You can buy grass at Toyworld Nelson

Grass, an adult card game that has been on the shelves for decades, is currently being sold at Toyworld.  It was only time before some nit picking busybody managed to get a newsie interested in the story.

Sarah Dunn to the rescue!

An adult card game which lets players pretend to be cannabis-dealing kingpins is being sold at Toyworld Nelson.

In Grass, players use cards to mimic dealing cannabis, stealing from one another and protecting their “stash” to amass drug money. Individual cards include “Steal your neighbour’s pot”, “Catch a buzz” and “Lust conquers all”.

“Like the real thing, it’s easy to learn,” say the tongue-in-cheek instructions. “We suggest that you begin gradually with Grass, till you get used to it.”

At Toyworld, it hangs in the puzzles section next to decks of playing cards and games like Uno.

Grass is out of the reach of most little hands, but would stand out to any older children who could identify the distinctive cannabis leaf emblazoned on the packaging.



The Nelson Mail went all out, even sending in a photographer so you can see the “distinctive cannabis leaf” emblazoning itself.

Toyworld Nelson also sells other card and board games targeted at adults, and maintains a voluntary R13 rating on popular Magic: The Gathering cards.

“They don’t rate [Grass], but it’s never children who buy it. It’s always adults,” the saleswoman said.

“We don’t promote selling [cannabis] or smoking it or anything. It’s just a game.”

She said the game had first been stocked by a previous store owner, and had been sold in Toyworld for at least nine years.

Customers regularly requested it and four units had been sold so far this year. There had been only three complaints overall.

Time to get stuck into head office, surely?  What sort of dim wit allowed this to occur?

Toyworld national buyer Repeka Haurua said the Nelson store was independently owned, so owner Lindsay Hicks could stock any product he wanted. Mr Hicks was not willing to comment.

In response to a description of the product, Ms Haurua said Grass was not a product Toyworld would support or encourage. She confirmed that the game was not stocked nationwide.

“It’s not something I would ever promote and it’s not something I would buy,” she said.

“[Consuming cannabis] is a behaviour that we don’t condone.”

She said it was “terrible” that Nelson customers requested Grass, but commented that supplier Ventura Games was having no problem finding retailers to stock the game.

Dear oh dear.  Naughty independent uncontrollable store owners eh?  Well, time to get the cops involved.  This has to be stopped.

Sergeant Mal Drummond, community section supervisor, said the game sounded “unusual”, but there was nothing illegal about it.

He was surprised that Grass was sold at Toyworld Nelson.

“If it’s just promoting drug dealing, I can’t see how it can be a positive game, but to 99 per cent of people who would use it, it’s just a game.”

Not illegal either.  Good grief.  What to do?  Time to get the public on board?



33It seems that even the public can’t be arsed about this.

This comment wins the prize mind you




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  • Rodney

    Focusing on the things that matter.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Next they’ll be wanting to ban “Cluedo” because it encourages mass homicide in multiple locations.

    Or the game “Operation” because it encourages juveniles into unlicensed medical procedures which is a gate-way game to “Doctors and Nurses”

    Just as well we don’t have Labour/Greens in government – they’d want to ban Monopoly because it encourages the accumulation of wealth and properties!

  • Patrick

    Bit childish though isn’t it – having a game about selling dope?

    • Please refer to this

      Games are meant to be silly. Look at the Black Caps!

    • Bunswalla

      Don’t buy it then, and if you ever get invited to a dinner party (unlikely I know, but stay with me for a minute) and they bring it out afterwards, snort contemptuously, turn your back, take your ball and go home.

      • Patrick

        That’s not very nice – I was invited to a dinner party once….never invited back mind you

  • Rodger T

    Pretty fucking sad when a “reporter” can`t manufacture some outrage out of nothing,she better hand in her press card and get a job at Maccas`.

    • Hazards001

      Maccas? She’s lining herself a job up with the Greens…they can manufacture outrage out of a piece of string and 2 baked bean tins..the best the rest of us could do was a play telephone.

    • Gazzaw

      Leave her be. She’s well qualified to move to the big smoke and get a job at the Horrid.

  • cows4me

    Nelson ?, where’s that.

    • redeye


  • Greg

    It’s a great game, still got my one, I remember my mates and I had a great time playing this “in between jobs” in Aussie 20 odd years ago. And guess what, I never turned into a drug addict!

    • Hazards001

      Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure…but what do ya do for a crust huh? :-)

      • Greg

        Well that would be telling wouldn’t it!

        • Bunswalla

          Oh Greg, can I order a couple of ozs of the “good stuff”? Running a bit low mate – yeah, the usual place.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    “Grass” is bad but “Grand Theft Auto” is ok?

  • Hazards001

    LMFAO @ “at least is not violent…like snap”

  • niggly

    Lol esp those comments above and Nelson Toyworld rocks!

  • flashman

    All the games and toys featuring imaginary worlds, strange creatures and brightly coloured abstract patterns, are clearly an encouragement to use hallucinogenic drugs.