A case for privatisation?

Every time a prisoner escapes or something bad happens at a private prison, Labour and their feeder unions claim this is why the government and only the government needs to be put in charge of all prisons and why outsourcing prisons is a bad idea.

Surely then this photo epitomises the failure of state-run prison?

Fire at Spring Hill prison. Photo: Fairfax

Fire at Spring Hill prison. Photo: Fairfax

A “gang related” riot that left three Corrections staff and two prisoners injured and caused significant damage to Spring Hill prison in Waikato has now been suppressed.

Twenty seven inmates ran free in the courtyards of two cellblocks, lighting fires and smashing the facilities for more than eight hours.

The riot started around 11am and was suppressed by Corrections staff and police around 8pm.

Three Corrections staff were left with broken bones and two prisoners with undisclosed injuries.


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  • Rodger T

    Seeing as these guys don`t like their luxury accommodation,maybe Sheriff Joe in Arizona has some spare tents,just the thing for a Waikato winter.

    • dyannt

      Time to truck in a few containers.

  • peterwn

    Seems like D block will be having a sudden increase in population. There should be outsourcing OK – to Indonesia, China, Malaysia, etc – assuming they would have such prisoners. A Kiwi in a Chinese prison thought he could stir up with the guards – and got a successful dose of attitude modification therapy.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I believe it was before the 2008 election, hipkins was harping on about private prisons and how there would be dangers to the community, more escapes and this kind of thing going on.What does he have to say now….the idiot!!

  • rightoverlabour

    Let the stupid fucks sleep in the ruins. Should not spend a cent fixing the place up.

  • thor42

    Why the *fuck* aren’t all prison officers armed with *Tasers* (at the very least)? Those and a few dozen tear-gas grenades (or a few dozen Glock rounds) would very soon put a stop to this nonsense. This suggests that the prison guards were either underarmed or the prison was understaffed (or both).

    • Dave

      A prison guard behind the inmates with a short barrel shotgun, what I would class as a behavioural incentive.

      • kehua

        I have heard that some of the worst crims in Prison are the ones in uniform.

        • Dave

          I doubt that very much Kehua, they are the poor bastards that get to keep the order, and sort the crims out. Lets not forget, its a lockup, and not a holiday camp. As far as I am concerned, the crims gave up any rights the split second BEFORE they committed their crime.

          Mr Blooby has the right idea, send them ALL offshore in shipping containers.

          Right now, we have it the wrong way round, we spend MORE looking after CRIMINALS than we do on our elderly.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Upset about double bunking how about a 30 person bunkhouse, better still no beds just sleep head to toe on the floor.

    Want your own cell how about lock down 23 hours a day, 1 hour for exercise in a closed in yard.

    • Dave

      100% with you Blooby, if they want more exercise, dance to dodge the bullets in the exercise yard.

  • SJ00

    Lets be clear here, the riot didn’t start because they were State run prisons. The same shit bags would have been inside had this been a private prison. Sure the govt may have been able to fine the private prison (which is quite stupid really).

    The simple fact of the matter is, the inmates get all the rights inside and the officers have very little. They get very little protection and it if something like this happens, you have to wait for a specialized CNR team to respond (which is typically onduty staff that have been trained.) Nothing serious is going to happen to any of these rioters, they may get moved, time added to their sentence (concurrent of course) or some other wet bus ticket punishment. Everything they have damaged including tvs will just be replaced like nothing happened (because it has to be, not because they want to). And life goes on. The scum should be on 23 hour lock down with no visits and no privileges.

    • Mr_Blobby

      No. Outsource to south east Asia they will do the job for half what it costs us and they will still make a very nice profit for the trouble.

      Ship them up there in commercial shipping containers, come back the same way unless they shell out for the air fare.

      Sleep 30-40 to a cell head to toe, lucky ones get to sleep next to the one long drop.

      Diet of rice and fish head soup unless the relatives provide for extra. Visitors travel up at there own expense.

      Pass a statute in Parliament taking away rights to complain, otherwise they will belly ache constantly, like they do now.

      Not many if any will want to go back for 2nds.

    • Dave

      SJ If I went to a bar or the local school and smashed them up, the law and insurers would be after me forever, yet as its a prison riot, its okay is it ??? Fuck them, I say, hey you pricks destroyed the joint, you live in it, PS, your here for an EXTRA 10 years, or until you ALL fix it up, so if you ever want to get out, start working NOW. Alternatively, make their families pay. Why should TaxPayers pay for their vandalism.

      • SJ00

        Oh I agree, except you and I know both know that not much is going to happen to these guys. They have already been transfered (maybe that was their goal?). They will be charged and some judge will give them a concurrent sentence and at the end of the day, nothing has really happened. We will still have to pay to get the place fixed up (the HVAC plant went up in smoke as well, which will cost a fortune).

        If it was up to you and I, we would have left them in there, and kept them in there afterwards. Your mess, your home. Thats why they did it, they know they will just get moved on into a different cell. Because the law is on their side, we have to provide ABC to them whilst we keep them locked up. Fucking TVNZ last night had the balls to ask was it the officers fault last night. Lets put them in front of 20+ gang members and see how they would respond. Just because you are a officer, doesn’t mean you are in a position to deal with these guys. The old Mt Eden prison had guard towers where the officers were armed. A few shots and this could have been over pretty quickly. Instead the officers are given a radio and off the go. Armed officers may not have helped, it wouldn’t be difficult to over power someone in those sort of conditions. They you have armed gang members. Shock collars (like the movie Fortress) would be my answer.

  • Dave

    Shot the pricks, 99.99999999999999% of NZ would cheer loudly. Ultimate cost around $1 for each bullet, and a bravery medal for the cop/prison officer. Bonus means taxpayers don’t have to feed them anymore.

  • deanobravo

    I hate the way liberal pantywaists always wank on about rehabilitating prisoners. Make prisons a place you never ever ever want to go back to. There’s your rehabilitation right there. I hope the cops/guards beat the living shit out of them.

  • jagilby

    A private prison operator would have a penalty levied on their management fee if this occurred… what incentives exist in a public prison?

    • Hang him

      I think the prisoner workers union should pay the fine, they are the ones that go on about private prisons.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The riot started at 11 am and finished at 8pm? fuck.
    It should have been over by lunchtime. A few rubber bullets and a few real bullets for the real arseholes

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Clear case of National Government’s and especially John Key’s failure….