WOBH Ticket no3 issued in Whakatane

Hi Cam,

I was going to send a pic of my wife’s atrocious parking but she threatened to kick my ass so here’s someone else’s effort. Bunnings parking lot Whakatane. Note WOBH ticket under wiper. ;-)




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  • Fair call. Well deserved.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Obviously parked in a hurry. Couldn’t wait for the wipers to bed in

  • Pokerface

    Anyone ever driven past and noticed how many spare parks there are in that shopping centre? Every car could use two parks each, and there would still be plenty of room.
    This is not Auckland central !

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Wow people actually live in Whakatane

    • XM16E1

      Smart arse. :-)

  • Mr_V4

    Perhaps the driver saw that the SUV next to it had child seats in the back and opted to give the Mother some extra room?