WhaleTech: Still operating your Yahoo!Xtra email? Think again

Starting with the line that should close this post first:  You really should sign up for a free Gmail account and start the process of bringing your email across while you can do it under non-emergency conditions.  After all, how may “warnings” do you need?

via business.telkom.co.za

via business.telkom.co.za

Hot off the press, the next Yahoo security breach has been reported from Yahoo Japan, where 10% of their customer’s information has been euphemistically “leaked”

Yahoo Japan Corp. (4689.TO) on Friday night said it detected an unauthorized attempt to access the administrative system of its popular web portal site Yahoo! Japan and suspects as many as 22 million of its around 200 million user IDs may have been leaked, Kyodo News reported.

The leaked information does not include passwords and user data necessary for identity verification to reset passwords, according to the company.

While users cannot log in using only a user ID, Yahoo Japan is urging its users to take precaution by changing passwords.

Yahoo Japan has been stepping up its monitoring since a similar unauthorized access was attempted on its system on April 2 to steal IDs and other data.

The company said it detected the latest access attempt at around 9 p.m. on Thursday. It checked its system after severing access and found traces of an attempt to steal user IDs.

The company “cannot rule out the possibility of leak” of user IDs, it said.

The Yahoo!Xtra email service claimed pretty much the same; that no passwords or customer data was compromised.  And yet, we all have had to suffer four distinct “spam storms” coming from those “leaked” details.

For something similar, perhaps the same, to now happen to Yahoo Japan also strongly suggests that the underlying security infrastructure Yahoo operates with is seriously flawed.


Source: Fox Business


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  • Jman

    I’d be pretty sure they get “attempts to steal their id’s” all the time. To actually make a big announcement about it means it wasn’t simply an attempt but an actual success, so pretty misleading language if you ask me.

  • RightNow

    Changing passwords doesn’t fix it – the problem is yahoo’s lack of security.
    I had my yahoo account hacked, so I changed my password, and 3 days later it was hacked again.
    Never again yahoo. You can’t secure your servers, you can’t be trusted.

  • Chad Chambers

    My xtra account is operated by yahoo and was severely breached two months ago. Telecom is still using yahoo. I’m still using Telecom. Silly me.

    It’s not as easy as it sounds changing your long standing email address like that.

    • Sym Gardiner

      Yes it is.
      Get GMAIL account. Set it up to check your old account. Never use your old yahooXtra account to send anything ever ever again.

      Yes… there is the issue of changing usernames that are your email address. Most decent service providers have mechanisms for doing this (ie Facebook, iTunes etc)

  • Patrick

    Why are companies still using YahooXtra? It is a dog, always has been a dog & no doubt always will be a dog. If you want Microsoft apps then sign up for Office365 – cloud based, access anywhere & professionally resourced & managed. If MS apps are not important then GMail offers similar. Telecom NZ try to play with the big boys hosting services but the writing has been on the wall for some years, they just don’t cut the mustard at any level.