Sneaky Unite Union hypocrites attack McDonalds

Unite Union is taking on McDonalds, apparently over what they call “stolen wages and stolen breaks”.

Unite claims $2.5m “Stolen Wages, Stolen Breaks” against McDonald’s

Unite are submitting an employment authority case against McDonald’s today for unpaid breaks that the union estimates has resulted in unpaid wages of $2.5 million.

“We have wage and time records from two stores (one a McCopco store and one a franchisee) for the last four months that confirm a consistent pattern of not paying for lost lunch breaks – as they are required to do under the collective agreement,” said Unite National Director Mike Treen. 

“The company has done everything possible to stop us exposing their theft. They have refused to supply the wage and time records and are demanding we get every member to sign a new form authorising release of information to the union. But this stalling tactic won’t save them. We have been able to get enough information from members to prove our case despite the company’s refusal to supply the records officially.

Isn’t this the Union that didn’t pay PAYE tax, and failed to file KiwiSaver contributions?

That is actually theft from their own employees.

Oh the irony.

Actually it is a bloody cheek and utterly hypocritical of them. Not only that Unite has been planning this war since at least March.

Unite were hell-bent on going to war with McDonalds regardless. They’re a big fat burger of a target.

This picture was posted on one of the members’ Facebook pages. It’s a training day for the union where everyone had to practice the drill for protesting against McDs. See all the flash banners and posters ready to go.


The protest training was March but Unite are a pack of sneaks. Bargaining hadn’t even started let alone broken down by then.

If Unite had already printed the banners, run their training drills and practiced their mega-phone chants  – they were hardly walking into the negotiation room in the spirit of good faith.


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  • Jonathan Pull

    So your not so much denying their claim as to highlighting the hypocrisy of their claim given their past actions?

    • Unite also has failed to file their accounts for the last few years, so arguably they are an illegal union

      • Jonathan Pull

        And again you didn’t actually answer my question.
        Yes the union might be illegal but its doesn’t make the validity of their claim any less.
        We want to allow dubious legal processes to convict people but when a dodgy union points out something we have to stop the bus and ignore anything they say.

        Its bullshit.

  • Phill

    $150K divided by ….. members = $ …. from each of you for the illegal operation of your “club”, payable to IRD

    If they have a problem with that, suggest they make some banners and protest outside Ma ma ma ma Maaaaaaatt McCartens house.

    Other than that, there is no Unite Union. It was closed down for “Shonky” dealing.

    Back to work people.

  • JeffDaRef

    Could Unite please advise where they plan to hold these “pickets”…I would love nothing more than to run a gauntlet of lefties..nothing comes between me and a burger at the best of times, this would be a much more rewarding way to get it!

  • I beleive what you say about unite, but mcd’s also have a long long history of making people work through their breaks.

    • Patrick

      The employees have a choice of whether or not they work at Maccas, if the employer is known as a ratbag then don’t seek employment with them. If they are your only option then do something about it.

    • mike

      I used to work for McD’s back in high school (back in the early 90’s) and I actually think they were good employers… then again I was an unskilled labourer and didn’t expect to paid a fortune or treated like a CEO.
      Maybe I’m just not entitled enough? :-)

  • All those signs and flags certainly makes the protesting group seem very, very large. At least 30 or 100 people there, I’m sure.

    If it wasn’t for a willing media sticking it to the man, we wouldn’t even know it was going on.

  • cows4me

    I wonder if the union by some miracle managed to extort $2.5 mill out of Macs how much would find it’s way back to those that supposedly earned it, sweet piss all I’m picking.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Why the hell do commies like red?

    • Hazards001

      It’s the colour of anger and blood. We (humans) are pre determined to act in a more aggressive way when subjected to red. It’s the defence mechanism designed to kick in when you see your own blood.
      The commies have spilt so much of it in their search for equality (bearing in mind that there are some that are more equal than others in socialism) that how could there be any other colour…errrr….except pink maybe

  • Ronnie Chow

    I’m sure that none of these protesters have ever eaten at McDonalds .

    If they had , of course , that would make them…….

    • Goldie

      A few years back there was a union protest outside a McDs.
      McDs management was delighted – apparently the protestors were sneaking in for munchies, and the store enjoyed one its best turnovers for the year!

  • Honcho

    If McDonalds did release that information then the union or its interests would claim that the big multinational breached the privacy act. The fact that they have agreed to release this personal information if they can provide supporting authorisation for it to be released is not a ‘stalling tactic’, I would say that it is showing full co-operation.

    Can not help but think McCarten is only seeking such a high amount because his company (its not a real union, it isn’t run by the workers for the workers, its his and his mates pet company and political vehicle) is in the red and he needs that money to remain liquid. $2.5 million is a LOT of lunch breaks!!! especially over a period of only 4 months! …. something smells fishy and its not the mc’fillet o’fish burgers.

  • P1LL

    McDonald’s is a crap employer, the staff are/were not full time even if they worked 60 hours a week ( I am going back 9 years ago when I knew a manager )
    They were on a call up roster.
    That being said , what gives these union assholes the right to use the McD;s trade marked golden arches on their signs ?

    • Mark

      I think if you agree to work for McDonalds you pretty much know what you’re going to get – I.e. shite wages and a raw deal. But fuck I hate Unite, what a shithouse hypocritical union. Wonder if M M M M M Matt has paid his taxes yet?

    • Goldie

      “McDonald’s is a crap employer”.
      And yet they seem to ensure that they have enough staff to serve the customers.
      So either (a) they are using a secret mind control technique to turn their employees into mindless automatons; or (b) they are actually a reasonably good employer.

    • mike

      Have you ever worked for McD’s? No? Then all you have is hearsay…

  • Davidw

    An election coming up next year? co-incidence ……….. NOT