Will John Key sell out Mark Mitchell in Rodney?

Stephen Mills opinion piece on stuff talking about the combinations of parties and options that will keep John Key in power after 2014.

John Key played the integrity card by ruling out New Zealand First as a coalition partner in 2008, but now he faces the unpleasant choices of courting New Zealand First and/or undertaking high-risk and possibly futile electorate plays in Epsom or Rodney – or a combination of all three.

John Key is making the same kind of noises Helen Clark did in her second term about wanting to stay at all costs. Clark stole $800,000 of tax payers money to spend in the last crucial week of the election campaign, and did a dodgy deal with Winston.?

Will John Key do something similar in a grubby grab for power? Cuddle up to Winston? Cuddle up to Colin Craig? Tell Mark Mitchell to take a dive in exchange for a high list position and a cabinet post?

Steven Joyce?s strategic stupidity has forced John Key into a position where he will have to sell his soul to the devil to stay in power.

But trying to through Mark Mitchell under the bus for the batshit crazy Colin Craig cult is not only strategically silly it is also fraught with danger. At?the?last election Colin Craig announced that his dodgy polling said he’d win Rodney. That never eventuated and Mark?Mitchell?trounced him, well beyond accepted margins of error, even from dodgy polls.

I’m not sure that the good people of Rodney will do what they when it comes to throwing a race. Best leave that to the people of Epsom.