What it sounds like to be in the middle of 130mm artillery fire


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  • thor42

    Wow! Very different to other artillery vids I’ve seen. I’ve never heard the high-pitched “pyeow” of shrapnel zooming around as in this one.

    • LabTested

      Did my time in 11(A) Battery. The kill radius of a 105mm battery was about 150 meters so in NZ we were not permitted to adjust fire closer to anyone than about 600m.

      I was lucky to have a boss who served in Vietnam & he bent the rules. Rather than adjust the fire towards us, he dropped the rounds in the same place & we adjusted our position towards the fire. i.e he would drop some rounds, then we would walk forward 50m hit the deck & drop some more etc.

      ended up with live shrapnel wizzing over our heads, but felt safe cos he taught us the logic of it all.

      anyway, I still have a shrapnel collection at home.

  • Rodger T

    And this is what its like to be on the receiving end,


  • Donovan Jackson

    Rubbish. Take it from a man in the trenches, if you REALLY want to hear what a barrage sounds like.

    • Timboh

      Boom boom!

      • Donovan Jackson

        Erm, I think you will find it is boom boom boom boom, boom boom.

        • Timboh

          Erm (what does that mean??), I think you will find it is boom boom (sound made usually by a drum after a joke). Blackadder, the war is a joke….