Wow, a $377 spendup according to the Herald

The government is set to spend $377 million upgrading state houses…not that you’d know of you read the Herald article about it.

They said the government was spending just $377…miserly bastards…surely they could have rounded it up to $400.

hey big spender

The Government will spend $377 million to add more bedrooms to existing state houses and to build extra houses.

Housing Minister Nick Smith said “Project 324&5” was designed to convert three-bedroom houses into four- and five-bedroom homes.

“Project 324&5 recognises that Housing New Zealand, and particularly Auckland, have an oversupply of three bedroom homes and a real shortage of larger ones,” Dr Smith said.

“The initiative is expected to deliver up to 3000 new state house bedrooms to 2000 properties over the next two years, with three quarters of them in Auckland.

“Adding an extra one or two bedrooms to these properties will better meet tenants’ needs in relation to size, location and amenity. It will also result in less overcrowding and better health and education outcomes.”

Properties targeted for modification would be houses up to 40 years old and on medium to large sections able to accommodate extensions and still have enough land to provide a decent outdoor area for tenants and their families.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I don’t know why John Key is pumping money into these state houses. They all vote Labour and Green.

  • $377 would still be $377 too much.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Good luck getting the alterations throught the consent process.

  • tarkwin

    That kind of money could buy you a fair few Fairfax shares, any compitant decent journalist would know that.

    • Dave

      Yes, but the way FairFax shares are going, they will deteriorate quicker than state house windows!

  • Sixty second makeover.

  • Dave

    Lets look a this, and WHY do we need bigger state houses, could it be the STATE provided Benefits that keep paying when the beneficiaries have more and more children are fueling larger beneficiary families? Scrap all benefits, sell all state houses, that should sort the problem in half a generation!

    • Muffin

      I was going to make the same observation, less kids while in a state house, not more rooms.

  • WayneO

    $377 should put a new tap in the kitchen sink. Maybe even one for the bathroom sink too.