WhaleTech: The Budget for smartphone/tablet nerds

via treasury.govt.nz

via treasury.govt.nz

Last year, Treasury released iPhone and Android apps for those who like to see all the Budget data come alive (after the 2pm embargo, of course). ?They’ve updated the app for the 2013 budget. ?Sorry Windows Phone / Surface users, you miss out, but the rest of you can get your fix here:

How the App Works

The app is not loaded with Budget 2013 data until after the embargo on Budget documents ends at 2pm on Budget Day, 16 May 2013.

The app will link to the Estimates material that will be available from the Budget website, which has a responsive design that is optimised for small devices.

Budget 2013 Update

The Budget 2013 update includes a number of new features:

  • A new user interface and design which allows users to more easily access Budget information.
  • Interactive pie charts covering government expenditure and revenue. These allow users to drill down into the different areas of spending and different revenue sources so they can better understand the New Zealand Government?s finances.
  • An interactive tax calculator (My Tax Dollars) to help users better understand where their tax dollars are being spent.
  • The Treasury?s latest Monthly Economic Indicators reports are now included.

The data used in the interactive features will be published here in Excel format on Budget Day shortly after the embargo has lifted.

The app does not collect data from users of the interactive features. We do collect statistics on which interactive features are being used when and on which types of devices, but we do not record any user inputs into the interactive features.

The illustrations on this page are sample screenshots of the interactive content included in the Budget 2013 update of the NZ Budget app.


Source: NZ Treasury