#UTU Must’ve been the eye issue ending his SAS deployment…

230px-Keratoconus_eyeAaron Gilmore has been telling people he used to be in the SAS…and has contacts in the mercenary  industry in Africa.

I was thinking though..surely you’d hav to be fit and healthy…not have any weird diseases or genetic abnormalities…then I worked it out…this must have ended his career in the SAS…Keratoconus.

As many of you know I suffer from an annoying eye condition called keratoconus. It is relatively rare (doctors think less than 0.5% of the NZ population are affected but I’m told it’s over 10,000 people) and means I have very weird eyes and has a number of annoying side effects. 

This includes wearing very special (meaning really uncomfortable…) expensive, heavily tinted contact (about $1000 a pair every 6 months) lenses to be able to see and being very light sensitive.  And I really have blue not the grey eyes that most people see with my lens in.  On a bad windy day I have to wear glasses, but just don’t ask me to read with them!  Many people with KC suffer needlessly and many can’t work because they can’t see properly.  About monthly I get contacted by people who seek information on how I got to where I am with it and to help them get to a better place.

Funny..I don’t think that was mentioned in his CV…nor the SAS deployments.


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  • Ronnie Chow

    There’s that narcissism again .

  • cows4me

    Hope he’s got his eyes in this afternoon, hate him to miss the exit sign on the debating chamber’s doors.

  • LabTested

    When I was in the Territorials I applied to do the jumping out of air plane bit. At the medical the doctor grabbed my balls (to check me for a hernia). I got failed because of bad eye sight, but afterwards I thought he could have spotted I was wearing glasses before he did the hernia check

  • spollyike

    Let it go now Whale, this has become an obsession.

    • unsol

      You’ve missed the point – like marriage equality this is ratings gold.

      But I also think there is more to it. It is personal as the continued goading indicates an ulterior motive – one that whilst entertaining, is no doubt largely irrelevant as most of us don’t live our worlds in cyberspace.

      • 98,688 pageviews yesterday

        • unsol

          And counting. New target should be 100,000 per day.

          And why not – there are no other blogs out there that are nearly as entertaining.

          Like I have said before – if MSM won’t pick up the big stories (like Goff breaching suppression orders) then we may as well ensure this makes MSM completely redundant…being more refined or polite doesn’t make them any more credible.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Also called “cone eye”, an affliction also suffered by Gollum. Also a version of the “cone” affliction suffered by Beldar Conehead.

  • grumpy

    One thing about this Gilmour thing……and the same with Paul Henry……and the same with anyone else seen as being even a little Right Wing, is how the feeding frenzy seems to be co-ordinated by Labour/Greens with the news media.
    While lefties doing the same thing (Jones, Dyson etc) don’t rate a mention.
    Seems strange that supposedly Right Wing blogs are so hell bent in assisting these leftie beat ups.

    • spollyike

      Yes very strange. Have these supposed right wing blogs sold out to progressiveness and become enamored by lefty ideology, me thinks so. But then we have to remember that the John Key National government is probably slightly to the left of where the Lange government was politically. So it makes sense that some “New National” supporters have no connection or relationship with conservative values whatsoever.

      • Andy

        The Uk Conservatives have this problem, which is one reason for the UKIP party’s recent successes

    • Jman

      It’s always been this way. The right holds their side to account, while the left makes excuses for their side.

      Essentially it’s because the right, or conservative side is about keeping things the way they are. This is premised on the idea that things are good and in order to maintain them we need to uphold standards.

      The left, or progressive ideology is about changing things. Therefore everything is a means to an end and selling out on your principles and integrity is fine if it helps advance your agenda further.

      • spollyike

        No, Gilmore has gone because he was no longer “Politically Correct”. His replacement sure IS though.

        • unsol

          Yep she sure is. And probably Gilmore’s best weapon given he is unlikely to have ever been a true Nat/conservative supporter (didn’t go to the right schools, doesn’t come from blue blood etc).

          In the words of Cactus Kate:

          “Roll on the next entertainment in an outspoken Maori activist lesbian with zero history in the Party to replace a state-house raised, Maori (remember that please), too heterosexual boy-come-good male.

          Claudette Hauiti may be the true “utu” Gilmore dishes as she is more than capable of Marilyn Waring type chaos if the National Party handle her as badly.”

          • BJ

            Infiltrator comes to mind

          • unsol

            I should add I was being sarcastic re Gilmore not having the right pedigree; I am no fan of privileged kids who grow up devoid of a moral compass.

            Mr B springs to mind……someone who is still part of the National Party who I suspect has done far worse than Gilmore’s little moment on the ego train…

  • PlanetOrphan

    Don’t step on his blue suede S.A.S Boots M8!

  • Phil

    What time is his speech? I’m gonna listen.

    • Gazzaw

      ZB said 2.50pm Phil.

  • Old news Whale, we will let u have one more whack this afternoon after his speech, then we can chase up Goff ?
    This statement is lowering yourself down to his standards?

  • Justsayn

    Are you getting ready Cam? Aaron will soon be sticking pins into the Orca doll.

    I can hear it now… “Do you know who I am Cam (jab)… well do you (jab)… I know where you post (jab)… I have my stupid looking eye on you (jab)… goona sue your arse for defamation (jab)… Yo slave boy, when do I get a fucking drink around this shit hole?”

    • unsol

      I am certain some kind of strategy is at play here. Normally I don’t care for this kind of politicking, but because of the frenzy over such a minor indiscretion & Riches part in it I have become very curious. Especially re the link between Simon Lusk, Riches & Gilmore. And if you are to believe everything you read, the link between those 2 & WO.

      Incidentally the sub standard have blogged about it today – normally I write them off as satire, but I don’t know, maybe they make a point re the demise of Gilmore being part of a grander plan – to get Riches lined up for candidacy next year. See http://thestandard.org.nz/the-meaning-of-utu/

      Interesting if this whole thing started because Gilmore annoyed Lusk by refusing to pay a fee! Seems awfully silly & petty.

      But Riches is unlikely to be a successful candidate as despite what some might want us to think, few would see his narking to the media under the pretence of righteous indignation as honourable. And one thing about politics – you succeed best when you at least appear to be decent. Look at Key – the perception is Mr Nice Guy yet you don’t crawl your way up from nothing to the rich list by being super nice.

      As for this afternoon’s speech – Gilmore got applause in the caucus meeting earlier so I doubt we can expect to hear anything of significance as whatever has to say must have gotten the tick of approval.

      So I guess in terms of the real outcome – time will tell.