. And where will the shareholders be then? This is even more pertinent given that everything is online these days – newspapers everywhere are struggling to survive & it was to go online only well, what’s the point? It would be competing with this blog.

            Gain only comes from a bit of sacrifice. The porn & trash has to go or it will continue be the laughing stock (few take it seriously – they just want the cheap porn as at $2 or whatever it is it’s a great buy for a little fix).

            And make no mistake – there is plenty of negative commentary about this blog & the porn/trash it indulges in too; given nothing tends to last forever & the fact there is always some newer, younger with fresh ideas it could be that this blog will need to have a bit of a rethink too at some point. Everyone has their peak. Truth was in the 1980s, for WO perhaps it is this year (thanks to the ME & lucky draw re Gilmore)

          • Dave

            No Unsol, you say it has to go. Personally, i don’t read the “porn sections” (as you call them) or look at it, i might think nice body, but lets be honest here, my (female) partner also admires a fine male body. Again, self censorship, throw that section away. No doubt Cam will be following the strategic direction of the Board/owners to increase revenue or circulation. Its a tough space, its over to Cam and his stakeholders, and both you and I are stakeholders.

          • unsol

            Admiration of beautiful people & bodies is not the point. This newsoaper (in the loosest possible term) crosses the line between art/photography & trash.

            Time will tell whether it impacts its survival from here going forward.

            Given Cameron declared (at the time he took over) that he would be removing it then clearly he thinks it hinders its progress too

          • Phill

            Firstly, its hardly porn, just a few see more flesh on primetime TV these days.
            Secondly, its probably a great souce of income that pays for the production of the rest of the paper.
            Thirdly, sine Cam took over it is now all in a different section, which you can dispose of and dont have to read if you dont want to. Lighten up, ignore it, and get on with your day…simple really.

          • unsol

            I will lighten up when you & everyone else who defends this garbage, read (???) that section in front of your children, partners, grandparents & further, tell your daughters you would like them to pose in that section when they’re old enough (20 in my book).

          • Bad__Cat

            That’s being rather precious Unsol.

            Using your argument against you, it

          • unsol

            Easily said but unless you can prove me wrong (do the above
            & get everyone else to do the same) then your claim doesn’t hold water.

            The page 3 girl is porn & the sex work ads are trash.

            Porn is for sad perverts who don’t know how to do sex properly and/or probably don’t get enough action.

            And the johns – much the same.

          • unsol

            And just so we’re clear about what we are talking about – here’s a Truth favourite – Audrey Tan

            If this isn’t porn then Chris Hipkins really does speak common sense.

          • Bad__Cat

            Don’t be so bloody judgemental. What about the many men and women not in relationships, or in a relationship where the other partner no longer wants to have sex?

            Are they all ‘perverts’ and ‘freaks’ because they want visual or aural sexual tittilation?

            I find nothing dirty or demeaning in your photo above. I see an attractive young woman showing off her God given beauty to earn a living.

            If you don’t like it, use a bit of self censorship.

          • unsol

            This is something I will always pass judgement on. Porn is for perverts & the girls who are part if it are delusional if they dont realise how screwed up they are or if they think it does not have a detrimental affect on society.

            Hmmm Ted Bundy springs to mind. And every other girl who has been raped because some wanker (literally & figuratively) refused to accept no meant no (as opposed to Winston’s “no”).

            And same goes for sex work – namely the adverts that bring in the paper’s revenue.

            Women don’t need porn to masturbate & men – well, given there is more women then men if you can’t get laid or get a girlfriend the decent way then clearly you’re a tragic if porn is your only or main sexual outlet.

          • Phill

            Soap box anyone…..

          • unsol

            The thumbnails are advertising sex work….

            Repeating “lighten up” isn’t an argument.

            You have no defense.

            But I will be kind & say that of course I acknowledge & empathize with many of the reasons as to why people get into porn as either workers or spectators.

            Sex as a topic needs to be something that is widely discussed so issues can be addressed. Too many women are very precious about it, often to the detriment of their sexual & emotional relationship with their spouse. And many people grow up having no idea about it, leaving the door open for myths & unfounded fears or just incorrect perceptions & preconceived ideas.

            That said, porn is still not an industry that should be given the moral tick of approval; it hinders rather than promotes sexual & emotional growth.

            And it will continue to hinder this papers progress; it cannot possibly be a credible newspaper while it is still perceived as a populist tabloid.

            And yes Cleo is a little pornographic but it is women who tend to buy it so the real issue is the myths & romantic BS it promotes around relationships & sex. Either way it is absolute trash.

          • kehua

            You have too much time on your hands Lady and far too much of that that the cat licks its` arse with. Boring………

          • unsol

            Yet I bet that took you several minutes to come up with just that one liner…after wiping the dribble from your chin.

            So boring you still felt the need comment – immature to resist eh? Grow up little boy.

          • Bad__Cat

            And I am not being a hypocrite. One of my nieces worked in this industry as a stripper and in phone and Internet sex to earn enough to buy her home to raise her child after the father shot through. She is a beautiful young woman (inside and out) and a wonderful mother. I love her and respect her and her career choices.

