Who will be the next ministers to be sacked?

Sources in Wellington are saying that John Key is looking at another reshuffle to remove ministers who have dropped the ball repeatedly.

His words of encouragement to Hekia Parata after his last re-shuffle may no longer hold true.

Hekia has been responisble for far too many screw ups that have caused bad press for National.

She has lost a case to Mai Chen about closing a special school in Nelson. She has been fisted by the teachers unions and parents in Christchurch over closing schools, and she embarrassingly had to use taxpayers money to pay out her departmental head. 

She has lost more staff than can be counted because of her unpleasant manner, and if hush money hadn’t been paid some of the stories would have been horrific.

Caring about maori students is one thing. Tanking National’s vote is another.

There are other ministers who are apparently in line for the chop and I am attempting to clarify details.


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  • Whafe

    The mere fact an MP is losing a vast number of staff should well be a sign in itself. Sure there could and am sure be some low performing staff, of which they must go, but the theme being picked up here is that many of Queen Hekia’s staff are leaving their roles because this woman is a pretty unpleasant boss etc etc… Key will be seeing and taking this on board and then, boom, an adult conversation will b head again… And be good bye Queen H…. About time too.

    • unsol

      A sign or just evidence of agenda by stealth?

    • Teachersrock

      I hope you are all sitting down for this, I am about to be nice to Hekia.

      I was appalled at the way she was treated and spoken to on The Nation yesterday. She mat be incompetent beyond words but how about letting the woman finish a sentence, let her actually answer a question. And to ask her on national TV is she a bitch??? Come on, that was out of line. There are ways of asking if she feels she is difficult to work for without literally calling her a bitch to her face in an interview.

      • Mediaan

        I saw it and thought it was fine. If she has been called a bitch, it gave her the chance to put her side of things.

      • Dion

        It’s just another example of the dumbing down of the NZ media. Look at the emotional, breathless way they report the news.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Have you thought it might be a sign that a Minister is intent on being in charge and not prepared to be captured and controlled by the officials that are there to control them.

      Yes Minister.

  • unsol

    Hmmmm sources….wonder who they could be.

    Question is are the people going to like who those sources would like to replace current ministers with?

    Well my sources suggest no. Not yet anyway.

    • What the fuck would you know? Still bonus points for a short comment for once.

      • unsol

        Here puss puss puss puss…

    • Oh and on the general Debate you go and provide your own list of dead shit who should be axed…but I suggest such things and it is all some sort of plot?

      Are you on the sauce early today?

      • unsol

        Look at you all rarked up….why bite so hard….unless you are saying Vance really is a skilled & highly trained journalist?!

    • Your sources? Mind telling is who they are?

      • unsol

        Cameron says I don’t know anything. :-)

        • The game is played on many levels, and nobody is completely in control. That is what makes it so much fun to play.

          By the way, I asked a very simple question. Why did you choose not to answer it?

          • unsol

            What was the question again…? :-)

            And how disappointing do few seem interested in the real guts of politics (esp re the Lusk post) as opposed to the more emotive ones like ME etc

            Given the sheer volume of views I would have expected there to be more people as passionate as Cameron about this kind of stuff; slagging match isn’t synonymous with substantive debate.

    • Teachersrock

      There is no need to orchestrate anything with Hekia. She is an incompetent Minister who has failed spectacularly and publicly at her job. There are grounds galore to dump her.

      And as to who to replace her with, that is a no brainer, Steven Joyce.

      • fozzie2

        That’s all they have … how about a discussion on who would be the next batch of good ministers.

        • Teachersrock

          The next Labour Government.

          • unsol

            Not even Hekia has it in her to perform as badly or be anywhere near as intellectually vapid as the past, current & any future batch of Labour politicians; left wing is synonymous with mental retardation as the ideology is devoid of logic. It is idealism based on a utopia that can never come to fruition.

          • Teachersrock

            Yeaaaaaaaaa. stop drinking now.

          • Dion

            Sounds awesome. Which portfolios would you give to Darien Fenton, Rajen Prasad and Sue Moroney?

          • Mediaan

            Yes, they could get Taito Phillip out of prison and give him a portfolio too. He’d suit their Bribes and Barters methodology perfectly.

            He could be, oh, Minister for getting things done on Ministers’ houses free?

      • In Vino Veritas

        Teachers Unions have been incompetent, and have failed thei members and the school children spectacularly for more than two decades Teachers, and they seem to have survived just fine.

      • Mediaan

        Yeah, he must have extra time on his hands. Not.

  • thor42

    Great! It’s about time. Here’s hoping that the sources are accurate and that Hopeless Hekia has John Key’s shoe applied to her hangi-fed backside.

    Nick Smith should be given the chop too and told to fuck off to the Greens.

