Write something?

I don’t know why politicians even bother sometimes.

Social media is supposed to be about engagement sometimes it is about stupidity.

I’d love to see the instruction sent out to back benchers about the housing changes…I just bet it says “Hey you, insignificant back bencher…write something.”

And so they did…exactly that: 

Write something...


I mean seriously? What is the point of that?

Why even bother, it is just tragic.


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  • High_Tory

    But that is what Nick Smith said on the news last night. Good idea too

  • hamsap

    Something is better than nothing I supposed..

  • spollyike

    Yeah nah, better than nothing Whale. The message is consistent, clear, simple and honest. What more do you want??

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    It’s a brilliant policy. So simple, so inexpensive. Don’t know what you’re moaning about.

    What is telling is that Labour failed to gazzumo National on it. Too busy focusing on going after yet another Police Commissioner.

  • Andy

    Cory Bernardi (Aus) writes some interesting stuff on his Facebook page, usually ending in “what do you think of that” or similar. It is an attempt to start some debate, often works well. He flies against the PC machine very well. Slogans like this don’t really do it for me

  • The maths is dreadful!

  • BJ

    The backbenchers should earn their keep by going out amongst the traditional Labour voters to see if they can’t knock some sense in to them well before the election next year.

  • Justsayn

    Sleepouts? Tents? Bridges? Bunks?

  • Whafe

    It is the mere fact that those that are supposedly in the know as to where communication and media is heading, consistantly say that social media is the way to get to people…. So politicians take this litteraly and there you have it….. They have no real rules I wouldnt imagine….
    I mean look at the Green Taliban, it is her turn last week and this week to speak or cummunicated, Noddy Norman will be back next week maybe

  • Grizz30

    What about trucking in a few old shipping containers. Sounds cheaper to me.