Why Gareth Hughes and his ilk will never be welcome in South Canterbury

via AA

via AA

And most other places in the country, for that matter.

South Cantabrians just love their cars

Latest vehicle registration figures from the New Zealand Transport Authority show there are more than enough vehicles registered in South Canterbury for every man, woman and child to be on the road at the same time.

Between them, the Timaru, Waimate and Mackenzie districts had an estimated population of 56,550 in June last year, while there were 58,325 registered vehicles, 1100 more than the previous year.

Cars and vans accounted for just over 43,000 vehicles, with 323 buses, 11,248 trucks, utes and goods vans, 2325 motorcycles, 912 motor caravans and almost 500 mopeds.

Vehicle registration figures throughout South Canterbury have been slowly rising over the past five years, with vehicle numbers in Timaru increasing by only 100 or so from 2008 to 2011, when the figure shot up by 500. They rose by more than 800 in the latest period.

And with all those vehicles, a few kilometres were clocked up – 461.8 million kilometres on state highways in the region and 228.95 million on council roads.

Over the past decade fewer people have been killed and seriously injured on state highways in all three districts.

While Gareth stands on beaches holding hands to protest the drilling for oil we don’t just need for petrol but a huge amount of industrial processes, and Metiria and Norman beat us all around the ears with the idea that we have to stop building roads and start making more train sets, the harsh truth is that this country isn’t suitable for trains.

We’re all too spread out.

Even most of Auckland wouldn’t be served by trains if it was allowed to exist as per Len’s wet dreams.

But they’re coming for your money.  They want to shut down wealth creating drilling and mining, and the want you out of your cars.

This may find a fertile audience in the leafy suburbs, but for the majority of New Zealanders, public transport will never be a viable solution.


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  • Andy

    Ha! I live in South Canterbury.

  • GregM

    Good roads, light traffic, it’s a great place to drive down there.( Apart from the odd nutter in a camper van).

  • I just need half a gallon of petrol, to set fire to the weed!

  • Andy

    We also get a lot of classic car rallies. Last weekend was the turn of the gas guzzling Jaguar V8s. Definitely not very Green but great for the planet with all that life giving Co2

    • Red

      Nice you’re considering the trees – Pls make sure no Pines get a sniff tho… the quantity of H2o vapour they produce is wayyy worse than what plain ole Co2 can do…. tell that to people tho? They just don’t believe ya… ;-)

  • We can have trains, and fast ones at that, when our population in NZ hits 20 million, then it may be ok, in the mean time ROADS and BUSES. Oh and bikes.

    • Whafe

      Exactly, we have F-All people in the scheme of things to be talking about efficient rail networks etc etc……

  • Rangi

    What sort of logic is it that says that “there are more than enough vehicles registered in South Canterbury for every man, woman and child to be on the road at the same time”? When half that number are not eligible to drive? WTF?? Shouldn’t the lesson there be one of waste reduction? Why buy more petrol & diesel than you need? – Roll on the bullshit excuses

    • Ronnie Chow

      There’s probably a gun for every man , woman and child as well , Rangi .
      It’s a stastistic . Nothing more . I once had 23 cars . Have I sinned?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Another rich prick got into my database. Sheep and hippie are going to love this list…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Time for a Canterbury regional luxury car tax bros!! Get ready to fork out extra $100 when you request a rego sticker!

    • Ronnie Chow

      Could be time for a Road User Tax on petrol vehicles . Surprised the Greens haven’t come up with that in public . If only National let slip that Norman was planning to implement said tax if elected . Oh , well. That policy wouldn’t be popular at all .
      Best keep it quiet , then .

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Ronnie – Do not under estimate the hippies. Their policy is to tax the hell out of everything. If people are complaining about National raising the petrol tax by 3 cents a litre every year for 3 years for a grand total of 9 cents, wait until Greens are in power. They will not hesitate to slap 25 cents at a time. Carbon tax is coming bro!

        • Simo

          Hey SCS playing the village idiot is a bit lame, however if these depraved lombotomites ever have a shot at the title then I will be the first to congratulate you as I pick my bet from the TAB!

  • spollyike

    Canterbury cunts don’t want to even partially sell their assets to help pay for their own city’s rebuild, even though the whole country has had to sell it’s assets to pay for their rebuild.

    Fucking Cunts!

  • philbest

    Aaargh – make all the farmers use highrise structures to grow crops and raise cattle, and make their workers live in apartment blocks and catch trains to work. The difference in absurdity with Green one-size-fits-all “plans” for URBAN economies, is only a matter of degree.