    • Cadwallader

      Agree. Nick Smith is the one Minister who ought be dropped ahead of Hekia. Only by a second or two though. I hope JK does t over Queens Birthday Weekend as it will allow 17 months or so for the changes (read improvements) to bed-in.

  • williamabong

    The debt to Wira must be well paid by now.
    The Nats do have some stand-outs both on the bench and waiting in the wings, and on that basis why would you keep a liability like the Queen sitting in high profile chair like education, FFS this woman has dropped the ball at every opportunity, and her people skills must be costing the Nats. Cast her loose, or at least shift her to where she can controlled.

    • thor42

      Agreed. It’s definitely time to get some young *competent* blood into the Nats, and axing Parata would be a good opportunity to start that process.

      • Whafe

        For sure, and 18 months out is perfect timing……….

  • Patrick

    Somebody push Nick Smith to the front of the queue – please, pretty please.

  • rockape

    I have said it before and make no apologies for saying it again. Know which fights to pick and which to walk away from. Hekia picking on retarded ,female,school kids in Nelson. Not a good look!

  • Jonathan Pull

    Well I may not like all Key’s policies BUT he’s certainly not afraid to clean house when its needed and you’ve got to commend him on that.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bring in my my uncle Tau Henare. He will take care of the toxic Greens and the Communists in Labour.

    • Cadwallader

      I almost agree. Perhaps Tau has been out in the cold for too long. I think he would create pleasant havoc as Minister For The Environment…if indeed we need one?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    OK, just to keep you all in good humour, here is Matt’s Sunday morning vomit.

    “A good by-election for Labour reinforces the view that National will lose the next election”

  • srb

    as the meme says “go home Hekia, you are drunk”

  • mike

    She is going to be Nationals sacrificial lamb come election year, cynical but astute politics.

  • Josh Metcalfe

    Toss out Nathan Guy he seems utterly clueless.

  • Chad Chambers

    Don’t forget Novopay. That happened on her watch too.

    • Teachersrock

      Yes but again to be fair, she was not the only National Minister to sign off on it, even though it was well known it was full of problems.

    • Hazards001

      Novapay was brought in by Labour you chattering little nincompoop. The more interesting question would be how many backhanders did the Liabours take for their efforts? Corrupt bunch of scurrilous no talent bludgers.

      • Teachersrock

        Wrong, Novopay was brought in by National. Labour started the ball rolling, but National made the decision to go with them even thought they knew what a mess it was.
        The Novopay mess is the fault of those National Ministers who signed off on it.

    • Mediaan

      A Labour scheme, planned and advanced over quite a few years by Labour. All that remained when National came to office was the final sign-off.

      What, you assume National should have started again on principle?

      • Teachersrock

        If National knew it was going to go tits up, and ALL information they had said it was going to be a problem, then as the incumbent Government they had the duty to say, hold on, lets fix this before putting it in place.

        As opposed to ignoring all the highlighted problems and going full steam ahead.

        • Bafacu

          Would be interested to hear of ALL the information that they had saying it would be a problem BEFORE they signed … Facts please.

        • Mediaan

          So, you are saying, what took Labour about 4 years to achieve and work out would only have taken National’s more competent Ministers about a week maybe then they could have just signed it?

          Yup. I think you have a point. At long last.

  • cruiseyman

    Oddly enough the IHC actually wanted Salsibury to close and weren’t happy when the decision was overruled. Copied from an article on their website “The decision to keep Salisbury School open is at odds with the New Zealand Disability Strategy’s goal of an inclusive society, says Massey education specialist Dr Jude MacArthur.” a link to the full article here if anyone is interested http://www.ihc.org.nz/items/salisbury-case-highlights-archaic-views-on-disabled/ Just goes to show that you can never please everyone, I’m not that I agree with their reasoning though and it’s seems like it’s putting the best interests of some ahead of others.

  • RightOfGenghis

    TeachersRock and Fozzie interviewing themselves on a right wing blog. Bizarre!

  • Mediaan

    I wonder exactly how much Salisbury Special School costs the taxpayer.

    It’s all very nice having 62 specialist staff for 43 backward and struggling-at-school girls, but the rest of New Zealand’s (equally needy) girls have nothing like that. (They also do “outreach” for about 22 still-at-home girls, they explain).

    Then about 37 of them have to be flown down to Nelson each term from the North Island. Presumably we pay for that too. What do parents have to pay? Uniforms? Stationery and supplies?

    Costly. Boarding plus 1:1 teaching plus building standard maintenance. All for 43 girls.

    Few of us would have experienced such luxury in education.

    • Teachersrock

      Doubtful. She was looking to save a buck.

      Sometimes doing the right thing means you spend what you need to spend. These kids need special help and would disrupt a mainstream class no end.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Wait until Labour come back into government. Socialists plus power equals a lot of hands in the cookie-jar.