          • unsol

            Don’t dress it down or romanticize it; there is nothing to respect about the industry.

            As for not being a hypocrite so that means you don’t mind other men wanking off to a picture of her then?

            Charming. Well I do. You can’t win this argument. You may get a few porn fans agreeing with you on here, but you will never get a consensus across society that porn is ok. Like cancer it is accepted that it exists, but that doesn’t mean it should.

          • Hazards001

            Nice…….. errrmmm fireplace…yeah that’s it….fireplace :-)

          • unsol

            Haha I didn’t even realise there was a fireplace!

          • grumpy

            For someone that was so into calling everyone intolerant over the poofter marriage thingy, you sure are pretty judgemental on good old harmless consenting porn.

          • unsol

            Harmless consensual porn eh – that of course has to include gay porn…..well aren’t you the liberal one.

            Porn & good – real – marriages are mutually exclusive.

            It might be consensual but if is not harmless.

            But if it is – prove me wrong. Look at it in front of your family & children, tell them to get into the industry – it’s great money so why not since it’s clearly ok.

            In fact get your wife or partner to sign up – since it’s harmless, consensual & just pretend I’m sure you won’t mind other guys having sex with her or masturbating to her picture.

            After all, if its OK for other people’s wives, daughters, partners & parents to do porn then why not yours?

    • Hazards001

      So chicks don’t like porn then?………………


      • unsol

        Of course some would but I am not sure they would masturbate to it; I suspect most find the literary (if you can call it that) kind of ‘mummy porn’ such as 50 Shades of Gray a little more stimulating.

        I find EL James (the author of the above book) as abhorrent if not worse than the type of porn I posted above. Primarily because she romanticises dysfunction & emotionally abusive relationships.


    • Do you insist the Herald drops their sex ads?

      • unsol

        Weak retort Cameron – you are now going to jump in here & defend porn?

        I have never seen a copy of the Herald, but I’m fairly certain no other national newspaper trying to be taken seriously has the same quota of ads or a page 3 girl.

        But I will humour you, check it out & compare the two – I will also see which newspaper’s revenue from sex ads is the most disproportionate.

        • Dave

          Unsol. Wrong soapbox i think, so yesterday i was in Western Sydney (NSW Labour heartland, scary place), and read a copy of the Daily Telegraph and the local Parramatta rag, both had large spreads of advertising for sexual services, and the Tele had plenty of pictures of scantily clad women, and a few men. The Tele had 4 pages of sexual services, and some pretty descriptive graphics, the Parramatta rag had 3 pages.

          I simply flicked the page, the same I do on the racing pages, next. Suggest you do the same, as i and others have said, self control, censorship. Cam has already said it will be reduced, but its his call along with his owners. Perhaps if you can send some advertising $$$ Cams way, and find a lot of other advertisers that are not interested in having the page 3 girls etc, then you might help achieve what your after.

          Me, I will pay for an online subscription when its ready, the small amount of page 3 girls and sex services adds wont bother me of my wife! Hell, after 10.30 pm on TV here they advertise a website for adults to meet and match up, “briefly” Should we stop the TV channels as well.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Yes, I’d buy it too but keep the porn for your Labour Party readers. They need it to brighten their dull lives.

  • steve and monique

    Good on you Cam. About time someone did something about that irritating rat.

    • Lofty

      Wait a bloody minute, Phil is a very honest and hard working MP in the house of representatives. Why he even had a real get your hands dirty job once, I know for a fact he worked a whole school holidays in the freezing works…once.

  • Bunswalla

    A shame to see Alan Shearer descend to this sort of behaviour. He was a very good striker for Newcastle and England, scoring many fine goals in a long and successful career. How are the mighty fallen.

  • LesleyNZ

    Re bad-mouthing Mike Bush – that is the TRUTH. Ask those who worked with Mike Bush – no doubt they will say he is a good leader and communicator – a good Kiwi cop. The focus on crime prevention strategy/policy in the community has reaped positive results. Good on you Cameron for laying a complaint to police about Phil Goff. Politicians do tend to think they are above the law.

  • GregM

    You lot need to remember that the advertising pays for the publication, not the $2.80 news stand price. Pull the insert out and bin it if it offends you, you don’t have to read it.
    It’s not my thing, but if there wasn’t a market for it, the advertisers wouldn’t pay for it.

    • unsol

      Not “you lot”, just me.

      And that is all well & good – but the Truth barely has its head above water so increased readership is key – and that isn’t going to happen while it continues to be seen as a populist tabloid with its main feature being page 3.

      • GregM

        Nah I wasn’t having a poke at you mate, but your point is correct.

        If the paper has only just got it’s head above water, now is not the time to piss off the old regulars who are still buying it. Change takes time, I’m sure we will see an improvement in the future.

  • Mediaan

    Bought it, read it, good issue. Glad that Truth is now filling that important vacant slot in our culture.